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Chu Mingyao looked at Song Yiren's eyes, and for some reason, suddenly felt his heart tighten.

    It seemed that through her eyes, the girl who saw the other face was facing him.

    For the first time in his life, some did not know how to answer.

    Yes, the Song Yi people are very kind to him, and whatever they get, they will be distributed to his brother.

    If he wanted to pick out something that made him unhappy, it was only before and after their engagement that he wanted to be close to her, and she resisted dodge.

    The inferiority complex in his bones made him unwilling and hateful to trample on his dignity because of her rejection. In the end, he was in front of her, although she was taller, but he felt that he was always humble and unbearable.

    Therefore, he would hook up with Su Yunfei, watching the suffering of Song Yi people, the happier he and Su Yunfei, so that from this joy, find a pathological self-esteem.

    But is this the reason for killing and torturing a person?

    Chu Mingyao suddenly raised a feeling of guilt and regret from the bottom of his heart. Especially, the girl who asked this question in front of him still loved him.

    Chu Mingyao rubbed his fingers anxiously, not knowing how to answer this question.

    It took a long time before he said, "Xiao Nuan, I'm sorry, you forgive the elder brother, is it wrong?"

    "This sentence, you should say to Song Yi people." Song Yi people looked at Chu Mingyao: "But, I believe she will not forgive you anyway!"

    I only felt a pot of cold water splashing down my head, and Chu Mingyao was cold all over. He looked at the girl in front of him, as if he wanted to draw even a hint of warmth from her: "Xiao Nuan, I am wrong, and let you down! But you believe Me, I love you! I never knew exactly how I love someone as I do now! I said to you before, I want to go to country Y with you, I go to work, you study, it ’s true ! "

    Song Yi narrowed his eyes and felt funny.

    "Let's put down the butcher's knife and stand up as a Buddha"? If people like Chu Mingyao can be redeemed, what's the reason? !

    Her expression gradually cooled down, and there was water vapor rising from the pure eyes: "Brother Chu, I always think you are very good, especially, never force me, unlike other rich people. You speak for me Opportunity, never being the boss of the president, I once thought that you are very good. But now ... "

    She slowly took the receiver away: "You disappointed me! I think I was wrong!"

    Speaking of which, she seemed to be in a state of emotional breakdown, tossing the receiver sadly and covering her face before she ran away.

    In the room, Chu Mingyao was anxious and quickly shouted: "Xiao Nuan, don't go! You listen to Big Brother explain! Big Brother is wrong, but don't you give up on us?"

    Seeming to see Song Yi really gone, he was excited to stand up, but forgot that he now has legs. He was disabled and could not stand at all. Suddenly, the whole person fell off the wheelchair and his teeth were knocked on the ground. Suddenly, there was a sudden pain.

    However, the pain in the body is far less clear and profound than the pain in the heart.

    Even she gave up on him, he had nothing ...

    Chu Mingyao was sitting up from the ground in embarrassment, and he looked down at himself.

    His legs are gone, and his hands are gone. There is no mirror now, but almost all can be imagined. Because of a godless eye, he will be so decadent and ugly!

    He is no longer the president of Hai Sheng, nor the envious son-in-law of the Song family, he is just a crippled prisoner!

    This cognition was like an icy net, which enveloped him all his life, his breath was choked, and his soul was shaking, but in a few minutes, time seemed to have walked on him for several years.

    Therefore, when he was taken into prison, the guards watching him were surprised.

    I just saw Chu Mingyao just a little decadent, but now, how does it seem to be seven or eight years old?

    In the corner of Chu Mingyao, he couldn't eat any food. The whole person was completely unrequited and even wanted to be killed. He gave up because his legs could not move.

    He put his tongue under his teeth, and when he pressed hard, there was a slight smell, but he still didn't have the courage to work hard after all.

    He leaned against the wall and said in his mouth: "Xiao Nuan, don't give up on me ..."

    At the moment, Song Yi people have arrived at the hotel.

    In order to avoid people behind the scene from paying attention to this matter, she has not met with Bei Mingmo in private.

    However, as a spokesperson for Unique, she and other colleagues have no doubts about having dinner with Bei Mingmo.

    After changing clothes, the Song Yi people came to the appointed place. Bei Mingmo's colleagues had already left after the Song Yi people arrived.

    In the private room, Bei Mingmo saw Song Yi people coming in and quickly stood up and hugged her tightly.

    Before, although listening to the Song Yi people said about the past, but the Song Yi people simply passed on for those three years. Today, hearing these in the courtroom, Bei Mingmo felt that the whole person was as uncomfortable as being bitten.

    "Yi, no pain, no pain!" Bei Mingmo was already crying in the courtroom, and his eyes were swollen. Now, the whole person is crying out of breath. "Why should I try? I'm going to kill After Chu Mingyao, peel off his meat piece by piece to feed the dog! And Su Yunfei! I want to kill her! "

    Song Yi people hugged her tightly: "Momo, it's okay, they're all here! I'm here no matter how sad I am! I don't hurt anymore ..."

    She also cried Bei Mingmo and the two became tears.

    Because Gong Lingye ’s people protected him, they were not afraid of getting drunk. They ate a few bites of their meals and they started drinking.

    Yu Ruo Nuan's body is light in quantity, or Beiming Mo can drink a little, but they can't stand the two of them to pick up the glass and dry, so, not long after, both of them feel dizzy.

    People who drink alcohol often have great mood swings, so the two laughed and cried for a while, and at the end, their eyes were swollen like light bulbs, and they couldn't even lift their arms.

    Someone came in the haze.

    Amian walked to Song Yiren and said, "Miss Yu, I will take you back to the hotel."

    Song Yiren grunted and complained: "I don't want you to send, you go! I want my emperor to be less! Well, my family is not yours ..."

    She talked confusingly, and when A Mian came, she pushed him aside.

    A Mian was a little helpless, hesitating for a moment, preparing Bei Mingmo to persuade the Song Yi people. So, he went to Bei Mingmo: "Miss Beiming, you--"

    Before he had finished speaking, he saw Bei Mingmo reaching over his chest.

    Instinctively, Amian escaped sideways.

    But Bei Mingmo was drunk, so when A Mian hid like this, she let her body sway for a while, and she was about to fall down!

    A Mian hurried over and reached out to support her: "Miss Bei Ming, I will arrange someone to send you back--"

    "Hush!" Bei Mingmo's eyes were swollen, and he looked at the man in front of him through a thin gap: "Don't talk."

    She said nothing, she reached out again, her palm fell on Amian ’s chest, and touched a hand: "Stain, really strong! Brother, what is your name? Where do you live? Is there a match?"

    A Mian: "..."

    Over there, the Song Yi people have fallen down completely, breathing long.

    A Mian wanted to put down Beiming Mo, but she hooked his neck with one hand and continued to wipe the oil with the other, with a tone of tone. The meaning of the play was: "I count, there are a few abdominal muscles ..."

    After all, she really touched down his chest muscles!

    Amian suddenly became stiff, and his muscles were even stretched.

    This was the first time he encountered this kind of thing. A Mian was sweating all over, neither letting go, nor letting go, and suddenly felt a cold wind blowing in the room.

    Then a male voice rang at the door: "Give her to me!"