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#97 I'm jealous

Chu Mingyao ’s pupil shrank slightly, but his face was still smiling like a spring breeze. He looked at Gong Lingye and Qian Qian politely said: “It ’s my pleasure to be able to invite two Mr. Gong ! I just wanted to talk to the two of you when I came, and I still have n’t found a chance! Then let ’s go together? "

    After that, I looked at Song Yiren: "Yu Xiaomate, do you mind if I invite two more people? Don't worry, I'll pay!"

    In his last sentence, the tone was slightly raised, and there was a sense of joking, as if he and Song Yi were already familiar with each other's realm of joking.

    Song Yi people are very upset, but they still keep smiling: "Of course I don't mind!"

    Having said that, she turned her head and said to Chong Gong Ling Ye first, "Little Uncle."

    Then, he rushed to the palace Mo Chen and said: "Mo Chen brother."

    She didn't pretend not to know. After all, what she and Gong Mochen could know as long as she searched.

    If she does not take the initiative to mention it, Chu Mingyao will look back at her information and see that she may still be vigilant and suspicious of her.

    Not as good as admitting it.

    Chu Mingyao was surprised: "Do you know?"

    Gong Mochen said lightly: "She is my girlfriend."

    Aside, Gong Lingye squinted her eyes, her aura was a bit cold, her thin lips were pursed, but she couldn't see any emotion on her face.

    "That's too coincidental." Chu Mingyao felt a slight loss of heart, and then he thought again, since Song Yiren is Gong Mochen's girlfriend, then he threw an olive branch at her, why should she take it?

    Chu Mingyao is a person who likes to analyze a lot of things, and then he is thinking that capable girls may not like to be in their own man ’s company. After all, in this case, whether it is their own success or not, It may be embarrassing to be buckled up with a nepot hat.

    However, if he digs the Song Yi people into the Haisheng Group, then he must also guard against the Song Yi people stealing trade secrets.

    Unless, she and Gong Mochen broke up ...

    Amidst the confusion of Chu Mingyao, the four went to a cafe less than 200 meters away from the venue.

    Song Yiren was originally between Chu Mingyao and Gong Mochen, but somehow she found her side turned into Gong Lingye.

    They are now on the street because the road is not enough for four people to stand side by side, therefore, Chu Mingyao and Gong Mochen walked in front, while Song Yi and Gong Lingye were behind them.

    There was a traffic light in front. The Song Yi people saw that the light had turned green and were about to take a step. Their hands were suddenly caught by the man beside them.

    She was shocked and quickly shrank back, but he held it tightly and did not give her any chance to escape.

    In front, Chu Mingyao and Gong Mochen have moved forward. They are too close. Song Yi's heart mentioned his voice and turned his head to protest against Gong Lingye silently.

    Gong Lingye was upset, so not only did he not let go, but he also changed from holding hands to ten fingers tightly.

    The two wore ‘lovers’ outfits, so it really had a touching tasting taste.

    Song Yi's palms are all sweat. At this moment, she is not only afraid of Gong Mochen's discovery.

    She was also afraid of Chu Mingyao's discovery, because once this man found out, she might suspect her character, so it would be too difficult for her to pretend to be innocent in front of him in the future!

    Gong Lingye would break all her plans like this!

    Just when he was about to arrive at the coffee shop, the Song Yi people pulled Gong Lingye a bit, and then, while he was attracted, he suddenly pulled his hand out!

    Perhaps because of her excessive movements, Chu Mingyao and Gong Mochen turned around and looked over.

    Song Yi's heartbeat missed a beat in an instant, explaining: "I almost fell."

    Chu Mingyao said with a smile: "Be careful, girls with fine skin and tender meat will definitely hurt when they fall."

    Girl skin tender and tender meat? Ha ha, the people of Song Yi still clearly remember that Chu Mingyao's happy smile when she cut her tendons with a knife without mercy!

    She felt a burst of blood rushing straight up to her brain, and it was easily pressed down. She just smiled and said: "I mainly eat for the first time with the three presidents and I am a little nervous."

    Chu Mingyao immediately comforted: "Haha, you are familiar with them, and I am the same age as your elder brother, so you don't need to be nervous, just relax!"

    Four people walked into the cafe, because of the value and temperament, the waiters were instantly brightened.

    They entered a semi-private room, ordered coffee, and the Song Yi people said: "I'll go to the bathroom."

    She walked in, and after using the restroom, washed her hands back and forth several times at the water table outside.

    Gong Lingye just took her, and during the match, Gong Lingye and Chu Mingyao shook hands.

    He Ranran said that there was an indirect hug, then there was an indirect hand in hand.

    Anyway, she thought that Chu Mingyao was sick!

    The Song Yi people were about to come out, and suddenly they were pulled by a vigorous force, turned around in place, and their lips and flaps were sealed.

    If her heart beats, she will instinctively use the anti-wolf technique she has just learned, but she instantly realizes that it is Gong Lingye.

    She hesitated for a moment, but thought that Gong Lingye shook hands with Chu Mingyao, and suddenly felt uncomfortable. While he kissed her, she flashed a little to the side, and she would be thrown over.

    However, he also reacted quickly. At the moment when she exerted her skill, she immediately released her force, and by the way, Song Yiren fell into his arms again.

    He was holding her waist and his voice was low: "It's me."

    I know you are the one who fell! Song Yi's heart was full of fire, only to feel uncomfortable, struggling in Gong Lingye's arms.

    He closed tighter, squinting: "Warm warm, I'm jealous."

    Song Yi was stunned.

    Gong Lingye said again: "You have to accompany that Chu Mingyao to drink coffee, and then call me Uncle in Gong Mochen, I am very upset!"

    She was angry with him and glared at him: "What's the name of the uncle?"

    "Call her husband." Gong Lingye reached her against the wall, her hand stretched in along the Song Yi people's shirt, and kneaded: "You said, is it not her husband who can do this?"

    The Song Yi people shrank and immediately backed away, looking at Gong Lingye's hand with disgust: "Your hand is too dirty, go wash it!"

    Gong Lingye was confused: "Warm, I haven't touched anyone else."

    "Did you just shake hands with Chu Mingyao?" Song Yiren frowned and took Gong Lingye's hand to the faucet: "Don't close to me if you don't wash it."

    After all, she went to wash her hands again. After washing her hands, she took out wet tissues, reached into her clothes, and wiped herself again.

    Gong Lingye watched Song Yiren's abnormal behavior and made a lip: "Do you not like him?"

    She just suppressed her emotions for a long time and saw him unreservedly. "How can I like him? My eyes are not blind!"

    "So, do you like me?" He tickled his lips and kissed Song Yi's face with his lips while washing his hands.

    She didn't take his word, left a sentence of "wash three times", then turned around and left.