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#109 Will you marry me?

The time has come, Luo Tianqi quickly walked through the guest area. When the lounge door was opened, his face was already covered with the usual smile.

    "Azi." He walked to Li Xiaozi and found that she was asleep.

    The sunlight fell on her face, and her thin cheeks became strangely transparent, as if they would break off when touched.

    Something seemed to be torn in his heart. Luo Tianqi's throat was blocked. He took a deep breath and then recovered his breath: "Azi? It's time, our wedding."

    Li Xiaozi's eyelashes trembled, and slowly opened her eyes.

    There was a faint smile on her cheek: "Okay, Tianqi, if you pull me up, I can't move."

    Luo Tianqi clenched his hands into fists, tried to control his emotions, walked over, tried to relax himself, and reached out to hug Li Xiaozi.

    Her skirt is very long, dragging into a long white spray, gently rolling.

    When Luo Tianqi walked through the door, he saw a touch of red and needles in the trash bin. His eyes seemed to be burned, and he quickly turned away. There was still a sunshine-like smile on his cheeks.

    Li Xiaozi gave him a careful look and found that he didn't notice it and could not help secretly breathing a sigh of relief.

    She vomited blood just now, more than before. The pain in her body made her almost want to commit suicide, so she secretly injected herself with a high-concentration painkiller.

    Now she almost feels no pain, of course, she has lost other feelings.

    Being held by Luo Tianqi at this moment, she could only look at his heroic facial features, just as she did then.

    This is the scene she has always dreamed of, finally realized, there is a trance born in the dream.

    is that true? Is she really going to marry him?

    Marry a man he has loved since he was twenty.

    There was a lot of noise and music in the ear, and on the big screens on both sides of the stage, they were a group photo of them together.

    Many photos, long ago, faded in memory, but burned at the end of life now, which was extremely clear.

    Li Xiaozi found that her thinking was a bit chaotic, but she still clearly remembered their first meeting at school, their first appointment at the library, their first holding hands by the lake, and the first under the tree. Kissing ...

    She can remember the tight abdominal muscles she touched when sitting in the back seat of his bicycle and wrapping his waist;

    She could also remember clearly that when she watched him play outside the stadium and cheered on him, the light diffracted from the sweat dripping from his forehead.

    A lot of things are played back in front of the eyes like a glimmer of light. In a trance, Li Xiaozi has been held in front of the red carpet by Luo Tianqi.

    He gently put her down. On both sides, the bridesmaids Song Yiren and He Wanshuang came over and held Li Xiaozi's hand.

    In front, Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen walked beside Luo Tianqi and came to the stage together.

    Luo Tianqi walked up, and the two bridesmaids handed Li Xiaozi into his hands.

    She was unsteady, her body leaned on him, and her eyes were a little blurred.

    However, she still saw it. The godmother she had just recognized was sitting in the front row, smiling at her with red eyes.

    Li Xiaozi smiled at her, and then slowly set her eyes on Luo Tianqi.

    He supported her and leaned her against the side porch, then suddenly kneeled on one knee.

    Li Xiaozi felt his heart hit hard, as if he had regained consciousness instantly.

    Luo Tianqi looked at her, and his dark brown pupils were all serious. He was still smiling: "Azi, before I knew you, I actually had a bad time."

    "I have been in love many times, and each segment is no longer than half a year."

    "I always feel that love is like drinking beer, enjoying the process, but not drunk, and I can withdraw at any time. Until, I met you."

    "I love a girl for the first time, and the only time."

    "Azi, I'm sorry. I used to do a lot of things that disappointed and sad you. Until now, I suddenly realized that I didn't know how to make up."

    "After we reunited, I actually thought a lot and planned a lot. About the future, I also thought about it for a long time."

    "I thought we got married, had a child, took the child on a trip, and took him to see the road we walked with, the street stalls we ate, the drunk bars, and the ones carved on the walls. ' Tianqi loves Azi '... "

    "I thought we were all old, we turned our wheelchairs, went to the sea to watch the sunrise and sunset, and then returned home, arguing for some petty skin, but reconciled while sleeping."

    "I've thought about it a lot, Azi, I have had many dreams these days and dreamed of us for many years.

    Luo Tianqi said that the smile on his face could not be sustained, and tears smashed down his eyes, one by one.

    He tried his best to control it, and his throat rolled: "In short, I am with you and I feel that I am in this life. Azi, would you marry me?"

    Li Xiaozi was already crying with tears in her face. She looked at the deep brows of the man in front of her, as if she could not move her eyes as she remembered.

    She looked at him, one by one: "Tianqi, willing. I think being with you is also the greatest happiness in my life."

    He caught her hand and put her ring on her ring finger piously.

    She also picked up the man's model and wanted to wear it for him.

    However, her hands could not be shaken, and the whole person was completely weak, and even such a movement could not be sustained.

    It was Luo Tianqi who took the initiative to extend his hand and put his ring finger on the ring.

    He stood up, hugged her, looked down, and kissed her lips.

    Under the audience, Song Yi people's eyes were red, and they tried to hold back crying, but still some tears rolled down.

    The most unchangeable thing in a person's life is probably the separation of life and death?

    Even though she experienced life and death, she still couldn't release her heart.

    In the guest room below, Mrs. Bei Ming has cried her eyes red and swollen. Her daughter, who met with her own eyes but cannot recognize each other, not because she did not believe Li Xiaozi, but because she saw that she had reached the end of her life and did n’t want her to be because of her life experience. Everything is sad.

    She hopes that her daughter will simply go with her beloved man when she is gone, that's fine.

    On the stage, Luo Tianqi ended the kiss with Li Xiaozi, his voice was very soft: "Azi, let's throw the ball!"

    Li Xiaozi nodded with a smile, turned around with Luo Tianqi, and threw the flower ball out of his hand.

    Later, Song Yi people unconsciously reached out and caught the flower ball that fell in front of her.

    She was a little stunned, as if she had just reacted, looked at the flower ball, and then looked around.

    Luo Tianqi ’s friend knew that the atmosphere at the scene was sad, so he worked hard to enliven the atmosphere: "Haha, beauty, it seems that you are the next one to get married!"

    "Beauty, are you stunned by surprise?"

    "Hey, if it's warm, aren't you Gong Shao's girlfriend? It seems that good things are coming soon!"