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#72 His sweetheart is here

Li Xiaozi woke up again and found himself in a hotel-like room.

    The room was very dark, the nose smelled of cigarettes, and some choked.

    She coughed a few times, her eyes gradually focused, and she saw Luo Tianqi smoking in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

    In her memory, he never smoked, but at the moment, the familiar appearance of smoking must have been smoking for some days.

    He didn't turn on the light, the room only had light from the floor-to-ceiling windows. In front of him is a bright, and he is the only dark shadow in the light.

    Li Xiaozi moved around and found that her whole body was still in severe pain. She took a deep breath and just about to get out of bed, Luo Tianqi turned around when she heard the movement.

    Face to face, Li Xiaozi quickly opened her eyes and asked, "Where is this?"

    "This is not the place where you usually pick up guests?" Luo Tianqi mocked: "Oh, yes, no one can open the room on the top floor among the guests you pick up. No wonder you don't recognize it."

    Li Xiaozi heard that her hands clenched the sheets under her, and her sense of humiliation made her heart seem to be strangled by an invisible hand.

    "You can go." Luo Tianqi said coldly, with disgust in his mouth.

    Li Xiaozi got up and found that there was only one bathrobe in the room. She picked up and barely wrapped her mottled body. After walking barefoot for two steps, she finally said, "You haven't given me money yet."

    "Hehe--" Luo Tianqi's eyes narrowed suddenly. He walked in front of her in two or two steps, pulled away the bathrobe on her body, and pressed her directly to the ground. Then, he quickly unlocked his own The belt hit her body.

    The sudden pain made Li Xiaozi groan, and then it was the torture of the man who was tired.

    She did n’t know how long it had passed, and she felt like she was going to die. Especially, something seemed to pour out from her stomach, but she had vomited downstairs just now, and now she did n’t even have sour water. She even echoed her ears.

    At the end of this time, she couldn't even move a finger, her broken body was lying on the black carpet, and the contrast between black and white was particularly sharp.

    Luo Tianqi took out a check from his wallet, wrote 1.1 million, and then threw it mercilessly on Li Xiaozi's face.

    He squeezed her chin: "This is the time downstairs and just this time! Tell me, am I the best in your favor?"

    She didn't speak, but just looked at him so quietly.

    Luo Tianqi only felt a little irritable in his heart. He quickly packed his clothes, turned around and left, and never looked back at her again.

    In the luxurious suite, only Li Xiaozi on the carpet grabbed the check, and then nothing happened.

    That night, Gong Lingye directly sent the Song Yi people to school.

    Early the next morning, he really sent Li Xiaozi's information.

    After reading the information, Song Yi couldn't help being disappointed. From the data point of view, Li Xiaozi and Bei Mingmo seem to have no relationship.

    Li Xiaozi ’s parents are all Chinese, her father died shortly after she was born, and her mother took her alone.

    Her family is poor, but she is very easy to learn. The university was admitted to Dongcheng University. When he was a sophomore, he got an exchange student quota and went to study in Country M. I met Luo Tianqi, who was one year older than her.

    After three months of knowing each other, the two determined the relationship between male and female friends, and then stayed together for three years.

    However, when Li Xiaozi graduated, she took the initiative to break up with Luo Tianqi and quickly married a boy named Zhang Aihui.

    For the next three years, she and Zhang Aihui had a stable relationship. It was only a year ago that the Zhang family's business had problems and the debts were high. Zhang Aihui could not bear the blow for a while and fell ill six months later. Now, he is still awake in the hospital.

    In order to raise Zhang Aihui's treatment costs, the Zhang family has sold everything, and Li Xiaozi entered the Phoenix application a week ago. Last night, it was her first introduction.

    Song Yiren couldn't help lamenting after reading the information.

    It was also a coincidence that this girl met her ex boyfriend for the first time.

    Moreover, Gong Lingye explained to her later that when Luo Tianqi was studying abroad, his father asked him to get engaged to the young lady of Han's Enterprise, but Luo Tianqi didn't like the girl at all, so he tried his best to object.

    Later, he met Li Xiaozi and fell in love with her at first sight, so his father was furious. Luo Tianqi was kept in the dark room by his father for a month, and he only gave a little water every day and became skinny.

    Later, his father had to compromise because of pressure from his father, but there was a condition.

    He did not allow Luo Tianqi to tell Li Xiaozi his true identity, saying that if their emotions could withstand the test of three years, then they agreed to be together.

    It's just a pity that when the three-year period is approaching, Li Xiaozi took the initiative to break up with Luo Tianqi's "poor" ...

    The story can't be more simple. After reading the Song Yi people, they also have some doubts. Is it really just a coincidence that Li Xiaozi and Bei Mingmo look like?

    That afternoon, she came to the Houshan Manor of Gongjia as scheduled.

    Gong Wenchen's mother Yue Wenqing really invited a lot of people this time. When the Song Yi people arrived, there were already many ladies drinking tea by the hibiscus tree.

    Seeing the servant bringing the Song Yi people over, someone turned and asked Yue Wenqing: "Mrs. Gong, is this?"

    Yue Wenqing looked at Song Yiren who just wore a simple yellow dress, but instantly attracted everyone's attention. A light smile hung on her cheek: "This is Miss Yu San of Yu Family, still in school, maybe you guys Never seen it. "

    Someone seemed to have thought of something and asked, "Is it Ruo Nuan Nuan? I see gossip and say, she is interacting with Gong Shao?"

    Yue Wenqing laughed: "Young people, it's normal to get together together. Mo Chen has never been engaged, so naturally reporters are always worried about it."

    When she said this, it was directly equivalent to saying that between Yu Ruonuan and Gong Mochen, it was simply a reporter's catch.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people have come to them and naturally heard the words.

    She didn't worry about the words of these people reaching Yu Chengzhi's ears, because all these things that the Gong family communicated with were the famous officials' wives and young ladies in the imperial city, and they didn't have any intersection with Yu Chengzhi.

    However, it seems that today is really a great feast.

    However, Yue Wenqing just gave her a ride, or did she make other arrangements?

    Song Yi did not appear on the face, but directly greeted Yue Wenqing with a smile: "Hello Auntie."

    Yue Wenqing also smiled: "Is the homework nervous?"

    Song Yi shook his head: "Fortunately, it's not too difficult."

    The two seemed to be talking in a friendly manner until a pair of mother and daughter came in.

    Seeing the two, Yue Wenqing stood up immediately: "A Shao, you are finally here."

    "Sheng'er just got off the plane and was late." The woman said, and led the girl behind him to Yue Wenqing: "Sheng'er, call your aunt soon."

    "Hello auntie." The girl is tall, should have 172, wearing nude colored high-heeled shoes and champagne-colored skirt, the entire personality is high-end, exquisite facial features, at first glance is born famous.

    "Sheng'er, I haven't seen you in a year, and I'm pretty again." Yue Wenqing sighed generally: "A few days ago, your brother Chen Chen was still nagging and asked when you would come back. You grew up together, it's rare to be so long separated ...

    "Aunt Yue, I graduated with a master's degree, and I will be in the imperial city in the future." Le Haisheng smiled gently and warmly: "How is Mochen, how is he doing?"

    "He is still in the company, he should be back in a while, and then you will have a good chat." Yue Wenqing took Le Haisheng's hand.

    In a flash, Song Yiren understood it. It seems that this Hongmen banquet made her retreat from difficulties!

    Moreover, Gong Mochen doesn't like her. When he sees the green plums and horses, his attitude may explain everything?