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Upon entering the hotel room, Chu Mingyao threw Su Yunfei directly into it.

    Su Yunfei fell on the ground with a kick.

    Her fire broke out completely, she took off her shoes, and when she picked up the side lamp, she would hit Chu Mingyao.

    "What are you crazy about here?" Chu Mingyao untied his tie: "Song Ziheng is gone!"

    Su Yunfei's hand suddenly stopped in the air, as if completely stunned: "What do you mean?"

    "When I was on a business trip, someone rescued Song Ziheng. I haven't found out who did it." Chu Mingyao has regained his composure at the moment: "I bought a ticket and will go back tonight."

    Having said that, he had already started packing.

    It seemed that Su Yunfei had just reacted, and also forgot the pain in his body. He grabbed Chu Mingyao's arm and said: "You say it again? Song Ziheng is gone? He was rescued? How is it possible!"

    "People have left, even three of my men are dead." Chu Mingyao quickly put away his stuff: "If you can't go back, I don't care, I have to leave now."

    He stayed today, just to see if there are any suspicious people in this AI exchange meeting, originally had some doubts about Gong Lingye, after all, this exchange will suddenly change to world-class, it is really strange.

    However, everything today completely dispelled his guess.

    Therefore, the person who laid out should still be in Ningguo, he must go back immediately!

    Su Yunfei blinked, still unbelievable: "Song Ziheng is gone, what shall we do?"

    "Can't find him, or if he died, then Hai Sheng's penny is not mine!" Chu Mingyao clenched his fists.

    Su Yunfei has completely recollected the taste now: "So, maybe we have a bamboo basket to draw water?"

    She murmured, and after a few seconds, she seemed to realize something suddenly: "If you didn't come to the emperor city to see the little fox, how could Song Ziheng be rescued ?!"

    Chu Mingyao immediately turned to drink and said, "I'm here for a meeting!"

    "Oh, a meeting? Are you holding a meeting to take me away?" Su Yunfei sneered: "I think you are here to meet the slut specifically! Now, let's lose Song Ziheng to see the woman! I see, Maybe this thing was done by the bitch, deliberately seduce you, knowing that all of you men are animals thinking about the lower body, and for the sake of a hoof, even the mountains and mountains that have been laid out for so many years are gone!

    "Enough!" Chu Mingyao is really too lazy to quarrel with Su Yunfei. He has always been calm. He was just outside. He was really angry because he always paid attention to face. Not only did Su Yunfei not give him face, he almost said it. Revealed his secret.

    Now, more important things are in front of him, he does not want to waste fearless time.

    So, he directly picked up his mobile phone and called his assistant: "Prepare to go to the airport."

    Su Yunfei saw Chu Mingyao's light and breezy look, and suddenly the whole person could not bear it.

    She grabbed his cell phone and threw it to the ground: "That bitch has done nothing to you, can't I even say a word about her?"

    Chu Mingyao's calm personality was suddenly lit at the moment.

    His eyes were as cold as a knife, and the whole person shot violently, buckling Su Yunfei's neck, and turning his body, he pushed Su Yunfei against the wall.

    The man's hand was very strong, Su Yunfei just felt his back hit the wall, and then he felt a suffocation in his neck.

    She was even more angry and struggling to escape, but Chu Mingyao increased her strength.

    Suddenly, I just felt the blood pouring into the top of my head, and there was a lack of oxygen in my head.

    She wanted to breathe, couldn't breathe, her head dizzy, and the uncomfortable feeling of suffocation made her stunned: Chu Mingyao wanted to kill her? !

    In a panic, she quickly reached out to pull his hand, her feet did not stop, and kicked hard at Chu Mingyao.

    However, the movements on his hands did not mean to relax at all, and the eyes looking at her were only Morihan's killing intentions.

    She tugged hard on her chest, still no air.

    The fear of death in her heart swallowed her a little, and Su Yunfei's struggle became more intense.

    Her fingers scratched Chu Mingyao's skin and blood poured out, but his eyes were colder.

    She clearly felt the call of death, and even she knew that within a minute, she might really be strangled by him.

    Su Yunfei was born badly. She came out of her home when she was very young. She worked hard in the society. For so many years, she had not experienced too much trouble in these two years, nor would she be so arrogant.

    Therefore, once the moment of life and death, she calmed down.

    It's very difficult, but she still compares her mouth to Chu Mingyao——


    Chu Mingyao understood instantly.

    He had guessed before that Su Yunfei should have evidence of what they had done in his hands. If he killed her, it might be exposed.

    It now appears that this is indeed the case.

    However, he didn't really want to strangle her today. After all, this is the hotel in the Imperial City of China. Too many eyes saw him and Su Yunfei together. He would kill her and would never pick it here.

    In a flash of thought, he pressed hard again, and then he let go of Su Yunfei.

    She fell to the ground all at once, and oxygen poured into her lungs, which caused her to cough violently.

    Chu Mingyao looked at her from the top and said, "Which woman am I with? It's my own business. If you want to stay in the entertainment world, remember your duty!"

    Su Yunfei, who just got out of the ghost gate, coughed and snarled: "Chu Mingyao, are you afraid that I will fight for a fish?"

    "You also know that the fish is dead and the net is broken." Chu Mingyao slowly turned his head, his eyes were cold light: "You must understand that fish will also die!"

    He said nothing, just opened the door and went out.

    How can a person like Su Yunfei take his life in order to drag him into the water and accompany his life?

    Looking at Chu Mingyao's back, Su Yunfei's eyes were red.

    Today, all the suffering she suffered was done by the little bitch! It is meaningless for her to go back to Ningguo now, and because she has a swollen face, she cannot see anyone. It might as well stay here and find a chance to be that slut!

    If Chu Mingyao saw the woman Cheng Huan under another man, would she still want her?

    Thinking, she slowly got up from the ground, and she already had an idea.

    Chu Mingyao and his assistant went directly to the airport. When they returned to Ningcheng Villa, it was already night, and all the mess outside the villa had been cleaned up.

    Under the light, Chu Mingyao looked at the obvious traces of the grass being turned and asked the servant: "What's going on?"

    So, the servant quickly reported: "Master that day, after digging something under, he was rescued by a man."

    "He dug something?" Chu Mingyao wondered.

    The servant nodded: "It was very dark at the time and it was not clear, but from a physical point of view, it should be Master Ziheng."

    "So, you didn't see his face?" Chu Mingyao grabbed the key.

    "Yes." The servant lowered his head and realized the subjective error of his judgment.