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#122 Good time

At the beginning of Gong Lingye, I saw the Song Yi people four times.

    The first time was at Ningcheng University.

    At that time, he had just graduated with a master's degree. In fact, he didn't take over the family business as soon as possible, but his last brother also passed away, so he went directly back to the family to take over the Tiangong Group.

    Just one month after taking over Tiangong, he went to Ningcheng on a business trip and saw a friend of Ningcheng University.

    Gong Lingye remembered that after he walked into the campus that day, it suddenly rained heavily. The rain was violent and he did not bring an umbrella, so he quickly went to a teaching building to hide from the rain.

    At the time, she was there.

    She should have not brought an umbrella, and stood at the entrance of the teaching building, looked at the rain curtain for a while, and then took out a drawing from the schoolbag.

    Gong Lingye's character has always been very cold, but just glanced at Song Yiren lightly, then withdrawn his gaze.

    He put his hands in his arms and waited quietly for the rain break. The whole person was indifferent to the cold wind outside.

    From time to time, someone walked past him and would look at him a few more times, but all of them were forced to retreat by the aura where he was a stranger, and no one could come up and talk.

    As time went by, there were fewer and fewer people in the teaching building. Gong Lingye had just called the friend, and he also came over from the staff dormitory. When he saw him, he greeted him and handed the umbrella over. .

    At that time, Gong Lingye had indeed completely forgotten the existence of the Song Yi people.

    And she, indeed, had a low sense of presence, staying behind him without making any noise.

    It wasn't until his friend came that Song Yiren seemed to be awakened. Her eyes passed by Gong Lingye directly. She looked at Gong Lingye's friend in surprise and passed with the drawing in hand: "Professor He , I am a senior student in the transmission department. I heard that this drawing was designed by you. I ca n’t understand it somewhere ... "

    Gong Lingye was cut off for the first time.

    What's more, the person who cut him off completely regarded him as transparent, pulling his friend and asking questions all the time.

    Until finally answered, she smiled and said goodbye to people: "Thank you Professor He! You are not usually in school. I was lucky today, but I just had difficulty and met you!"

    Professor He smiled and said: "The little girl is very easy to learn, work hard, and will definitely be better in the future!"

    He finished, and left with Gong Lingye.

    Gong Lingye swept away the corner of his eyes and found that Song Yiren's eyes were completely stuck to Professor He, and he still smiled brightly.

    The first time he was completely ignored, he felt a little new, but he quickly left the matter behind.

    After spring to summer, Gong Lingye came to Ningcheng again.

    The daughter of his client participated in the poetry recitation competition of Ningcheng University. The client was very enthusiastic and invited Gong Lingye to pass by together.

    That day, on the stage, he saw Song Yiren again.

    In fact, he didn't recognize her at first glance, but her self-introduction after going up reminded him of the scene a few months ago.

    Inexplicably, he was a little interested, and wanted to see what the girl who was addicted to drawings and formulas could recite.

    Under the light, she was wearing a simple white dress and stood on the stage. Her legs were long and fair, her face was clean and delicate.

    Although not very beautiful, but she has a natural elegance and noble temperament, which made Gong Lingye a little surprised. Because of such a temperament, he has only been seen on top-notch girls.

    At that time, the surrounding lights went out, and a white beam of light fell on the dome.

    Her voice was clean and she seemed extremely clear in the auditorium—

    "If the sky is never bright, then live a dark life;

    If making a sound is dangerous, then keep silent;

    If you are consciously unable to shine, then you are curled up in the corner. ?


    Do n’t get used to defending darkness;

    Don't be proud of your arrogance;

    Don't laugh at people who are braver than yourself.

    We can be humble as dust, but not distorted as maggots. "

    To his surprise, she was recited in standard Dutch, and her voice was elegant. She slowly fainted in the air of the auditorium, but it made her see the longing and struggle between the lines in her recitation.

    After her recitation, she bowed gracefully and left the court, and Gong Lingye also knew her name for the first time.

    Her name is Song Yiren.

    He thought at that time, maybe he could get to know this girl when he had a chance.

    After that, things on the Tiangong side became more and more busy, and he spent almost all day in various business fields.

    Unexpectedly, he met her again at the dinner of Country M.

    That day, her long hair was pulled up, wearing a long purple dress, wearing the dazzling pink diamond ring, and came out of the banquet hall.

    She should go to the garden to ventilate, but she didn't know that he was smoking in a corner of the garden.

    The smoke ring obscured her outline. He was disturbed by the family's affairs. When he was a little irritated, he saw Song Yi pull out a robot from his bag.

    She lifted the skirt and said something to the robot, so the robot turned around and started a funny dance on the open ground.

    Song Yiren didn't even know that someone was watching. After waiting for the robot to jump, she made a video call and went out.

    Soon, answering over there, a girl's face appeared on the screen. The girl smiled and said, "Dear baby!"

    Song Yiren also made an expression, and then pointed the camera at the robot on the ground.

    The robot got the order and was dancing hard.

    Both of its legs are metal, and it looks like a cute zombie dance. When the last one spins, it almost fell.

    However, it was still standing firmly, with a wild flower picked in the grass next to it in his mouth, and said to the girl on the phone screen: "Wish our most beautiful Momo baby in Ningcheng, happy birthday!"

    On the mobile phone, the girl's laughter came, and the Song Yiren also laughed sweetly at the flower table. The light on the pink diamond refracted her particularly brightly.

    Gong Lingye had never seen Song Yiren laugh like this. For a time, I just felt that the haze of my heart seemed to have dispersed a lot.

    He looked down at his watch and found that it was calculated from the time difference. At this time, it was exactly the zero point of Ning Guo.

    So, she slipped out specifically this time to send birthday wishes to her friends?

    Gong Lingye hooked his lips.

    There, the Song Yi people are still chatting with Bei Mingmo, but Gong Lingye received a call and had to leave.

    He left the banquet from the banquet and returned to China overnight.

    In the next two years, he had not seen her.

    In those two years, he experienced a bloody storm. He is not only the president of Tiangong Group, but also the emperor's young man with bloody hands and frightening hands.

    After finally putting everything on track, he didn't expect to see her again.