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#41 I don't like you at all!

Song Yi was stunned, it seemed that he did not understand the meaning of Gong Lingye.

    He put her hand down and put her whole child back into his arms again, with a serious tone of voice: "I, this person, should usually provoke a lot of people. There is naturally no one who dares to move you when I am in the day. But if I really ca n’t pass the 32-year-old hurdle, then you may face many things. I ’ll let you see all the cruel things now, and when you meet them in the future, you wo n’t be afraid. "

    Song Yiren didn't expect him to say so, and he didn't know how to answer for a while.

    Gong Lingye said again: "As long as I have time, I will pick you up and I will teach you everything I will teach you. How to manage the company, how to deal with people and defenders, and how to envelop people ... … In this way, in the future, you will have your own power. When you make a choice, you do n’t have to be wronged because of the so-called 'force'. "

    Song Yiren looked up at Gong Lingye's eyebrows, the corridor lights were a little dark, but the light under his eyes was extremely bright, like a ray of light in the night, puncturing the darkness straight, and shining straight towards her.

    She felt something in her heart was touched, but then, it reflected an essential problem-

    "Now, no one knows the relationship between us, or more precisely, there is no relationship between us at all." Song Yiren stared at Gong Lingye: "Mr. Gong, you let me go directly, I also forgot this We have n’t known about the matter for a few days. Then, the things you just said do n’t exist at all. Even if you really cannot live up to 32 years old, no one will bother me because of your departure. "

    "It's really just an unfamiliar cat!" Gong Lingye sighed, and raised Song Yiren's chin, lips and petals gently rubbing her: "Unfortunately, cat, I'm not going to let you go."

    Song Yiren could hardly describe the heartburn in her heart at this moment. She opened his mouth to bite his lips. The voice was vented with anger: "You know, I don't like you at all, and you can even say that I hate you! You think you do ,Is this interesting?"

    Gong Lingye heard the words, his eyes suddenly cooled down, and he dropped a sentence: "I won't let go, and I don't want to hear you repeat this again!"

    Song Yi became so popular that she didn't speak with her lips closed, and she felt like she was on fire.

    This person is simply abnormal and unreasonable!

    Gong Lingye seemed to be in a bad mood all at once. He released her and turned into the house.

    Song Yi returned to the bedroom, took a shower, read the news, and then prepared to sleep.

    Saying that she is not afraid of being fake, the things she experienced today, even if she died once, still trembled when she remembered that she did not even dare to turn off the lights.

    And just when she was lying down, the door knocked.

    Song Yi asked: "Who?"

    "I." Gong Lingye's voice came from outside the door.

    "Something?" She frowned.


    The Song Yi people had no choice but to get up and open the door.

    Outside, Gong Lingye had taken a bath and changed to a cotton home uniform. With the medicine box in his hand, he walked straight in: "Help me get medicine."

    Song Yi people looked outside the door: "Do you not have a private doctor?"

    "He's not here." Gong Ling Yewu sat down beside the bed and began to undress.

    Seeing that he unbuttoned his shirt very naturally, and then threw the shirt aside, Song Yiren didn't know what to say.

    Seeing her motionless, he pointed to the medicine cabinet: "Spray trauma medicine first, then change the gauze."

    The Song Yi people had no choice but to walk over.

    In the soft light of the bedroom, the lines of the man's upper body were sharply clear.

    Gong Lingye really explained what it means to dress thin and undressed, at least when he wears a shirt, he can't see his shoulders so wide and powerful, and his chest muscles are also very developed.

    His complexion is slightly whiter than wheat. His skin is smooth and powerful under the light. The texture of his muscles is clearly visible. His eight abdominal muscles are like chocolate cubes. There is no fat on his body.

    At the moment wearing a home uniform, the man's aura is slightly converged, but still gives a sense of oppression that is hard to ignore. The sense of oppression suddenly became a temptation to seduce the nerves after the Song Yi people saw where other people's fishing line had not entered.

    Realizing that he shouldn't have seen it, Song Yiren immediately looked away, concealed a general cough, and turned behind Gong Lingye to reveal the gauze on his back.

    A moment before her soul was attached to Yu Ruo Nuan, she actually saw Gong Lingye's back. At this moment, she was close, and the visual experience at that time became three-dimensional and full.

    This man even has a hard back, and he doesn't know if he is exercising every day. The Song Yi people tore off the original tape and were surprised when they saw Gong Lingye's wound.

    In fact, she knew how bad he was at the time, because she did the two knives when the steel nail was dug out.

    At that time, the steel nails were buried deeply, and when the flesh and blood were taken out, if it hadn't been soaked in the sea water for a long time, it was already swollen.

    But at this moment, the deep wound had begun to heal, and new meat had grown on the stitches. Obviously, his wounds would be cured in a few days.

    Although Song Yiren was born academically, her father is a famous specialist in neurosurgery in Ningguo, so she often goes to the hospital, but she has never seen anyone's wounds recover so quickly.

    Is this a gift for him, or does it have something to do with the fact that his man in the palace cannot live up to 32 years old?

    So, is Gong Mochen the same constitution?

    The Song Yi people were a little curious, but instead of asking too much, they took the iodine wine directly, disinfected Gong Lingye, then re-medicated him, and then put on gauze and taped them.

    "Okay." She stood up.

    Gong Lingye picked up his shirt and stood up to dress: "Thank you."

    He was sitting before, and the men ’s hormones were not so obvious. At the moment, when he stood up, he raised the head of the Song Yi, and when he was wearing his clothes naked, the masculine breath that rushed in the face raised the temperature in the room. A few points.

    Song Yi people don't open their eyes, walk to the door, a posture of seeing off.

    Gong Lingye saw her reaction, her lips were ticked, she slowly put on her clothes, walked in front of her, and hooked her waist: "Nuan Nuan, we are sleeping."

    Song Yi was puzzled. As soon as he raised his eyes and asked what Gong Lingye meant, he grabbed her, closed the bedroom door, and then hugged her sideways and put it straight on the bed.

    Then he pressed himself directly.

    Song Yi was shocked, his hands were raised quickly, but Gong Lingye caught him and raised his head.

    He clasped her wrists with one hand and clasped her waist with the other, and leaned over and kissed.