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#145 Be in drink

Gong Lingye's lips raised a helpless smile: "For the time being."

    After all, he took out his phone and texted Song Yi.

    She seemed to have blackened him on WeChat. In short, he couldn't send a message, nor did she see her circle of friends.

    The text message should be gone?

    Gong Lingye's fingers quickly typed: "Warm warm, don't be angry, will I notify the personnel to give you a bonus? Triple?"

    After posting, he typed again: "Five times? Ten times?"

    "If there is more, it will be hard to explain to the finance, otherwise, we can only expose our relationship. Be good, don't ignore me?"

    When he sent the message, he did not avoid it. In the bright elevator, He Wanshuang clearly saw the words on Gong Lingye's screen.

    She blinked gently, not opening her eyes.

    Just when the elevator reached the floor, Gong Lingye walked in, and his eyes fell on Xuanyuan Che's body: "A Che, seems to be dark?"

    Xuanyuan Che nodded: "Fortunately."

    Beside, Luo Tianqi said: "It's better to be black and more masculine."

    "Yes, how handsome you are!" He Wanshuang said.

    Luo Tianqi smiled and poured himself a glass of wine.

    He Wanshuang sat next to him, poured himself a glass, picked it up, and touched Luo Tianqi: "Come on, don't say no one is with you."

    The two were drinking together, while on one side, Gong Lingye told Xuanyuan Che about work.

    What the two were talking about, over there, Luo Tianqi leaned in front of Gong Lingye and handed the phone over: "Brother Ye, it seems that he hasn't gotten his wife?"

    Gong Lingye picked it up and saw today's hot topic——

    The boss behind nique likes to marry the spokesperson Yu Ruo Nuan comment! "

    I just felt that my heart was beating, Gong Lingye opened it, and I saw the comment that Li Yuanyuan liked.

    "I am 28 years old, 183 in height, 75kg in weight, and have an annual salary of over one million. I love sports, fitness, travel and photography. They are all good hobbies, warm sister, marry me!"

    The point is, there are more than a thousand of them all following the formation!

    Of course, age, height, weight, and annual salary preferences vary.

    The most funny, he also saw a 69-year-old, a 13-year-old message!

    Also, what the hell is the annual salary of 100,000? Not even his Gong Lingye's income for an hour, and his face left a message here? !

    Who gives them confidence? !

    There is also Lieyuan Shen, what does it mean to like? When is he dead?

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes and typed quickly—

    "I am 30 years old, with a height of 188, a weight of 77KG, and an annual salary of more than 10 billion yuan. My hobbies are: petting, warming, and all. Good hobbies, Yu Ruonuan can only be mine!

    However, after he left a message, he found that Weibo still needs to log in to comment.

    Gong Lingye never played this kind of stuff, so he didn't have an account at all.

    He then registered one directly with his mobile phone number, and then re-posted it again.

    Perhaps because Beimingmo's Weibo headlined the Weibo headline today, it was very hot. Therefore, Gong Lingye's message was actually turned over a few minutes later. Suddenly, his mobile phone began to have tips.

    Gong Lingye opened, and only one netizen replied: "Brother, what about your daydream? The annual salary is ten billion yuan, what about Nethercoin?"

    Soon, there were a few more articles: "Lying trough, for the first time I saw such a big face, I just dreamed of the annual salary, and I said that my goddess is yours. It is really a big tree. There are all birds!"

    "Brother, your mother called you home, wash and sleep!"

    "When are you like the boss of Unique, would you like to talk big?"

    After watching Gong Lingye, he just wanted to smash the phone!

    He turned off Weibo directly, but after a few minutes, he reopened it, and then, unexpectedly, he saw a lot of comments, all of which called him ‘Toad wants to eat swan meat’.

    He called Pei Jun directly and explained in a few words, saying, "These accounts are directly blocked!"

    Putting down the phone, Xuanyuan Che next to him could not help asking: "Aye, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing." Gong Lingye took a deep breath: "Continue to talk about the project ..."

    When the two of them talked about the subsequent deployment, they suddenly found that the two of them in the corner of the sofa seemed to be in some condition.

    "Tianqi?" Gong Lingye approached Luo Tianqi and frowned slightly.

    Luo Tianqi raised his eyes, and after he was drunk, his eyes seemed to be a little more frivolous than usual: "Brother Ye, would you like to have a drink with us?"

    Gong Lingye took away the bottle in Luo Tianqi's hand: "You are drunk."

    Having said that, he looked at He Wanshuang again.

    He Wanshuang was already lying on the table, burying his head, exposing a large piece of skin on his back neck. The original fair skin became a little pink, and her body undulated slightly as she breathed.

    "Evening Frost?" Gong Lingye called out, and the girl lying on the table took a few seconds to raise her head slowly.

    Her eyes were slowly focused on Gong Lingye's face, and a little water quickly gathered under her eyes, but she pressed it down stubbornly.

    However, some dull voice revealed her emotion at the moment: "Brother Ye, I want to go home."

    Gong Lingye noticed that He Wanshuang was not right, he asked, "What happened?"

    After a few seconds of delay, He Wanshuang said lightly: "Jack and I broke up."

    Gong Lingye asked: "Is that M countryman?"

    He Wanshuang shook his head: "Not important anymore."

    Gong Lingye looked at her blushing cheeks and said, "You have drunk too much, I will send you back."

    He Wanshuang stood up on his chair, and beside him, Luo Tianqi didn't get up after standing a few times, or Xuanyuan Che took the handle beside him.

    The four came out together, and just before walking to the elevator, they heard laughter from the other side of the corridor.

    The sound was familiar until several people broke into sight.

    Today, Lie Yuan Shen proposed to hold a celebration feast to celebrate the success of Unique's debut in China.

    Song Yiren didn't know that the place where Lie Yuan Shen Shen set was in Phoenix. However, it has been booked. Although this is the site of Gong Lingye, it seems that their team comes to spend it, right?

    However, when she came to the elevator holding Beimingmo's hand, she paused.

    After facing each other, Gong Lingye gazed at Song Yiren after a round of patrol, passed the Lieyuan Shen behind her slightly, and returned to Song Yiren again.

    There was no superfluous expression on his face, but his footsteps had already come to this side.

    Song Yiren was thinking about how to say hello, and felt Bei Mingmo beside her holding her arm slightly tightened.

    She turned her head suspiciously, but saw Bei Mingmo looking in a direction in front.

    Looking along Bei Mingmo's line of sight, the Song Yi people saw that Xuanyuan Che's quiet eyes paused for a moment, and then moved away without any traces. The whole person was still that cold and indifferent look.

    "Momo?" Song Yiren turned his head: "You just--"

    "It's okay." Bei Mingmo didn't look in that direction anymore. He smiled and said in the ear of Song Yiren: "I smell vinegar, Yi Yi, how come we have a meal, can you all meet?"