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#119 Do you like it?

Gong Lingye shook Song Yi's hand tightly, and he looked at her, his eyes deepened for a time.

    They have been together for two months. This is the first time she has offered him an appointment.

    When his arm closed, he brought Song Yi into his arms, his voice was low, and when he fell on her ear, she brought some kind of ambiguous meaning: "Okay, let's go to the cinema to date."

    Song Yi was blushed and heartbeated by his words and pushed Gong Lingye: "I went to the dormitory to change clothes."

    He nodded and went downstairs with her.

    However, just after the Song Yi people took off the dress, the door knocked.

    She walked to the door in doubt: "Who?"

    "Warm warm, open the door." Gong Lingye's voice came from the door.

    Song Yi quickly took a skirt and put it on, and opened the door: "How can you come in?"

    Gong Lingye looked at the dormitory of the Song Yi people and said naturally: "The downstairs administrator let me in."

    Song Yi lipped his lips, and the aunt downstairs never put a man into the girls' dormitory. Is it because of his face today?

    Song Yi took a mask from the drawer, thought for a while, then took a pair of sunglasses and put it in the bag, Chong Gongling said at night: "Let's go."

    He didn't move at all, but picked up Zahara on the table and said, "Is this for me?"

    Song Yi snatched it over: "No."

    Gong Lingye brought her between the desk and him: "Nuan Nuan, my birthday is only more than two months."

    Song Yi people narrowed their necks: "I know."

    His lips and petals pressed down: "Remember to engrave my name."

    She had a strong lower waist, an unstable center of gravity, and her back fell on the table. He clasped her wagging hands, raised his head and kissed her.

    Song Yiren's posture couldn't move. He could only let Gong Lingye do whatever he wanted, until he hugged her waist, lifted her up and put it on her bed.

    He pressed it down, evacuated the air from her lungs, and sniffed deeply: "Warm warm, your bed is your taste."

    He said that his hand had reached in from her skirt, walked on her skin, and touched her all over.

    Song Yiren couldn't break away at all, her eyes were full of complaints: "Do you even want to watch a movie?"

    Gong Lingyue laughed, her hands still squeezing restlessly: "Look. My house warms up for the first time, I can't miss the appointment."

    Song Yiren pushed him: "Then you still not down?"

    He laughed and kissed her for a while: "Okay, I will come down."

    Then he said, "Or next time, you are on it, how do you toss me. Do you not like to be on it?"

    Song Yi people sat up from the bed at once: "Gong Ling Ye! Ah--"

    It was just that she moved too fast and hit the desk with a cry of pain.

    Gong Lingye hurriedly reached out to hug her. She was annoyed and refused to hug. The two broke out of the dormitory.

    As soon as he went out, the Song Yi people put away all their expressions and looked around.

    Although there are almost no people in the dormitory during the summer vacation, it is difficult to guarantee that there are students staying on other floors.

    Beside him, Gong Lingye saw her so carefully, frowned slightly, and waited out of the dormitory. He took her hand: "Nuan Nuan, wait for my birthday, we will make it public!"

    The Song Yi people paused for a moment, then responded: "Okay."

    Gong Lingye raised her lips and pulled her out of the campus.

    When he got in the car, Gong Lingye called Pei Jun and was saying that he wanted to make a charter. Song Yi people caught him: "No, if there are only two people watching the movie, it is no different from watching it at home."

    He squeezed her face: "Okay, it sounds warm."

    Before the two got out, the Song Yi gave Gong Lingye the mask and sunglasses.

    She didn't expect that her women's sunglasses bag on his angular face didn't look girlish at all, but instead felt fashionable and young.

    Unable to bear it, Song Yiren glanced at it again, his heart was slandering what the man was doing so evil, and he was caught by Gong Lingye's eyes.

    His eyes were filled with playfulness, and she leaned into her ear: "Can't I see my eyes?"

    The Song Yi people raised their feet and stepped on Gong Lingye.

    He continued to tease her: "Don't be embarrassed, I will show you enough."

    Having said that, he took off his mask and sunglasses with a beating: "Do you like it?"

    Song Yi was angry and turned to leave.

    Gong Lingye pressed her back into her arms again and smiled happily: "Nuan Nuan, you are so cute when you are shy!"

    Song Yi twisted his body and failed to come out, only anxiously said: "You put on a mask and sunglasses!"

    Gong Lingye obeyed obediently: "Your boyfriend is so blind?"

    Song Yi ignored him, but his heart seemed to overthrow the sweet and sour taste, a little joy and a little annoyance.

    The ticket was bought by Song Yiren on her mobile phone. When she went to the ticket machine to pick up the ticket, Gong Lingye went to buy popcorn and ice cream.

    When he saw her coming, he said to her, "This is the first time I have come to the cinema to watch a movie."

    Song Yiren couldn't help saying: "You used to watch at home by yourself?" In fact, she rarely watches movies, and it is the first time for her boyfriend.

    Looking back, Song Yiren found that Chu Mingyao had also asked her several times, but every time she felt wasted time, she directly refused.

    She went to the theater several times with Bei Mingmo or her classmates.

    At that time, she probably wouldn't have thought of it. One day, she would take the initiative to ask a man to come out and watch a movie.

    Beside him, Gong Ling night said: "Well, but I rarely watch it, generally I don't have time."

    "Then did I take up your working time?" Song Yiren asked.

    "It's better that you fill me up for 24 hours." Gong Lingye handed the ice cream to the hands of Song Yi, and the two of them walked in together.

    Because it is a popular movie, there are a lot of couples watching, and the two of Song Yi are already eye-catching, so many people have been staring at them all the way in.

    Fortunately, the movie tickets bought by the two were in the last row, so after sitting in, they cleared a lot.

    Advertisements are playing on the screen. The first few are movie advertisements. In the last advertisement, Song Yiren's pupils contracted suddenly.

    On September 21st, the Haisheng Group YR-07 driverless car will be on sale worldwide, so stay tuned! 】

    There are four configurations of the car in the picture, and the colors are traditional black, white, red, sapphire blue, and golden brown.

    The streamlined body shape, YR-07 above is made into a sports icon, stylish atmosphere.

    Su Yunfei, as a spokesperson, was standing by the car, her body in a hip skirt outlined a hot figure, she pulled the car door and sat directly in the back row.

    The car was started with one click, Su Yunfei sat in the back row with his eyes closed to relax, and the car played soothing music, placed in a small fish tank on the front shelf. Drips spilled out.

    The Song Yi people's hands were clenched into fists. Those were all the hard work of those years, but at this moment, they made wedding dresses for others!

    Chu Mingyao's selection was released globally on her birthday. Do you really feel that God didn't open her eyes to see in this world? !