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When the Song Yi ran to the door of the research room, the door was already closed there.

    She stood in front of the door of the security room and knocked directly.

    Not long after, someone came out: "Who are you looking for?"

    "Hello, I am Yuruan Nuan and I want to find Dr. Tan." Song Yi said humanely.

    "Dr. Tan is off work, come back tomorrow, make an appointment before coming!" The man said, and closed the door.

    Song Yiren found that this method would not work. She pretended to leave and took two steps to cover her stomach directly: "Ah, it hurts!"

    Sure enough, in less than two minutes, someone came out of the security room: "Miss Yu, what's wrong with you ..."

    "My stomach hurts, help me call a doctor!" Song Yiren said painfully.

    The man hesitated, but knew that the girl in front of him had been said to be protected by Gong Lingye, so she had to open the door and found a female bodyguard to help Song Yi walk in.

    This is the first time Song Yiren went to Dr. Tan ’s research institute. She had just entered and heard the Bluetooth headset. Zahara said: “It was 50 meters away from Ares.”

    He really is here!

    The Song Yi people couldn't tell what was in their hearts. Every step seemed a bit vain. They obviously wanted to move forward, but some did not dare to move forward.

    Until the female bodyguard knocked on the door of a room: "Dr. Tan, Miss Yu said she was uncomfortable ..."

    Five minutes later, the Song Yi people sat up from the bed.

    At the moment, there were no other people here. She told Dr. Tan: "Dr. Tan, I want to see him."

    In fact, when the Song Yi people appeared, Dr. Tan knew the purpose of her coming.

    He sighed, "Well, you come with me."

    With that said, he led the Song Yi people through the corridor to a metal gate.

    Unlocked with fingerprints, Dr. Tan took the Song Yi people to the door of a room, sterilized her, and said, "He is inside."

    Song Yi was a little flustered: "What's wrong with him?"

    "Here is the information, you look at it." Dr. Tan said, handing a folder to Song Yiren, then turned and left.

    Song Yi took the folder, looked at the white door in front of him, took a deep breath, pushed the door and went in.

    What greeted me was a rather large sealed vessel, and the man who knew her well was lying so quietly inside.

    His eyebrows were quiet, as if she could only see the deep sleep she could see every morning, but he was connected to instruments and ventilator.

    Ear, Zahara is still doing her due diligence search work: "Discover Ares, 3 meters ... 2 meters ... one meter ..."

    The Song Yi people stood beside Gong Lingye and picked up Ares on the side shelf.

    His indicator is flashing green, indicating that there is an unread message.

    The last item above was still hers, saying that she suddenly wanted to marry Gong Lingye.

    The Song Yi people looked at the man in the vessel, and in a moment, their tears blurred their eyes.

    She sat down and reached out to touch the glass cover above, but only touched the cold.

    She finally couldn't help but cried out.

    If he usually sees her crying, he will surely press her into his arms and rub her hair to coax her, but at this moment, he still lies there quietly, motionless ...

    "Gong Lingye, you liar!" Song Yiren shouted at him: "Did you mean to go to country F? Why are you here ?!"

    "You've been cheating me for a long time, right? No wonder you feel weird in those days, you have been planning for a long time!"

    "You have no credit with me, I won't believe you anymore!"

    She shouted at him, her voice reverberating in the room, and the moment she stopped, she suddenly felt very lonely and went deep into the bone marrow.

    With red eyes, she went to see the case information given by Dr. Tan.

    "The blood disease is irreversible", "The corresponding drug has been found, but it cannot be synthesized", "The metabolism frequency is reduced by half, which will delay the disease cycle to two months later" ...

    She looked down page by page and suddenly understood why he didn't tell her anything.

    I remember that day he said that she had waited so long and finally revealed the true face of Chu Mingyao. This trip to Ningguo is very important to her, and he will accompany her.

    And he found out that there was a blood problem, he could not accompany her, did not tell her, he was afraid that she would not go to Ningguo because of his illness.

    Although Chu Mingyao will still be sentenced, but if she did not come to the scene in person, it may be a regret for her life.

    But he did not know, he was sick to let her know, if she did not accompany him through this time, it is also a regret of her life!

    The Song Yi people lay in front of the utensils and looked at Gong Lingye with grievances.

    He said that he was going to accompany her to the old one, how could he be ill?

    He said that he would be careful, why is there a problem?

    At the end, she just stared at him, waiting for the seven-day period to come.

    She had a bad cold, and the temperature here was lower than outside. Although she also wore a coat, it was still worse in the middle of the night.

    I only felt that my head was groggy, and the Song Yiren could still support it, but later, I didn't know how I fell asleep.

    In the middle of nowhere, I only felt that someone picked her up, and then she smelled the familiar clear breath.

    Song Yi suddenly opened his eyes and met Gong Lingye's deep eyes.

    At that moment, at a glance, they didn't speak, but their eyes were red.

    Gong Lingye woke up at ten o'clock this morning, exactly seven days.

    He was awakened from a deep sleep, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the Song Yi lying above him.

    She should have been lying in the same posture for a long time. Looking up from the transparent glass, you can see a clear red mark pressed on her cheeks, and because of her lying on the lips, the saliva flowed from the corners of her lips.

    At that moment, his heart was picked up, but he was soon occupied by softness. Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren. His heart seemed to be overthrown with thousands of tastes, and finally turned into a thought: his warmth came.

    He came out of the vessel, his body was still a little soft, but he still picked her up carefully.

    Feeling that she seemed to have a fever, she was heartbroken, and she opened her eyes.

    Gong Lingye discovered that he had a lot to say to her, but when he really saw her, he found that he didn't know where to start.

    But, in his silence, the Song Yi in his arms suddenly flattened, and then wept.

    Gong Lingye didn't expect this to happen. He panicked and quickly asked: "Warm, is it uncomfortable?"

    Song Yi people are still crying, reaching out to beat him: "You jerk!"

    He thumped her and hugged her in a chair beside him: "Warm warm, sorry, I didn't tell you in advance."

    "Gong Ling Ye, you bastard! I will never believe you again!"

    This is what the Song Yi people go back and forth. It seems that only through such unreasonable troubles can she vent her fears at the moment.

    Gong Lingye held Song Yiren and tightened her arms. Her voice was low: "Warm and warm, don't cry, I will be fine."