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#402 The taste of men

Although Lie Xiaoruo had never been in love, she knew the horror of drunken men.

She did not dare to push him hard, fearing that it would irritate him, she could only say very softly: "Luo Tianqi, I am Li Xiaoxiao, not the Azi you said."

He couldn't hear it at all, only tightening his arms tighter.

She was strangled with chest tightness and blood rushed to her brain.

Go on like this, she really was strangled by him.

Thinking of Luo Tianqi's reaction just now, Lie Xiaoruo tried to say, "It hurts."

Suddenly, Luo Tianqi woke up suddenly and released her.

His eyes were blurry, and after a few seconds of trance, he held Liexiao's face again, and then bowed his head and kissed.

Lie Xiaoyuan was shocked, and quickly left, Luo Tianqi's kiss fell on her cheek.

He frowned, stretched his arms, and pulled her into his arms again.

The difference in strength between men and women made Lie Xiaoruo unavoidable, and Luo Tianqi's kiss had fallen.

The feeling of softness, she has never experienced, only feels that her brain has been beaten hard by something, leaving her thinking blank for a short time.

She stunned and forgot to push him away until he eagerly pryed off her teeth.

Suddenly, the man's tongue broke into her world, and the strange feeling felt like an electric shock, sweeping her body.

Her heart beats and she wants to push away, but she can't move at all.

He was ruthlessly tumbling in her world, she hid, and he followed until she was nowhere to be avoided, and was forced to entangle with him.

His familiar kiss skills made her unpredictable, and the smell of wine between her lips and teeth also made her brain slightly boring.

But, just when her tongue was about to be sucked by him, Lie Xiaoren suddenly awakened.

She was struggling violently, but he still didn't give the opportunity, the arm that didn't seem to like exercise very much, couldn't shake it!

The strings in the brain are getting tighter and tighter, Liexiao's chest is undulating violently, and his fingers are clenched into fists, he must bite hard!

However, at this moment, a trace of salty taste broke into her taste.

She was wondering, the salty taste became more and more obvious. Even the face she and Luo Tianqi stuck together felt a dampness.

Shocked in her heart, she slowly raised her hand and touched the light on Luo Tianqi's face.

Her heart seemed to be knocked by something, and finally came to a conclusion slowly: he was crying.

Why did Luo Tianqi cry?

When I was just going up the mountain, that favorite was lively, and because she was Gong Lingye's younger sister, she was always making fun of her. That person who looked like a heartless playboy, why did she cry?

Lie Xiaoruo slowly opened his eyes.

It was very dark at the moment, but she still saw that the man closed his eyes tightly, but there was still water constantly overflowing from his eyes.

His eyebrows were tightly twisted, and there seemed to be many indescribable worries that made him unable to stretch.

There was no unnecessary expression on his face, but the whole person seemed desperate as a drowning person.

She had never seen a man like this. For a time, she didn't even know whether to push it away.

In the impression, the men around him are all invincible.

It was like Lieyuan Shen, even though he had a bad relationship with his father since childhood, Lie Xiaonuan had never seen him cry.

And Gong Lingye, she was only just beginning to understand, but the impression that the man was also Taishan collapsed and did not change color.

She has always felt that a man crying will be a pretty girl.

But now, she feels like, she is not a mother.

A kiss, I don't know how long it took before Luo Tianqi slowly left Lie Xiao's soft lips.

His forehead rested on her forehead, and his voice shook a little: "Azi, today is our eighth anniversary."

His title made Lie Xiaoruo look back again. She shook her head and reached out to push him: "Luo Tianqi, I am not your Azi."

He ignored her words and just muttered: "Eight years, there are really few years in life."

Lie Xiaoruo's eyes suddenly felt sore when he heard this.

But she was not that person after all, and did not want to spy on the privacy of others.

So she sniffed her nose and repeated it again: "I am Lie Xiaoruo, not Azi."

After all, she took Luo Tianqi's face.

He stared blankly at her, his eyes still wet.

She reached out, wiped the tears from his eyes for him, and turned on the flashlight of the phone, saying one by one: "Have you seen it clearly?"

Luo Tianqi's eyes were still confused, but at this moment he slowly began to focus.

Finally, he could see clearly the person in front of him by the light of the flashlight.

The mixed face is very beautiful, but it is not his Azi.

A swindled rage swept across the body and mind. He shoved away the blazing softness in front of him, his chest undulating, his voice hoarse: "Why are you here?"

"I just came out for a walk and came here when I saw you. They were just looking for you just now." Li Xiaoxiao hesitated: "Are you all right?"

"Go!" Luo Tianqi seemed to be a beast with a broken heart, his eyes flushed: "I tell you to go!"

Where has Li Xiaoxiao been shouted like this?

He was first kissed for no reason, and then called ‘roll’. Who did he think he could bully? !

"Luo Tianqi, you--" Lie Xiaoruo was about to scold back, and he saw the man in front of him, and suddenly fell down without warning.

She observed him for a few seconds, and he remained motionless, even closing his eyes.

Lie Xiaoruo dared not approach anymore, so he walked aside and led Luo Tianqi's horse over.

She has been riding since she was a child, so she turned on her horse and left quickly.

Over the hilltop villa, Gong Lingye was playing cards with Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo.

Lie Xiaoruo put the horse back to the racetrack and thought about it, or went to Chong Gongling night said: "Brother, I saw Luo Tianqi, he was on the opposite corner of the racetrack, he was drunk and slept in On the ground..."

Gong Lingye rubbed his temples and tucked the card in his hand directly to Lie Xiaoruan: "Xiao Ruo, you can help me, I will bring him over."

Ten minutes later, Gong Lingye came to Luo Tianqi.

He sat on the grass beside him and patted his brother's shoulder: "Tianqi, I know what day it is today."

He helped Luo Tianqi investigate Li Xiaozi's information before, and he knew that today is the day when Luo Tianqi and Li Xiaozi are together.

Therefore, at that time, he chose to come out today, one is to let He Wanshuang relax and relax, and the other is to hope that Luo Tianqi is not alone today.

Unexpectedly, He Wanshuang left early for work today, and Luo Tianqi came out by himself at more than three in the afternoon, and did not say hello to anyone.

As if hearing Gong Lingye's words, Luo Tianqi slowly opened his eyes.

Gong Lingye stretched out his arms to support him: "Tianqi, she certainly doesn't want to see you so sad."

Luo Tianqi suddenly recovered: "Brother Ye?"

Gong Lingye put him up: "Go back, everyone is waiting for you."

"I just saw her..." Luo Tianqi helped him by Gong Lingye, but, after a few steps, he was in a trance again.

He just saw Ah Zi just now? Is it Azi?

His memory was blurry, he couldn't remember it...