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Xuanyuan Che's heart lit up, and he immediately said: "Okay, come down immediately."

    He said nothing. He walked downstairs quickly, so far away, he saw his cousin standing by the car door and greeted him.

    "This time I went out, I brought you clothes by the way, chasing girls, dress more handsomely!" Cousin was more than ten years older than Xuanyuan Che. She grew up watching Xuanyuan Che from an early age. She patted Xuan Yuanche's shoulder : "Look at you, all day black and white shirts and trousers, anyone who reads is aesthetically fatigued!"

    "Clothes only." Xuanyuan Che said: "I usually wear formal at work."

    "You also know that it is clothes! Always change clothes, so that there is a sense of freshness!" Said the cousin, opened the trunk, and took out the clothes and lipstick.

    When Xuanyuan Che saw his clothes, he thought of Bei Mingmo's sentence for no reason: "A man is like a clothes, so change them."

    He frowned slightly, and then looked at the body his cousin bought him. Suddenly, his eyebrows tightened tighter: "Sister, this color style ..."

    "What's wrong with this color style? I'll tell you, don't look at me forty-five years this year, but I also know what kind of men girls like!" Cousin said: "The body I bought for you is based on the popular The match of fresh meat! My son wears them like college and school grass! You are handsome and have a good figure. How can any girl like to be so lifeless? You listen to me, wear this to give her lipstick, and it wo n’t work for you Find my cousin! "

    Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    He reluctantly accepted the black hole hooded sweater and brick red pencil pants suit, and then took the lipstick out again: "Thank you sister."

    "Okay, go to work! Go back and take your girlfriend back to see your sister!" The cousin said heartily: "Our family is waiting for you to get married!"

    Xuan Yuan Che returned to the office, first checked the lipstick again, and confirmed that there was no shortage of one, and then set his eyes on the suit again.

    His clear eyes showed a disgusted expression. After watching for a long time, he folded the clothes and put it in the suitcase with lipstick.

    Xuanyuan Che's flight ticket was booked long ago, so, the next morning, he took a gift and set off for the airport.

    At this moment, Chu Mingyao also embarked on a flight to country M after completing a day of investigation and evidence collection.

    The police has come to his office to take notes and investigate, but how easy is it to check all the talks a month ago?

    Hai Sheng's stock price continued to fall, and the sales department and after-sales department were in final negotiations with Tianyun. Although, the situation is clearly not optimistic.

    After nearly ten hours of flight, Xuanyuan Che and Chu Mingyao arrived in Country M almost simultaneously.

    It was the morning of country M. Bei Mingmo had an important meeting today, so she got up early in the morning.

    After simple makeup, she took the meeting materials and took a taxi to the meeting place,

    Originally, Lieyuan Shen would also participate in today ’s meeting. However, two days ago, he suddenly called her and said that he could not go away in an urgent matter in the country.

    This is the first time that such a large-scale investment conference, Bei Mingmo participated as a person in charge, and it was inevitable that he was a little nervous.

    She sorted out the information again, and then walked into the meeting room with the assistant.

    In the meeting room, representatives of the group from the country M were present. After everyone met, Bei Mingmo explained the situation of Li Yuanyuan and then began to discuss the topic.

    Time passed quickly, and in a tense atmosphere, Beimingmo finally completed the task.

    She rubbed her somewhat sunken temple and froze as soon as she walked to the desk.

    At the place where the magazine was originally placed, a box was placed at the moment. The box was very beautiful, with a familiar beauty brand logo on it, and a lipstick logo painted on it.

    Bei Mingmo walked to the office door and asked the assistant: "What is this?"

    "Oh, this is a gentleman sent to the front desk, and then given to you by name." Assistant said.

    Bei Mingmo wondered: "What about that person?"

    "It seems to be at the door," the assistant said.

    Bei Mingmo heard the words, and walked out with a little embarrassment.

    Was it the Chu Mingyao who gave her the lipstick? After all, Chu Mingyao said that day that she would compensate her.

    However, before Bei Mingmo reached the door, an assistant stopped her and said, "Sabrina, just now a gentleman came to you. I asked him to wait for you in the parlor."

    Hearing the words, Bei Mingmo withdrew his footsteps and walked to the parlor next to it.

    The parlor was very bright. The man was sitting on the leather sofa. His suit was not messy. When he saw Bei Mingmo, his eyes crossed the shadow of the bird of prey, but he smiled. The smile was warm, but it made the endless back cool.

    "It's you." Bei Mingmo looked at Chu Mingyao with a smile on her face, and she sat down in front of Chu Mingyao: "I didn't expect President Chu to be so polite and give lipstick all over the world. It was really flattering!"

    "Send lipstick?" Chu Mingyao wondered: "I don't understand the meaning of Miss Beiming."

    Bei Mingmo took a breath, and then smiled: "Mr. Chu, you admit the wrong person again."

    Chu Mingyao's Erlang legs changed direction, he put a stack of materials in front of Beiming Mo: "Momo, I think, we don't need to continue to talk secretly!"

    Bei Mingmo picked it up, and it was Chu Mingyao's investigation of her and Li Xiaozi.

    She finished watching quietly and looked up at him: "It's really a waste of talent for Chu to not be a screenwriter!"

    "Momo, you have changed a lot in two years!" Chu Mingyao said, "It's more calm and more attractive than before!"

    He didn't speak when he saw Bei Mingmo. He simply pointed out: "Song Ziheng did you let Gong Lingye take it away?"

    Bei Mingmo looked up at him, not slow or slow: "President Chu, I read the news of your Hai Sheng yesterday. Could President Chu be forced to step down, so the dog jumped off the wall in a hurry?"

    Chu Mingyao's eyes squinted for an instant, the bottom of the eyes were all cold light, and the lowered voice was gentle but icy: "North Mingmo, you think, you can turn around with Gong Lingye? As long as it is North Mingmo, you The Beiming family is in Ningcheng for a day, you ca n’t do anything you really want! "

    Bei Mingmo was shocked, and then thought again, when Gong Lingye said at the time, she had already sent someone to protect her family.

    Therefore, Chu Mingyao is a temptation ...

    She lifted her eyes and said lightly: "Is it? Chu Mingyao, how can I hear your tone, it's all angry and corrupt?"

    He stood up and approached her: "I didn't die even if I fell into the sea, and so many things happened, Beimingmo, what the hell do you want?"

    Bei Mingmo and Song Yi people have played together since childhood, so in fact, Bei Mingmo prides himself on being very familiar with Chu Mingyao.

    But because of the familiarity, when I learned everything, that kind of subversion was really chilling.

    At this moment, the man approached step by step. Although Bei Mingmo knew that he would not be able to deal with her in broad daylight, there was still a chill hitting her heart, which made her feel as if she was choking up when sunset entered the sea.

    She was sweating in her palm, and she stood up, stepping back unconsciously, but when she was about to move, she suddenly felt someone push the door and move quickly.

    Then, her hands on her side were grasped by a warm and dry hand.

    Bei Mingmo turned his head and looked at the person beside him.

    Xuanyuan Che didn't look at her, but forced Chu Mingyao in front of him with cold eyes and said, "Mr. Chu, this is not the distance you should be close to!"