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#51 Gong Ling Ye's Medicine

So, after Ruwa squandered, he exchanged two words that Gong Mochen was very expensive: "Shut up."

    Wa's light turned on immediately, and he stopped talking.

    Gong Mochen turned his head and glanced at the co-pilot Song Yiren. His tight jaw line was a little soothing. After a pause of half a minute, he couldn't help saying: "You learned your father's suit, but you learned a lot. . "

    The tone of his speech still carries a habit of sarcasm, and there is no temperature on his face.

    She didn't care and smiled: "Isn't this to coax you?"

    Gong Mochen's eyebrows suddenly tightened, turning his head to ignore the Song Yi people.

    At this time, his car turned and happened to be in the street of the Imperial City University.

    The school gate broke into sight, and Song Yi rushed to the palace Mochen with a smile and said, "Thank you Mochen for sending me back."

    Gong Mochen ignored her and parked the car at the door.

    Song Yiren touched Ruwa's round head before getting off the car, and then raised his eyes: "Brother Mo Chen, goodbye, Ruwa, follow your gold master!"

    So, when the Song Yi people got off the bus, Ruwa said, "Master Lord, please take me home, poor and unloved!" The implication is that it should not be left in the car all the time.

    Gong Mochen turned around and drove to the Gongjia villa, turning a deaf ear to a robot.

    wa spoke again: "Master Jin, please take me home, poor and unloved!"

    Gong Mochen glanced at it sideways, but he was thinking, this annoying metal thing, just had a nice sentence--

    "May you have dew in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, and stars in the night!"

    She should have typed it in her phone just now? Gong Mochen thought of this, and turned his attention to the position of the passenger seat.

    There was already empty, and there was no girl who disgusted him so much that he did not want to see the same.

    When he looked back, Ruwa said again: "Master Lord ..."

    Wa is a robot and does n’t feel embarrassed or embarrassed, so it asks perseveringly without waiting for an answer.

    Gong Mochen was so annoyed by it that he said: "Shut up!"

    wa: "Master Jin, please put--"

    Gong Mochen was really angry this time: "You say another word, I will throw you into the recycle bin immediately! Isn't that what you said, why not follow me into the recycle bin?"

    Wa's eyes flickered, as if analyzing what to say in the next sentence.

    However, it doesn't seem to understand human emotions yet, so it continues: "Golden Lord-"

    This time, Gong Mochen directly picked it up and long-pressed to shut down.

    Twenty minutes later, Gong Mochen arrived at Gongjia Villa.

    He shook the door of the car and was about to leave, but his footsteps stopped again.

    After a few seconds, he reopened the door and glanced at Ruwa, which he threw on the rack, and picked it up impatiently.

    With Ruwa in his hand, Gong Mochen's mood seemed to be even worse, so that when he entered the house, the maid was taken aback by the expression that he clearly said, "I am very annoyed."

    At the same time, Song Yi has returned to the dormitory. She has just taken a shower and changed a clean sanitary napkin.

    The abdomen was only slightly swollen. She returned to her bed and opened the drawer in front of the bed. There was a bag of Chinese medicine in it.

    For the pain of menstrual period, Song Yiren sincerely thank Gong Lingye.

    However, she did not like him or believe in him, and she did not want to have any emotional entanglements with him, because these were variables, and she had no energy or mood to deal with them.

    After this time, he should not give her medicine, but she also realized that Yu Ruonuan had not been in the habit of exercising before, which would lead to poor blood and blood, cold body, and uncomfortable physiological period.

    Therefore, the Song Yi people have already developed a fitness plan for themselves and started to act from the end of the physiological period.

    In the following days, everything was calm.

    Until two days after the end of the physiological period, Song Yi received a familiar call.

    She was called by an assistant of Gong Lingye, and she answered in doubt.

    "Miss Yu, I'm at the door of your school. I put your medicine in the security room."

    Song Yi was stunned: "Ah?"

    "Ms. Yu, are you inconvenient to speak? I will go first. You will remember to go to the security room for a while." The assistant said, and hung up the phone.

    Song Yiren was eating lunch and hung up the phone. When the classmates saw her with a weird expression, she couldn't help laughing: "Isn't it confession?"

    Song Yiren shook his head: "No, it's just that my friend brought me something."

    After lunch, she went to the security room.

    Big Brother Security knew her and smiled, "Come again?"

    Song Yi nodded, took something, thanked the security guard, and returned to the dormitory.

    The same three-day weight as before, no more, no less.

    At the same time, Gong Lingye's office door knocked and the assistant walked in. He first reported something about finding a good place for Chi Jingyu, and then said: "Yes, Mr. Gong, I will follow the date table you gave , Delivered the medicine to Miss Yu. "

    Gong Lingye heard the words and did not respond.

    The assistant thought he was thinking about something else, and said: "The date list you gave before will be sent twice in the future, and after those two times, do you want to ..."

    Gong Lingye picked up the document on the table and opened it. After quickly scanning the contents, he quickly signed his name and his handwriting was vigorous.

    He put down the pen, and then said: "After the end of the date table, there is no need to send it, and then print a copy of the prescription to her."

    The assistant nodded: "Okay, I see."

    At the moment in the dormitory, the Song Yi people took a bag of Chinese medicine, warmed it with warm water, drank it, picked up the phone, opened the address book, and searched for Gong Lingye's name.

    Her hand hung over the dial, hesitated for a few seconds, and then moved away.

    Perhaps this was something he had already ordered his men to do, so the men just continued as he ordered, not just arranged by him ...

    Song Yi took a deep breath and felt that she should stop contacting, otherwise, her previous refusal would become hypocritical.

    Whatever the reason, his man gave the medicine, and the love she owed him, and later she entered the Tiangong to pay back.

    At the beginning, although she and Chi Jingyu's core data of their team were open to all members, it was her who kept the data.

    In other words, after she ‘dead’, no one can have absolute access to the information.

    People's memories are limited. Many people believe that Song Jingyu cannot completely remember Chi Jingyu. Therefore, they will have many opportunities for cooperation when they enter Tiangong.

    Later, the Song Yi people were even more busy, soaking in the laboratory almost every day. The teacher knew her task was heavy, so she didn't go to class, everyone closed her eyes.

    Until this day, members such as Song Yiren and Xiao Pei finally completed the basic functions of the battle robot used in the competition. Everyone completed several battles in the laboratory and recorded the areas that needed improvement.