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#124 Whose ring?

The auction started on time at 7pm.

    Gong Lingye originally wanted to send Gu Tingxue to Gu Zhiyun, but Gu Zhiyun was with two old friends, which was not convenient, so Gu Lingxue was left on Gong Lingye .

    The auction was held in a quaint courtyard in H city. The courtyard is said to have a history of more than two hundred years, and the three-story loft where everyone is at the moment is also a century old.

    Because Gong Lingye was coming over temporarily, the private room on the second floor was already full, and the three of them did not particularly want it, so they sat on the ground floor.

    The first few lots were the four treasures of the study and some ornaments. Not long after, I finally arrived at Gu Zhiyun's calligraphy and painting.

    Although there are several competitors, he quickly took pictures at a price he could accept.

    A few more lots passed until the pink diamond ring was presented.

    "Wow, so beautiful!" Gu Tingxue looked at the introduction on the big screen and couldn't help but admire: "Even if it's a private order, you rarely see such a beautiful pink diamond."

    Although it is a boast of her beautiful things, Song Yi is inexplicably uncomfortable, she said: "The work of famous designers and diamonds with very good color are naturally beautiful."

    Gong Lingye heard the words and glanced at the Song Yi people beside him.

    His intuition told him that she seemed a little unhappy.

    Is she minding Gu Tingxue? Are you jealous?

    Or is it because you like this ring?

    He took Song Yiren's shoulders, hugged her in his arms, and leaned into her ear: "Warm warm, like this ring?"

    Song Yi people did not speak.

    Her things were lost due to an accident, but they were picked up, but they were sold at the auction price a few years later at the auction.

    This feeling is as if someone has touched their own things, which makes people extremely uncomfortable!

    Gong Lingye saw Song Yi people not talking, but looked at the ring, his heart was a little clear.

    On the stage, the auctioneer announced after the introduction: "The starting price is 10 million, and the price increase should not be less than 50,000."

    He just announced the start of bidding, and someone below raised the card.

    Song Yi people's irritability has almost accumulated to the apex, beside him, Gu Tingxue said with a smile: "There are more young girls coming today, I feel that I can reach 20 million!"

    She said, picking up the tea on the table, helping Gong Lingye and Song Yi people to pour a cup, and also picked up a cup and started to drink.

    The following bid was in full swing, and Song Yi suddenly stood up: "I'm going to the bathroom."

    "Miss Yu, I also--" Gu Tingxue was talking, and was choked by tea, and then began to cough violently.

    Aside, Gong Lingye handed over a tissue: "Listen to the snow, are you okay?"

    Seeing this picture, Song Yiren's mood suddenly reached the bottom of the valley. When she strode toward the bathroom, she listened to Gu Cingxue's coughing sound. A deep male voice was particularly penetrating: "15 million. "

    It was the price of Gongling Night Newspaper, and the sign in his hand was holding down in the future.

    The previous person was still 11 million, and he added 4 million at once.

    What did he suddenly bid for? Did you buy it for Gu Tingxue?

    Because, from beginning to end, Gu Tingxue showed that he particularly liked the ring.

    Just before the Song Yi people thought about what Gong Ling Ye meant, suddenly, everyone just felt that the ground was shaking.

    Obviously, everyone present was also aware of it.

    However, the previous shaking disappeared for less than a second. Immediately, a huge shaking suddenly hit, almost instantaneously, all the people sitting fell to the ground.

    Song Yi is no exception. She has reached the corridor, and the sudden shaking makes her barely support the wooden porch next to it.

    But at the same time, it was visible to the naked eye that a huge ripple appeared in the air, and the ground began to undulate with the ripple. The invisible wind gave a urgency like a trumpet of death.

    All things happened in such a moment, almost everyone did not have time to react, even, the scene was still very quiet, maintained at the moment when Gong Gongye bid just now.

    The Song Yi people are still in the same place, and there is a distance of a few meters between them, and Gu Guxue's coughing sound is heard.

    But the hustle and bustle in the air suddenly exploded in a second, and then, above the head, I didn't know what was suddenly broken. Then, first, the dust fell, and the main beam collapsed along with it!

    The ground was still undulating. When the main beam fell, someone finally reacted and screamed.

    Song Yi's brain also suddenly appeared two words: earthquake.

    "Warm warm!" Gong Lingye shouted to the Song Yi people, he was about to get up from the ground, there was another violent noise in his ear.

    Because of the collapse of the main beam, this three-story century-old loft almost flickered in an instant.

    Something keeps breaking, and those hundred-year-old wooden pieces and precious carved pillars all fall down like rain.

    Song Yiren's heart almost mentioned his voice. There was no triangular area where she could avoid. Once she was hit by something ...

    Obviously, everyone found out that it was an earthquake, and they wanted to run when they got up from the ground. However, the ground vibration was so strong that when people got up, they fell again. For a time, the big auction site was full of screaming and Cry out.

    Gong Lingye had just got up and was going to the Song Yi people, his legs were hugged.

    As soon as he lowered his head, he saw Gu Tingxue's face pale, his chest undulating, and he seemed to be fainting.

    "Listen to Snow." He went to pull her hand holding his leg, but perhaps when people faced death, the body's instinct would burst out with a strong desire to survive, so Gu Tingxue caught tightly, Gong Ling Yeyi Time couldn't pull her away at all.

    But in such a short time, there was another sound on the ground suddenly, like a dragon roar. In an instant, the surrounding lights shook, and then the third floor fell down directly.

    Song Yi was close to the corridor wall, a few meters away, she saw Gu Tingxue fainted, and Gong Lingye stooped to protect her. After that, her eyes shook, and then, the upper two floors collapsed completely The sky is dark.

    The distance between them was less than ten meters. The whistle of the ear was sharp and noisy. The Song Yi people saw something smashed down. Gong Lingye protected Gu Tingxue in his arms, and then his eyes went completely dark. .

    She tickled her lips slightly.

    Something hit her forehead, and there was a sudden warmth flowing down, blurring Song Yi's eyes.

    In the moment of complete darkness, Gong Lingye saw Song Yiren glance at him, his eyes were strange and taunting that he had never seen before.

    He panicked and wanted to move, but something smashed down the top of his head, and then his eyes were dark.

    Gu Tingxue's force holding his leg suddenly disappeared, he could barely perceive her heartbeat, and his back was also hit by something, and his throat burst into a sweet smell.