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#137 Twin sisters

Song Yi was stunned and turned to the waiter in disbelief.

    The waiter handed the car key to Song Yiren: "Mr. Pei said that this is a gift from his president."

    The Song Yi people took the car key and walked to the door.

    This is the car she designed back then, from the central control program to the mechanical transmission, devoted too much effort of their team.

    It's a pity that there were some final designs that couldn't be completed at the beginning, so she was locked in the place where the sky disappeared, and she was humiliated!

    The fingers touched the body, and Song Yi people's hearts filled with unspeakable complexity.

    Beside, Bei Mingmo knew everything, and she grabbed her hand: "Yi Yi, let's sit in and feel it!"

    Song Yi nodded and sat in with Bei Mingmo.

    Open the central control, it is a video operation instruction——

    "Thank you for choosing the self-driving car sold at the global synchronization of Haisheng Group at 01:00 on August 21! First, let me introduce you to the specific operation method of this car ..."

    Hearing what was introduced in the audio, the Song Yi turned his head and rushed north to Mingmo: "Momo, this function was designed by Hua Ge! At that time, he said that the seat could sense that the passenger was asleep and automatically adjust The temperature in the car and opening the lullaby are very important. Then Chi Jingyu said, why is it a lullaby instead of reading a passage? Then, the two of them were so naive that they actually discussed this issue for ten minutes ... "

    Song Yiren said here that his eyes were a bit red, as if he had seen the past: "All is our hard work, and Chu Mingyao ended it, but now it is his! I want this car, all You have to pay for it! "

    Bei Mingmo hugged the Song Yi people: "Yi Yi, don't be sad, what we lost, will one day be recaptured from his hands!"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Momo, I plan to go to Haisheng one year later."

    After she finished, she picked up her cell phone and dialed Pei Jun a call: "Pete, I received the car."

    "Ms. Yu, this is a gift from the president. At that time, I saw that you liked this car very much." Bae Jun said.

    Unexpectedly, the Song Yi people did not say anything polite. Bae Jun only listened to her: "Thank me for thanking him, I like it very much."

    "Okay, if the president knows you like it, he will be very happy." Bae Jun said.

    Song Yiren hung up the phone and turned to Beiming Mo: "Momo, I will hurry up and join Chi Jingyu to find a way to contact all the comrades in the past to develop a more advanced driverless car!"

    Once a more advanced system and power are developed, the market value of Tiangong Group will naturally increase again. Then, the benefits she brings to Gongling Ye will definitely far exceed the market price of this car.

    And she must also be fancyed by Chu Mingyao, and with the news that she and Gong Mochen broke up, Chu Mingyao may have spent much effort to dig her away.

    Then ...

    The enemy is the safest only when he is nearby.

    On the same day, Song Yiren took the new car to the company, but instead of parking the new car at the company, she sent the car to Beimingmo to Tianhe Square.

    The location of Lieyuan Shen ’s branch was located in Tianhe Square. Three months ago, Ling Shaofeng had already found someone to complete the renovation.

    Three days after the opening date of the branch, Beiming Mo came over today to confirm all the preparation work again.

    In the afternoon, she received a call from the Song Yi people, so after she was busy, she went directly to Phoenix.

    Regarding Bei Mingmo's want to use Li Xiaozi's identity, Song Yiren had already spoken briefly with Luo Tianqi on the phone, but there was no specific explanation.

    In the evening, Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo entered the private room and found that Gong Lingye and Luo Tianqi had arrived.

    Unexpectedly, Luo Tianqi would call Gong Lingye over. Song Yi sat down on the sofa and greeted Gong Gongling Ye.

    He poured a glass of juice and handed it to her.

    Song Yi people took it and said thank you, then they said: "Tianqi, in fact Momo still has an identity ..."

    Song Yiren did not conceal the identity of Bei Mingmo.

    After all, Gong Lingye had already seen Bei Mingmo himself, so it was not difficult to investigate her.

    So, after introducing Bei Mingmo's identity, she said again: "Because Momo and I have already made a video, so when I see Azi, I think Azi is familiar ... After that, I secretly took Azi Identified her hair as Momo ’s twin sister. "

    Luo Tianqi shocked the whole person.

    "I'm sorry, I kept hiding you, just because Momo told me that she offended some people outside and was chased and killed, so in order not to bring any danger to Azi, I chose to hide." Song Yi said humanely.

    Gong Lingye reacted in an instant: "You have been to Pingcheng before, just to see Miss Beiming?"

    Song Yiren nodded: "Yes, I was to see her, but I didn't see it at the time, we missed it."

    Bei Mingmo looked at Luo Tianqi: "I don't know whether to call your brother-in-law or brother-in-law, nor do I know whether my presence will make you spread salt on your wounds, but I still want to use Azi's identity in the Imperial City life……"

    Luo Tianqi leaned back on the sofa and exhaled for a long time: "If Ah Zi is in the sky, she certainly does not object to my promise."

    Bei Mingmo looked over, and Luo Tianqi also turned to look at her: "I don't know if you are Azi's sister or sister. In short, as long as you need this identity, you can continue to use it with confidence, and I will try my best to cooperate with you. . "

    "Thank you, Tianqi!" Bei Mingmo sincerely thanked.

    "You're welcome." Luo Tianqi replied.

    Having said that, he took out some documents and explained to Bei Mingmo one by one.

    At this moment, the Song Yi people got up and walked to the roof.

    As soon as I stood still, the phone rang, Yu Xingfan called, and there was panic in my voice: "Three sisters, I just heard that something happened to my father's company and I have to go to jail for a long time! come back……"

    Song Yi's heart tightened and he quickly said: "Xingfan, your aunt is right, you are studying abroad, don't worry about your family! I will call you on time for your tuition and living expenses ..."

    How did she not know that Fang Lingyi had hooked up with another man after Yu Chengzhi's public trial, and he would run away without preparing his son!

    So, how could Fang Lingyi let Yu Xingfan return home?

    "Three sisters, how can I not worry about it? Dad has an accident, I--" Yu Xingfan seemed to suddenly think of something: "Mom said, you don't let Mr. Gong help ... Sister, I know that dad must be illegal, he is wrong. , But he is our dad, can you let Mr. Gong ... "

    Song Yiren interrupted his words: "Xingfan, Brother Mo Chen and I have already broken up, he will not care about our business. You have grown up, Dad's business is done, so what you have to do is to be independent and strong , Learn to rely on your own ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. You can stay abroad to study, and wait for things to be dealt with, I will go to see you. "

    After finishing the phone call, the Song Yi people put away their phones and felt that there was one more person behind them.

    Gong Lingye walked to her side, her dark eyes seemed to be adorned with thousands of stars: "Nuan Nuan, did you break up with Mo Chen?"