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In the room, everyone looked at each other.

    Song Yiren was relying on Gong Lingye's arms to watch the excitement. She looked up and asked him: "If you go, will you?

    "May I not be your husband?" Gong Lingye sniffed the fragrance of Song Yi's hair and said.

    Song Yiren smiled: "I don't think they dare to go up, your best man group is not good, they are all embroidered pillows!"

    During the speech, Song Ziheng, who had just tried it, also fell to the ground. However, he fell better than Xingfan, and the Song Yi people felt distressed for a while.

    "Isn't there no one left?" Qi Lihuo moved his hands and feet: "Then it seems, only--"

    Before her words were finished, Xiao Pei took a step forward.

    His hair, which was originally dyed, has been dyed back to black because he joined Tiangong. At the moment, it looks like a beautiful man with a delicate and delicious appearance.

    Squinting from the fire: "Okay, please!"

    Behind her, Gong Moyan squeezed the skirt tightly.

    Yes, the person she likes is Xiao Pei.

    A year ago, she was in the sixth grade. Near the end of the semester, the school invited outstanding students from past schools to return to the school for a speech.

    At that time, she secretly liked him.

    She still remembers that he stood on the stage, with a tone of casualness about the chicken broth that their little children did not like to listen to, but, perhaps because of him or his humor, she listened carefully Not falling.

    She remembered his name, named Xiao Pei.

    Later, every time he participated in the game, she secretly went to watch the live broadcast.

    During the year, she sent him an anonymous text message filled with the thoughts of a young girl who loved her.

    Only, he never knew her.

    At this moment, watching the big brother who had been looking up stood at a distance of less than five meters, Gong Moyan's heartbeat accelerated, and his eyes followed him, but he was afraid of being discovered.

    A crush, cautious, cowardly and timid.

    Xiao Pei seems to have really learned some Sanda, but Lihuo is a freak, who just learned to walk and started to learn martial arts. So, after four or five rounds, Xiao Pei also hangs in glory.

    Gong Ling saw his own heavy losses on the side, so he said: "Well, away from the fire, the remaining few years are old, and you can let them go without falling!"

    Luo Tianqi stopped doing it: "Brother Ye, where am I? I'm obviously a flower ..."

    However, in the next second, Lihuo has already broken hands ...

    She clapped her hands and pulled Luo Tianqi up, saying: "Is it right for everyone to choose the second one directly? The second way is actually very simple, just need each bridesmaid to pick a bridesmaid on her back and walk , While singing "School Song", from here to the wedding scene, you have to sing! "

    Yu Xingfan smiled suddenly.

    "Come to fight!" Li Huo made an ultimatum.

    And Yu Xingfan is a slippery head. He has first ran to Wei Qianran and said, "Sister, I will carry you!"

    "Boy is amazing!" Luo Tianqi saw this, his eyes turned, and finally stood in front of Su Mi: "Beauty, I think we are more destined!"

    Su Miyang raised her lips: "I also think that I like you!"

    Over there, everyone has already started casting, Gong Mochen hesitated and walked in front of Qi Lihuo, saying: "Li Huo, I will carry you!"

    He is quite familiar with Lihuo. Compared with others, it seems that this is the best ending.

    After entering the room, Song Ziheng noticed Gu Tingxue in addition to his sister-in-law.

    Perhaps he had been dumb for three years before. At this moment, after seeing Gu Tingxue who was not in good health, he instinctively raised his heart.

    So, he came to Gu Tingxue: "Sister, let me carry you."

    "Good." Gu Tingxue nodded.

    At the same time, Bei Mingmo looked at Xuanyuan Che who was approaching himself, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

    He stared at her and said, "Momo."

    Bei Mingmo wanted to laugh. What kind of mentality did this man see her?

    Was it completely torn that day? For many days, hasn't he contacted her?

    Now I came to see her again because I felt stimulated by seeing her blind date with Bae Jun?

    She sneered in her heart, but it didn't appear on the face. She just raised her eyes and nodded slightly: "Hello."

    Xuanyuan Che was pierced by her attitude, but she said nothing.

    Because of his choice, Xiao Pei could only choose Gong Moyan over there.

    Looking at the Prince Charming in his heart step by step to himself, Gong Moyan's entire face was red, and his speech was also stuttering: "Brother, brother, hello!"

    Xiao Pei smiled lightly at her: "In high school?"

    Gong Moyan nodded and was too nervous: "I am on the first day of the junior year, and the second day of the second half ..."

    "It's still a kid." Xiao Pei said to himself in general: "It looks very light, it's considered that I made it."

    "I am not a kid ..." Gong Moyan was anxious: "I am twelve years old!"

    Xiao Pei was teased, looked her up and down in a circle, and finally focused on her immature face, carelessly: "It seems that twelve years old can still pass Children's Day!"

    Children's Day in China is for children under 14 years old.

    Gong Moyan cried in a hurry, he thought she was a child!

    However, before giving her the opportunity to argue, Xiao Pei squatted down at her and said lightly, "Child, come on!"

    In the other couples, the bridesmaids also lay on the backs of the groomsmen.

    Gong Lingye, however, took the Song Yi people horizontally and hugged them, and came out first.

    He was dressed in a black suit, his eyebrows were strong, and in the sun, the three-dimensional dazzling features looked like the legendary sun god.

    She leaned back in his arms, her long skirt swinging in the wind, and the diamond on her slender neck was dazzling.

    When the staff of Nirvana City was shocked by the prosperous beauty of today's protagonist, they were shocked by everything behind them.

    I saw six groomsmen, all of whom looked handsome, and the bridesmaids on their backs were all beautiful and seductive, but what are the groomsmen singing?

    "The sun is in the sky, the flowers smile at me, and the bird said early, why are you carrying a small school bag?"

    "I go to school, I'm not late every day, I love learning and labor, and I want to give credit to the people when I grow up!"

    Yu Xingfan looked excited and sang louder than anyone else. Beside, Gong Mochen's voice could hardly be heard.

    Every time, when he didn't say anything, the fire on his back threatened him: "Mochen brother, if you don't sing, I'll throw you over your shoulder in front of my aunt!"

    Gong Mochen: "..."

    Behind him, Luo Tianqi sang and raised an eyebrow at Xuanyuan Che: "A Che, sing!"

    Xuanyuan Che pursed his lips and thought of today's brother's wedding, he endured, the voice was dry: "The sun is empty, the flowers smile at me, the bird said early, why do you carry a small school bag?"

    On the back, Bei Mingmo, who was still on fire, had a giggling smile: "Hey, what about my mobile phone? It's a pity not to record!"

    On one side, Wei Qianran screamed at her: "Sabrina, it's okay, the photographer followed the whole shot, I have made them pay attention to the recording!"

    Xuanyuan Che: "..."

    Very good, he would like to know who came up with such a bad idea!

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