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Ears, I don't know when soft music sounded, Song Yi people catered to Gong Lingye's kiss, their footsteps seemed like dance steps, and moved from the courtyard to the villa.

    The villa has a back door and there is a large sun room.

    The ground was covered with a thick white down blanket, and the long lamb hair wrapped the toes without feeling cold.

    On the ground, the pillows and lazy sofas that Song Yi bought before were all soft and full of laziness.

    Surrounded by green plants in the greenhouse, because the room has been kept at a constant temperature of 25 degrees, so lush, and some even bloomed.

    Song Yi people have liked this room before, and feel that the whole body and mind are pleasant to read here.

    The two kissed, and retreated to the lazy couch. Song Yi's center of gravity was unstable and fell.

    His body fell into softness instantly, his bare feet stepped on a white long-pile blanket, warm and comfortable.

    She chuckled, "I don't seem to get up ..."

    Gong Lingye pressed down: "It won't get up."

    He leaned over and continued to kiss her, she gasped and groaned.

    He wrapped around her ear tip, the voice was low magnetic, as if it could emit electric current, as her cochlea drilled straight into the heart: "Warm warm, you are really small and soft."

    Song Yiren thought of the antonym of ‘small and soft’, and was about to use it on Gong Lingye ’s body. The words all rolled to the tip of his tongue, but suddenly realized what he was holding back and red cheeks.

    Gong Lingye seemed to find her embarrassment at the moment and chuckled: "Warm, do you want it?"

    "Why am I!" She kept denying her busyness, but he caught her hand.

    Then he took her hand straight down from his chest.

    His chest muscles are distinct, and although it is not the first time that the Song Yi people have touched it, he still feels a fire, starting from the palm of his hand, and burning straight to his heart.

    Her heart was beating fast, but when her hand fell on Gong Lingye's abdomen wound, her fingertips trembled slightly.

    "Does it still hurt?" She asked him with her eyes raised.

    "It doesn't hurt." His eyes locked on her, his eyes flashing with fire: "It's just a little itchy."

    Song Yi people's cheeks were burning and annoyed, but when they looked at the man's face upside down, they became heart-wrenching again.

    It turns out that it's such a feeling to like someone?

    At that time, even if her family held an engagement banquet for her, when she faced Chu Mingyao, she just thought it was her brother who grew up together.

    There is nothing exciting and no expectations, it seems that all is to complete the task.

    She also wondered if she had any emotional flaws, otherwise she would never know what it was like.

    But now, Song Yiren finally knows that he likes a person and thinks he is good everywhere.

    When you are far away, you will think that if you get closer, your heart will speed up.

    Obviously he was not used to being close to a man, but he liked leaning on his chest; she was very alert, but she slept peacefully because she smelled his breath.

    Things that had never been thought of in the past, little by little, came naturally, as if at the moment his kiss had scratched her skin, ripples continued.

    The breath becomes hot and hot, and the clothes fall off.

    He asked hoarsely, "Warm, please leave me to you, okay?"

    His expression, serious and solemn, with an emotional flame, burned so that her soul seemed to tremble.

    Song Yi nodded gently, but raised his hand again, supporting Gong Lingye's chest: "Then I will hand me over to you, you must not bully me in the future!"

    Gong Lingye looked at Song Yi's eyes with a bit of shyness, a little emotion, and a little timidity. He felt that his heart also seemed to have a delicate and pitiful pain: "Not in this life."

    Song Yiren wrapped his neck: "Well, I was just a little bit afraid before."

    She has always been tough, but he is actually vulnerable and uneasy that he has never seen before.

    He leaned over and kissed her again: "Nuan Nuan, I will protect you forever."

    After all, Gong Lingye caught Song Yi's hand and raised it above his head, clasping his fingers tightly.

    In a flash of pain, she burst into tears.

    He leaned over to kiss the tears on her cheek, but found that the more kisses, the more she couldn't help but press her in his arms: "Warm warm, why did it become a small crying bag?"

    Song Yiren didn't know what was going on. She knew she was willing, but at this moment, his tenderness made her tears accumulated for three years as if she found a vent to vent, and she couldn't stop it.

    Gong Lingye surrounded Song Yiren's body, patted her on the back, and coaxed: "Okay, don't cry if you are warm, and you won't have any pain in the future."

    Yeah, it won't hurt anymore.

    No one would be surprised to give her a knife and make her maimed in bed for three years!

    No one will pour concentrated sulfuric acid on her, destroying her appearance and blinding her eyes!

    No one will burn her and her father alive, the bones are gone!

    "Gong Lingye, before, I was really scared." Her voice was trembling: "But now, I'm not afraid anymore."

    He tightened his arms. At this moment, it was not a sense of accomplishment that turned her into a woman, but a sense of responsibility.

    Since then, he is no longer alone, everything is for their future consideration.

    Song Yi sniffed his nose, and reacted that he even cried at such a time, and could not help feeling annoyed: "I just--"

    He nibbled her lips. "Nuan Nuan, I know."

    He could feel that she must have suffered a lot, and her heart hurts, just want to comfort her better.

    Everything after that, the hustle and bustle in my ears went away abruptly, and only everything about him was etched into the soul.

    At the end, he stretched his arms to pick her up.

    Behind them, the white velvet blanket and long hair are already messy, and there is a cluster of red between the snow, like the red plum in the snow, which is warmly opened.

    Gong Lingye also saw it. He tightened his arms and bowed his head to kiss the woman in his arms: "Nuan Nuan, I will protect you all my life."

    She reached out and hooked his neck.

    The sunshine room is connected to the bathroom. Gong Lingye put the Song Yi people in warm water, and he stepped forward.

    The large bath was completely able to accommodate two people, he hugged her and kissed, and gradually reacted again.

    Song Yiren, crying and laughing: "How come you--"

    "Nuan Nuan, I said, 24 hours, hard for you anytime, anywhere!" He pressed her into the water and kissed: "Who makes you so tempting?"

    When it was over again, the Song Yi people really couldn't even move their fingers.

    Gong Lingye helped her rinse off, dry her long hair, and took her back to the bedroom.

    Song Yiren lay on the bed, his eyes crossed Gong Lingye's shoulders, saw the wall clock on the wall slowly turning, he was going to point to 0.

    His birthday is coming.

    She was so sleepy that her eyelids kept fighting, but she was still holding on to her, lying in his arms, counting down while listening to the heartbeat.

    Just when the hour hand and minute hand all point to 0 at the same time, the Song Yi people looked up and looked at Gong Lingye's eyes: "Night, happy birthday!"