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#66 Estrus everywhere

After all, the Song Yi people had little energy, and soon became dizzy and soft all over, as if the lamb to be slaughtered, unable to let Gong Lingye crazy.

    Every time he kissed like this, the whole person looked like a general on the battlefield, and he must have absolute initiative.

    Song Yiren felt that she was about to faint, and finally finally recovered some freedom from Gong Lingye's shackles. She breathed fresh air in a big mouth, leaning on his chest because of her weakness.

    He squinted his eyes, and all of them were dangerous lights: "Next time, if you don't like to listen to anything again, you should know the consequences."

    Song Yiren heard Gong Lingye say this, only to find that he had recovered somewhere, and he was struggling against her body, arrogantly proclaiming its desire through thin clothes.

    "With me, I will give you all of my best." Gong Lingye's eyes are full of ink: "Don't think of anything to escape, because you can't escape!"

    Song Yi: "..."

    Gong Lingye glanced at the time, then got up and made a phone call: "Bae Jun, help me get a clean set of clothes ..."

    Soon, Pei Jun brought the clothes, and after Gong Lingye took the clothes, he was in the room regardless of the Song Yi people, and began to take off his bathrobe.

    When the bathrobe straps were undone, he only had a pair of underwear.

    Song Yi people came out of the bathroom to wash their teeth and brushed their teeth. They saw Gong Lingye slowly dressing in a slow fashion.

    Her heart was sullen, her eyes turned away.

    He raised his lips and walked to her: "Warm warm, help me tie my tie."

    "No." Song Yiren refused to be decisive.

    Who knows, Gong Lingye never let her go: "I teach you."

    He said that after putting the tie around his neck, he held her hand, and ten fingers passed through her, teaching her how to cross and how to pass the round buckle ...

    Because they were too close, they breathed and entangled, he bowed slightly, and she did not consciously tiptoe.

    And just as Gong Lingye's kiss fell on Song Yi's fingertips, she pulled her hand away: "I will!"

    In fact, she would have done it before, helping her father before. And she just said no, thinking he could let her go, but did not expect that this man even taught her how to tie a tie.

    "My house is so smart, I will learn it as soon as I learn?" Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren meaningfully: "Then I will teach you something else in the future, and you will learn how to do it quickly."

    He bit the sound of the word "do" particularly well.

    Sure enough, it's a stallion everywhere! The people in Song Yi hated their teeth.

    Gong Lingye took off the tie she had just worn and urged her: "The teacher is going to check the student's learning achievements. If it is not good, continue to do it."

    Song Yiren really wanted to tear his tie! However, he still stood up on his toes and gave Gong Lingye a good fight.

    "It's very beautiful, and Nuan Nuan really is the smartest girl I've ever seen, and should be rewarded." Gong Lingye said, suddenly holding the Song Yiren's waist, and bowed her head to kiss.

    It was still like a kiss in the blazing sun of the desert, crazy and fierce, making her dazzled as if dehydrated.

    So that when the reaction came, he had taken her to breakfast.

    After having breakfast in the hotel, the two went directly to the airport. Song Yi people bought Economy Class, but just after boarding the plane, Bae Jun took the initiative to change seats with her in first class.

    When the plane took off, she was sitting beside Gong Lingye, and she saw that the stewardess on the plane always pretended to be casual, and secretly went to see Gong Lingye.

    Song Yi lipped his lips and somewhat despised their nympho behavior, but when Gong Lingye handed her water, she saw his exquisite and fierce profile, and suddenly felt that, in fact, rid of him a lot of problems, he did The best-looking man she has ever seen.

    After lunch, the plane was over the trench, and at that moment, the plane suddenly bumped.

    At the beginning, passengers were calm, after all, aircraft bumps were common. However, with the sudden free fall, the atmosphere on the plane suddenly became more dignified.

    The stewardess asked everyone to fasten their seat belts and never move around, and after the freefall, the plane pulled up again.

    Only, when everyone was relieved, suddenly, a violent bump, and then, the plane fell freely again.

    Song Yi was startled, but his hands were suddenly clenched by Gong Lingye beside him.

    His hands were warm and strong. When he held her tightly, there was heat coming in, which made her feel inexplicably safer.

    The plane continued to sway, continually wandering between stretching and falling. Some people on the plane were already terrified, but under the safety of the flight attendants and the people beside them, they desperately suppressed their emotions.

    The oxygen mask that fell over the head was the last straw that overwhelmed everyone's nerves.

    Song Yiren did not expect that she would encounter such a situation. She couldn't help but ask, is she really going to die here this time?

    When she grabbed the oxygen mask and put it on her nose and mouth, her hands were trembling, her eyes turned unconsciously to see Gong Lingye beside her.

    He seemed to be very calm, and helped her wear an oxygen mask, and then leaned into her ear: "Warm warm, hold my hand, I will always be with you."

    Not to be neglected, Song Yiren felt that his heartbeat was slowed by half a beat at that moment.

    Beside him, Gong Lingye also put on her oxygen mask and re-squeezed Song Yi's hands tightly with her fingers tightly.

    On the plane, the atmosphere was completely panic. Many people were crying silently. The horrified voice was submerged in the oxygen mask, so dull, it was extremely depressed.

    There was a thunder and thunder outside the window, and Song Yiren glanced at it, and was held by Gong Ling's hand in the sky and held his head and turned around.

    He pressed her head on his shoulder and covered her eyes with his hand.

    Suddenly, her eyes fell into darkness, but her sense of touch became clear.

    His shoulders were wide, and when she leaned up, her head was just at the neck of his neck, which seemed to be just the right height.

    She leaned on the arm that held her hand, warmth infiltrated, and seemed to resist the fear and despair that this tens of thousands of meters brought to people.

    The flow of time also seemed to be a little vague, and Song Yiren found that when she returned to light again, the plane no longer bumped.

    Outside the window, they had flown out of the turbulent clouds, and their vision was bright.

    Many people took off their oxygen masks and wept for the rest of their lives.

    Song Yiren looked up at Gong Lingye and saw his perfect jawline.

    He lowered his eyes and looked at her bloody cheeks: "Warm warm, we are all right."

    Song Yiren realized that she was still leaning on Gong Lingye's shoulders, sitting up quickly and coughing a little embarrassedly: "Every time with you, it seems that there is nothing good."

    Gong Lingye frowned instinctively, but when he thought about it, it seemed to be true.

    They haven't been together many times, but they have encountered several natural and man-made disasters.

    "But we are all alive." Gong Lingye said, "You can see that we are perfect."