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#421 Play a bigger one?

"Uncle Xuanyuan, we won't go back for a while." Gong Ling night said: "I also miss A Che's situation very much, if I can see him, it would be better."

"Then I'll make appointments with you tomorrow." Xuanyuan said, and he looked at Song Yiren unconsciously.

This girl, he had no reason to feel kind.

At this time, Shangguan Ao had walked to the front stage and said to the guests present: "Welcome friends and relatives to come to my Shangguan home today. Everyone has not been together for a long time. Taking the opportunity of the fourth son to come back, let him meet your uncles too friend……"

After all, he waved at Gong Lingye.

Gong Lingye walked up and nodded at everyone.

"Aye, there are many guests today. Come and invite a young lady to dance an opening dance together!" Shangguanao said with a glance, and saw Xuanyuan Yao.

So, he said to Yao Xuanyuan: "Yaoer is also here today, it is better to..."

All the people present were elites. Who didn’t know that Shangguanao had just introduced Xuanyuan Yao to Gong Lingye just now. At this moment Shangguanao said this, it was nothing more than telling Gong Lingye who he should dance with in the opening dance.

I saw that his words hadn't fallen yet, Gong Lingye had already walked off the stage, and walked directly towards Xuanyuan Yao.

Shangguan arrogantly crossed the relief, it seems that the fourth son still knows how to choose!

Others saw it, and they were also in a sudden heart. It seems that the future wife of the Shangguan family is going to change hands!

However, Gong Lingye walked in front of Xuanyuan Yao, but did not stop at all.

His shoulders passed over her, and even Yu Guang didn't stay on her face for half a minute, so he walked directly behind her and stood in front of Song Yiren.

He leaned back slightly and extended a hand as an invitation: "Warm warm, could you please dance a dance?"

The crystal lamps in the hall are colorful and complicated. Under the lights, he looks more handsome and dazzling. Song Yiren raised his hands and put them in the palm of Gong Lingye, raised his lips and said softly: "Okay."

Gong Lingye took her hand and went straight to the stage.

The whole hall was extremely quiet, and almost everyone's eyes were patrolling back and forth among the three people on stage and Xuanyuan Yao under the stage.

Does Gong Lingye really ignore everything?

For that woman, I would rather not have the wealth status of the Shangguan family and would rather risk offending the Xuanyuan family, so that I would not give anyone face in public?

Just when everyone was puzzled, Gong Lingye had taken Song Yiren to stand beside Shangguanao.

He squinted and swept the audience. His tone was light but unquestionable: "I grew up in China. The traditional culture on our side is that married men should not have anything unnecessary with other women. Physical contact. So, I only dance with my wife."

Song Yi people felt that when Gong Lingye said this sentence, the aura was fully open, and the kind of upper-class breath even crushed Shangguan Ao around him.

He said nothing. He didn't care what everyone responded to, so he turned to face her, his voice was low, with a bit of meaning: "Is it, Mrs. Gong?"

Everyone was shocked again.

Because Gong Lingye used the term'Mrs. Gong'.

Although he is known as Gong Lingye, he was recognized by the Shangguan family after all.

Moreover, the family ancestor of the Huagong Palace was originally named Shangguan.

Gong Lingye's doing this is totally in the face of Guanao!

It seems to be showing to everyone that his surname palace has nothing to do with the Shangguan family of this J country, nor will he listen to Shangguan being proud!

Some people only felt frightened, while others were gloating, and of course a few felt a little bloody.

After all, Shangguan Ao is really a legendary figure in Country J. Where can I hear anyone who dares to disobey him?

However, on such an important occasion as the Shangguan family, the heir who was favored by Shangguan Ao was so arrogant that he did not give him his uncle's face completely!

And such arrogance, they don’t have it, some people have it, they all look forward to it, and want to see how Shangguan Ao will deal with this rebellious nephew!

The meeting place was so quiet that even the musicians on both sides forgot to play the music.

However, Gong Lingye, who is in the center of public opinion, seemed to be unaware. He looked at the musician on the side, and Jian Mei picked slightly: "Why not play music anymore?"

The musician reacted and was shocked, and the first note went out of tune.

It was not until a few seconds later that the tone was recovered.

Gong Lingye's hand rested on the Song Yiren's waist, the other hand held her, and began to dance to the music.

Everyone looked at it like this, only to think that in fact aside, the two on stage, the man is tall and handsome, the temperament is deep and deep, the woman is slender and beautiful, the temperament is soft and gentle.

Every rotation, closeness and rapport of the two are indescribable visual feasts.

There was no extra expression on Shangguanao's weather-beaten face, but there was an unintended light in his eyes.

Everyone thought that he should be angry, after all, for so many years, nobody really dared to go against his will.

Only he knows how excited he is at the moment!

Because, from Gong Lingye, he saw his own shadow.

It was the arrogance in his bones that made him unwilling to lose, that gave him the status he is today, and that allowed the Shangguan family to move from the languish fleeers to the current overlord!

It's just that a man with such strength is good, but it has some flaws when used on a woman.

Shangguan looked at Song Yi indifferently, and already had other ideas...

At the end of the song, Gong Lingye turned his face and said something with a smile in Song Yi's ear.

Everyone saw this scene and felt that he was kissing her.

His lips and petals fell on her ears, under the gaze of those strangers, he did not shy away.

The Song Yi people felt a little irritated. A kind of rebellious deep in the bone blood was filled with blood vessels, and the blood was boiling.

She glanced at everyone below, then stretched her arms to hook Gong Lingye's neck.

The corners of his lips raised a higher arc and whispered in her ear: "Wife, do you want to play any bigger?"

The Song Yi people felt a rush of electric current in their ears, traversing the spine, making the whole body tingling.

Her voice was soft: "Okay!"

Gong Lingye released her immediately after she said yes, then took her hand and stood in front of everyone, saying: "Everyone, with this opportunity today, help my wife's company to make a promotion. Hua China’s Starry Night Group, which is now 100% controlled by her, will be officially tested for the first game developed next weekend. If you are interested, welcome to join us!"

Song Yiren unexpectedly didn't expect Gong Lingye to say that it was more fun to play. She looked at the crowded expressions of the audience and suddenly felt very relieved.

Yes, what could be more arrogant than Gong Lingye's blatantly helping her to advertise the company's products at the wedding reception arranged by Shangguanao for him?