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While Gong Lingye was speaking here, Gong Mochen had already come to Song Yiren.

    He had thought about her wearing a wedding dress in the past, but today, when the door opened, he was still amazed.

    It's just a pity that her wedding dress was not for him.

    He reached out to her: "If it's warm, can you please dance?"

    He bent slightly, the etiquette was just right, and the appearance of a gentleman made Song Yiren feel that if he refused, it would be a bit impolite.

    She nodded: "OK, thank you!"

    The music was melodious, and his dance was not fast, because she was afraid that she would guess the skirt of the wedding dress.

    She should have shampooed her hair in the morning, with the fragrance of the conditioner, seemingly breaking into his senses.

    He stared at her and regretted it. If he knew he would like her one day, he would not miss it again or even miss the first dance between them.

    Yesterday, knowing her and Gong Lingye's past, he realized that in fact, compared with Gong Lingye, he never lost the opportunity, but instead pushed the opportunity to others again and again.

    The time of a dance seemed to be very fast, and it seemed to be very slow. At the end, he tried his best to let go of her and looked at the diamond on her neck. Told me everything. "

    Song Yiren nodded: "Well, he told me."

    Gong Mochen paused and said, "But do you know? I am grateful to her, and I like you 100%."

    Song Yi took a breath.

    This is the first time Gong Mochen has expressed such serious and straightforward confession.

    "Song Yi people." He suddenly leaned slightly and whispered in her ear: "Wish you happiness!"

    After all, she stretched her arms and hugged her into her arms.

    The Song Yi people didn't have time to do anything else, they felt like they were embraced.

    He tightened his arms as if to embed her in bone blood.

    And the next second, he suddenly let go, as if all that was just a ceremony and blessing between friends.

    Gong Mochen finished this, nodded at the Song Yi people, and then turned and left the stage directly.

    Song Yiren is looking at the direction of his departure, and there is a low-magnetic male voice in his ear: "Wan Nuan, I have seen it all."

    The Song Yi people recovered and quickly rushed to the palace to explain: "No, I just danced with him ..."

    Gong Lingye narrowed his eyes: "That hand was held by him?"

    Song Yi bit his lip, his eyes fluttered, and he did something wrong: "I think he is your nephew, and it is also mine. They are all relatives. It is not good to refuse ..."

    Gong Lingye hooked her lips, but pretended to be angry, and raised Song Yiren's hand: "This one? That must be washed at least three times, as well as the waist. If you don't wash three times, don't touch me."

    "There is no faucet here. If there is, I will definitely wash it!" Song Yi said pitifully: "You don't want me to touch you, then do you touch me?"

    Gong Lingye was completely amused by her to lose her temper, and the tone of the voice was a little meaningful: "Wife, don't see it, you are such a jealous man?"

    Song Yiren also knew that he was angry, so he blinked: "I learned with Emperor Shao."

    After Gong Lingye laughed, thinking that Gong Mochen had just embraced Song Yiren, it was still a bit uncomfortable. He squeezed her face: "Since my eldest nephew likes to move hands, you should not see him alone in the future. If something tells Bae Jun to talk, do n’t answer the phone if you do n’t have a problem, you know? "

    Song Yi people shook Gong Lingye's arm: "Why are you so jealous after getting married?"

    He sighed and gritted his teeth quite a bit: "I blame my wife for being so delicious. I'm going to the institute again tomorrow. I can't be by your side. I'm afraid you will be coveted."

    Song Yiren smiled and took his arm: "Relax, your wife is stubborn, no one else can walk away!"

    She really didn't know how charming she was when he looked at him, and when his eyes were all his shadows, he only felt that the soul had been sucked by her, and he really wanted to put her on the spot!

    Over there, Bei Mingmo had just danced with Luo Tianqi and saw Song Yiren and Gong Lingye spreading dog food anytime and anywhere.

    She leaned in and took a sip on Song Yiren's face, and raised her eyebrows at Chong Gong Ling Ye: "Young night, I kiss your wife!"

    Gong Lingye just smiled and said: "It doesn't matter, you can only kiss her at most, after all, I can do to her, you can't do it."

    Bei Mingmo: "..."

    She looked at Gong Lingye in shock and saw that the other party had already greeted the guests. Then she turned her head and said to Song Yi: "Your husband actually hinted that I don't have hardware! He, he and he are excited to get married, so they fell so Is it ethical? And, I am a good woman, how can he even eat the vinegar of the woman, and his combat effectiveness is so explosive? "

    Song Yi shrugged: "It's long gone, can you catch her without it?"

    At the beginning, someone had a bad chapter!

    Bei Mingmo stained and sighed: "It turns out that my home Yiyi likes to lose the rhythm!"

    Song Yi people are happy today, and were infected by Gong Lingye, so they also talked more casually: "It doesn't matter if you can't drop the discipline, it's most important to use it!"

    "Yi Yi, you—" Bei Mingmo pretended to calm down his chest and tried to scratch Song Yi's itchy flesh: "Wow, you are getting worse!"

    The two made jokes and laughed, their eyes glowing.

    Over there, Xuanyuan Che who had not found a suitable opportunity to speak with Bei Mingmo came over.

    He first greeted the Song Yi people, and then turned his head to Beiming Mo said: "Momo, let's dance!"

    Song Yi raised her eyebrows, and she wanted to know if the hot temper of Mingmo North would directly refuse Xuanyuan Che.

    After all, Bei Mingmo just set up fg and said the name was read backwards with him!

    "I--" Bei Mingmo opened his mouth while waiting for Xuanyuan Che. Just after a syllable, a female voice came: "Momo, you are here!"

    Bei Mingmo turned his eyes and found that his mother and Bae Jun's mother had come.

    Then, Mother Bae pulled the son behind her directly: "Ajun, you child, I just asked you to invite Momo to dance, but you only care about greeting guests ..."

    Song Yiren felt that at this moment she needed a melon and a small bench.

    "Mom, I'm not a family member of the groom's side, I have to greet the guests." Bae Jun explained helplessly, and smiled again at Beiming Mo, said: "Miss Beiming, can you dance together?"

    Before Bei Mingmo spoke, her mother had already hinted that she was going.

    She smiled and extended her hand gracefully, putting it in the palm of Bae Jun: "Thank you Mr. Bae."

    Then, the two old mothers watched with satisfaction from their children on the stage together before finally showing a happy smile.

    Aside, a completely neglected Xuanyuan Che looked at the stage and pursed his lips.