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A Mian was a little surprised, why the man suddenly compromised and waited over there to understand the reason.

It turned out that a caretaker had forgotten to feed the man's medicine just now, and gave it again. This time the dose was a little large, and the man was in good health, so he didn't have a big situation, but it was really unbearable.

When he saw Amian, he crimsoned his eyes and yawned: "I said! Brother, I said everything!"

A Mian sat down, but did not rush to understand the truth: "Why didn't you say it before?"

"Because my brother is in the hands of the owner!" The man rubbed the rope with pain, trying to pass the pain so that he could concentrate a little bit more.

It's a pity that he was sleepy, he just wanted to sleep, but because his eyelids couldn't close, he just felt his heart was scratched by thousands of claws, and every moment of pain was suffering.

He couldn't hold it anymore, he said anxiously: "Brother, please ask, I said, I only have one request, let me sleep well!"

A Mian sneered: "If we find that it is false, you will suffer a thousand times more pain than this time!"

"I swear, it's true!" the man said quickly.

"Who is the owner?" A Mian looked directly at the man's eyes: "What's his name? Where is his address?"

The man shook his head: "I don't know his name, he never said that, we all call him the owner. His industry is very big, I don't know exactly what is involved, I just know that he has many factories in J country, he usually also over there."

"Country J?" At this moment, thousands of miles away, Bae Jun heard the name through the shared picture on Amian's side.

"I have been fortunate to go to country J once, and it is not the desolation you thought!" The man said with a strong support: "Because of the protection of the prime minister of country J, everyone thought that there was a closed door, but in reality, we only know the surface. The house owner’s industry there is not the biggest. I have heard of two of them, and I have heard from people. My brother doesn’t know what it is."

"So, you only know that your head of family is in country J, and that the other side is protected by the government. Ordinary people cannot go in?" A Mian asked.

The man said: "Yes, last time I went, I just arrived at the airport of country J, then I was blindfolded and finally saw the owner."

"What does your family look like? How old are you?" A Mian asked again.

"The owner was carrying him at the time, but from the back view, it should be about fifty years old, with a burly figure and a height of 180." The man recalled: "Yes, the owner still has a son, they called him'Young Master'" ."

"Just a son? Is there a daughter?" A Mian said: "Have you seen the young master?"

"I haven't seen the young master, but the one who listened to the head of the house mentioned it." The man said: "The head of the house should have only such a child, but God knows? How can a man in that status have few wives and children?"

A Mian continued to ask: "When did you go to country J?"

"Half a year ago, I was protecting a batch of goods from the head of the house, so I was taken over and regarded as a commendation." The man said here, and he felt pain in an instant: "At that time, I thought it was a good job, and took my younger brother, but I didn't expect ..."

He looked at Amian: "Brother, I said everything I know. Can you make me sleep?"

Unexpectedly, A Mian asked: "What is your brother's name?"

"His name is Zheng Xiaohui." The man said: "Unfortunately, he went there and I never saw him again."

"If we go, we will help you find him." Amian stood up and looked at the man's hand without fingernails: "Your perseverance makes me admire, if we are sure that what you said is true, we will save him. If not , You and he will die better than life!"

After he finished speaking, it made the man's eyelids open and was about to loosen the man. He found that the man had fallen asleep when the eyelids were free!

Thousands of miles away, Gong Lingye frowned slightly.

Country J, he really hasn't been there, it's a place almost forgotten by the whole world.

People in Country J are all yellow races, and are also very close to China and Ning. They are an island country and have been neutral for many years.

Because there are no resources, the land area is not large, and it has no dispute over territorial waters, so it is a very low-key country in the world.

Everyone's impression on it has always been that its east is a tourist destination, but because there is an active volcanic zone from the east coast to the inland 50 miles, its inland is almost isolated.

And country J has been reluctant to deal with other countries, it is very troublesome to get a visa, so even people who traveled in the past have little to talk about.

Gong Lingye opened the map and drew a circle on the side of Country J. Then, he took a closer look at the current industry of Tiangong.

Indeed, country J is completely blank.

Therefore, it seems necessary to go over there.

However, it is said that the headless snake does not suppress the head snake, that is the opponent's base camp, but the enemy is secretly unaware, and can not act rashly without knowing the opponent's card.

This time, I finally have a general direction, which is much better than nothing before.

Because Beimingxiao is the main suspect, Gong Lingye also arranged people, lurking beside Beimingxiao and his agent, always paying attention to their actions.

The weather in April is a very lukewarm season, and it will soon be the weekend. Thinking of He Wanshuang's situation, Gong Lingye intends to organize an outing party.

In the morning, after finishing an email, he was about to contact Luo Tianqi, and he heard the secretary knock on the door and came in: "President, Mr. Li Yuan, Shen of the L Group came over to see you. I said he did not make an appointment. He said that you would meet he……"

Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows, Lieyuan sank over, is it to show good?

"Let him wait for me in the reception room." Gong Ling night said.

When he passed by, he saw that Lieyuan Shendai was not a secretary, but Liexiaoruan.

Gong Lingye was a little puzzled, but he still asked the secretary to make tea, and he sat down: "What do you want from me?"

The two days of Lieyuanshen can be described as scorching. The pressure from his father's side and the stock price of the group have almost no room for breathing.

In particular, L Group only entered China this year, and the foundation is not solid at all. Therefore, if it is not handled well, it is likely that it will have to withdraw from the Chinese market in order to stop losses.

However, entering the country of China was a strategy that L Group had planned for several years. Once it withdrew, the losses would be so great that the shareholders of the group did not come to this account.

At this moment, Lieyuan Shen couldn't calm down when he saw Gong Lingye.

The two are opponents in the mall, and now, because of Li Xiaoxiao, there is still such a layer of relationship.

Thinking of the fact that the younger sister was still separated by half, Lieyuan Shen felt that her heart was very unpleasant.

However, in order to make Li Xiaoxiao happy, he was still ready to speak.

Who knows, before waiting for him to speak, Lie Xiaoruo stood up immediately and rushed towards Gong Lingye: "Brother!"