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The next day, the complete video released by Gong Lingye caused an uproar on the Internet.

    Everyone was shocked by the video. Chu Mingyao, who has always shown people in a modest and humble image, would have such a ruthless side.

    Even more shocked, Xu Qing, the president of Haisheng Group, was killed by Chu Mingyao himself!

    If Xu Qing ’s death was done by Chu Mingyao, what about the Song Yi ’s death before? Also, what about Song Yuncheng?

    Some things have never been suspected before, even if they are overwhelmed, but now when I know part of the truth and look back, I realize that I am terrified.

    For a time, Weibo search was all about this discussion.

    "Is this video real? How could Chu Mingyao do this, didn't he love his fiancee very much? Won't it be acting?"

    "Oh, the video looks like a performance. Which actor have you seen so dedicated, without even changing the scene, saying that if you are cut, just cut, if you jump from building to building ?!"

    "Yeah, you didn't watch the background of the video is the Song family! When I was interviewed by the media, I also paid attention to it and said that the Song family is so beautiful. If it's a performance, where can I find an identical scene?"

    "Don't you think? Chu Mingyao was not a member of the Song family. He was adopted by the Song family since he was a child, but he didn't inherit the shares, so he was not angry, so he held back until he had the opportunity to kill the Song family directly. ? "

    "It's terrible! Such a person as Chu Mingyao is simply a devil! People raised him since childhood, and the grace of raising is greater than the sky. What's wrong with leaving Haisheng's shares to others? Where is the reason for his murder ?! "

    "Yes! The Song family didn't pick up a person at all, but a wolf!"

    "Oh, haven't you watched a documentary? Someone has a wolf cub, and the wolf cub grows up and knows how to repay grace! Chu Mingyao is not even as good as a beast!"

    "This kind of beast, damn it! Will he already run? Be sure to catch him! Severe punishment!"

    The comment area is condemning Chu Mingyao, and everyone does not know that Chu Mingyao is really free today!

    One leg of his leg has completely lost control of his body, and the ankle of the other leg has been chopped off by the fire, so he can't walk at all.

    He was generally thrown to the dock as trash. In a few days, his handsome and elegant face had already changed. Where could he still be calm and elegant?

    A lot of stubble had cropped up on the chin. There was still blood on his face. One eye was blind and the other was covered with blood.

    He can only move freely with his left hand now. He trembles, takes out his mobile phone, and wants to make a call.

    At this moment, when a staff member came over from the pier and saw him, he frowned very disgustedly: "Walk around, we have ships docking at any time, it is not convenient to beg for food here!"

    He said, still swearing in his mouth: "Is the economy down now? Those who want to eat have to come to the wharf, really he. Mom is unlucky!"

    Where has Chu Mingyao been ridiculed so rudely for so many years? I just thought that the man's words, like a loud slap, pumped hard on his face.

    He quickly raised the only intact hand and covered his face, afraid that the other party would recognize that he was the enviable Chu Mingyao of Ning Guo!

    Obviously, it was impossible for the staff to associate Chu Mingyao with Chu Mingyao on the ground. After he scolded everyone, he would leave, but he heard the sound of the police car and could not help looking away.

    When Chu Mingyao heard the alarm, the whole person was shocked and quickly hurriedly elbowed to the ground to hide behind the building.

    At this moment, he could not care how shameful this was. When he hid behind a pile of debris, he quickly called his men.

    He is now, although no one is ghosts, but he still has money in his card. He can let his men pick him away, as long as he escapes here, as long as he lives, there is still a chance!

    The phone was quickly connected, and Chu Mingyao was about to order it. Suddenly, the back of the head was hit by a cold muzzle: "Mr. Chu Mingyao, we suspect that you are related to a murder three and a half years ago. Please You go back to assist the investigation ... "

    At that moment, Chu Mingyao's heart froze instantly.

    It takes a process from investigation and evidence collection to court trial, so even though Chu Mingyao has been arrested, the date of the court hearing is still a week later.

    On that day, Gong Ling Yezheng and Gong Mochen met in Tiangong.

    There were many discussions at the meeting, and it was already noon by the end. Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen dine together in the company. At the end, Gong Lingye received a call from Dr. Tan.

    "Mr. Gong, we have conducted a chemical analysis of the soil you sent, and found that there are indeed substances that treat your plasma problems." Dr. Tan said: "However, this is a pure natural substance, not soil. Everything. The reason why the soil can be extracted is because it is artificially put in, or the seeds or pollen of a medicinal material fall to the ground. "

    Gong Lingye suddenly remembered that his wounds healed quickly because his grandfather always used Gu's medicine. And that kind of medicine couldn't be made because of the extinction of a medicinal material, so it was stopped when his father's generation came.

    It's just that the people in their family have passed on from generation to generation, so even if he didn't take medicine, his body was obviously recovering faster than Gong Mochen's generation.

    Before, he also thought about this problem, but later ruled out that his sisters had no problems.

    But now it seems that the problem is still here!

    Because this kind of medicinal material is not really extinct at all, but grows in the Gu family medicine garden!

    Therefore, the Gu family can control it by themselves, who should continue to take this medicinal material in the palace family, and who should not!

    Because the two are better, whether it is Mrs. Gong or Gong Lingye's sister, they actually have tonics from Gu's family.

    Therefore, the Gu family only needs to put this "antidote" into the supplement and let the women of the palace family eat it. Then, the man who does not eat will naturally have a problem.

    And they do n’t need to do anything at all, they directly determine everyone ’s life and death!

    In the generation of Gong Mochen, although there is no such medicine, it may have a slight impact on Gong Mochen, but after all, it has reached the third generation, and the impact is minimal. Therefore, the talents behind the scenes will take violent measures against Gong Mochen , Directly under heavy hands!

    I only felt that Huo Ran was very clear, and Gong Lingye could even think that his older brother happened to be 32 years old, so Gu Jia controlled the age of his second brother by adding an antidote Controlled at 32 years old.

    When he came to him, perhaps because Gu Tingxue was about to do it, or because he was getting stronger and stronger, Gu Zhiyun directly advanced the time, hoping he would die this year!