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#87 Kissing someone in front of him

When Song Yiren and Gong Lingye came out of the ward together, the atmosphere was heavy because of Li Xiaozi's illness.

    The two went forward silently, turned a corner, and were about to walk towards the elevator, they suddenly saw a familiar figure!

    Gong Mochen!

    Gong Mochen should have come to visit the patient, carrying a bag of things in his hand. When he came out, he happened to be answering the phone. He didn't notice the Song Yi people and Gong Lingye.

    At that moment, Song Yiren's heart suddenly mentioned his voice, almost subconsciously, pulling Gong Lingye to run.

    However, she turned around, Gong Lingye did not move.

    She looked up and saw that he didn't mean to leave. She was anxious and planned to drop him and run.

    However, Gong Lingye clenched Song Yi's hand.

    Song Yiren knew that his uncomfortable enthusiasm was coming again, but she had too many things now and had not had time to deal with the relationship with Gong Mochen.

    She would break up with him, but it was not in such a situation that she caught each other by surprise.

    Song Yi raised his eyes and looked at Gong Lingye: "Can you--"

    But before her words were finished, Gong Lingye suddenly bowed her head and blocked her lips.

    He hugged her waist, pressed her against the corridor, his hands on both sides of her cheeks, and kissed hard.

    Because he was much taller than her, she was completely in his arms. In this way, the people around could only see a few clothes corners of the Song Yi people, but could not see her face at all.

    Song Yi's brain was numb and her heart was beating violently, hitting her chest fiercely. Her hand was holding Gong Lingye's shirt, and there was a thin sweat on her palm.

    Although she and Gong Mochen were only in a pure contractual relationship, after all, Gong Mochen came here, but she was kissing here with Gong Lingye ...

    Sure enough, over there, Gong Mochen finished the phone call and came over step by step, stopping when he almost passed by Gong Lingye.

    Gong Mochen looked at Gong Lingye with surprise, why did he not know when his uncle had a girlfriend?

    Is it Gu Tingxue?

    That's right, Gu Tingxue was estimated to be in poor health and came to the hospital again, and Gong Lingye suddenly couldn't help herself while visiting.

    Therefore, Gong Mochen didn't even think about it, and planned to move on without disturbing the couple.

    Gong Lingye, who was kissing, stopped suddenly.

    With one hand empty, he pressed the Song Yi people on his chest, and then rushed to Gong Mochen: "Look at the patient?"

    Song Yiren couldn't help scolding Gong Lingye was intentional at all, she had no choice but to bury her face tighter in his arms.

    Gong Mochen didn't know so much. He kept the attitude of being indecent and didn't look at the Song Yi people at all. Instead, Chong Gong Lingye explained: "A friend had an accident and there was a blood mass in his brain, which is very difficult to cure. Research plan. "

    Gong Lingye frowned: "Did Professor Nie be invited?"

    Gong Mochen said: "Yes, please Professor Nie, but I'm not sure."

    He seemed to sigh and said, "Unfortunately, the supernatural expert Song Yuncheng is gone. Professor Nie said that if it were him, the success rate would be higher."

    Hearing this name, Song Yiren felt a bit stiff for a moment, and those profound pictures suddenly appeared in his mind. The blood and flame seemed to be just yesterday ...

    She squeezed Gong Lingye's shirt more hard, and her body was tighter with him.

    Gong Lingye didn't even know what Song Yiren thought at the moment. This was the first time his little woman was so active. As a result, his blood was heated up, and his throat knot rolled. The sharp protrusion of the throat knot was tickled by her hair. He pressed her tighter with his body.

    "Mr. Song is indeed the first sword outside Ningguo's God, and we in China, no one has his level!" Gong Lingye seemed to think of something, and his heart was a little sad, but the body in his arms instantly gave him warmth. Hot and real.

    Gong Mochen knew that Gong Lingye didn't know a more professional existence than Professor Nie, so he greeted him and went on to the ward there.

    Gong Lingye slowly released the people in his arms.

    He bowed his head and continued to kiss her. Song Yi thought, but he still thought of the father he had just mentioned.

    She was a bit cold all the way until she felt that she was pushed by something.

    She lowered her head and looked in shock at Gong Lingye's trousers.

    She was immediately angry and turned to leave.

    Gong Lingye took hold of her wrist: "Nuan Nuan, I took the initiative to post so close to me, and still rubbed on me. I lit the fire myself and was responsible for extinguishing myself."

    Song Yiren only remembered that it seemed that when she touched him for the second time just now, he quickly changed there. It was just that she was nervous and didn't think much.

    "Who told you to be in heat anytime, anywhere?" Song Yiren really didn't care about Gong Lingye, she earned her wrists, but failed to break free.

    "Could it be like my nephew, who was rubbed by someone he liked didn't respond?" Gong Lingye said, holding up the Song Yi people: "If you are not responsible for extinguishing the fire, you are responsible for covering the fire."

    He hugged her loosely and happened to block the place where he hadn't recovered. Song Yiren only felt that the waist was pushed up badly. She was angry and anxious: "Gong Lingye, this is a hospital, people come and go, Are you not afraid of being shot gossip? "

    "I don't care, if you are afraid, hide your face in my arms." Gong Lingye looked indifferent.

    Song Yi was helpless, and when someone really looked at him, he had to face his face and completely buried in Gong Lingye's shoulder, as an ostrich.

    He took her out of the hospital and came to the car, saying: "Warm warm, do you want to eat supper?"

    Song Yi shook his head: "I'll go back to the dormitory!"

    When the cool wind blows at night, the original ambiguity dissipates, and both of them feel emotions at the moment.

    It is estimated that Li Xiaozi has been in such a situation for a month or two. Life is sometimes very fragile.

    Gong Lingye also noticed some depressive atmosphere in the car, he said: "Nuan Nuan, I will take you to a place."

    He drove all the way to the moat, stopped the car, and took the Song Yi people's hand toward the river embankment.

    On the river embankment, many men and women who came out to date quietly talked about their concerns in the dim light. In the distance, there is a cruise ship with colored lights on the river, slowly sailing on the sparkling water.

    Gong Lingye dragged the Song Yi people to walk by the river and saw her not talking all the way. He finally stopped and asked her: "Nuan Nuan, what's wrong?"

    The lights were dim, and his handsome eyebrows were more delicate and three-dimensional. Song Yiren was silent for a few seconds. For the first time, he expressed his true feelings to Gong Lingye, and his voice was a little soft: "I miss my mother."

    Gong Ling was stunned at night.

    He had never heard Song Yiren mention his mother, and he had also known before that Yu Chengzhi and his wife were divorced and had parted ways as early as ten years ago.

    Moreover, his wife has not returned home to visit his three daughters since the divorce.

    However, because of his blood, his family loves his mother.