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#393 Born to fight

The physical load gradually became a bit heavy, especially, he didn't sleep well for two consecutive days, plus the previous diving, the body and ears were a little uncomfortable, Gong Lingye knew that if he didn't make a quick decision, he would be here today.

At this moment, the line of sight suddenly lit up, Gong Lingye was startled, and found that he had reached the edge of the woods!

The roar of helicopters is even clearer!

However, the car behind him has chased him, he has no way to go, he must face it!

The moment he rushed out, it turned out that the helicopter above his head had shot.

He rolled quickly on the ground, his heart moved, and rushed towards one of the cars.

The driver apparently did not expect him to come over, increased the throttle, and rushed past him!

However, just as Gong Lingye passed, he directly grabbed the rearview mirror of the car and flew up the front cover by impulse, attracting the bullets of the helicopter.

Sure enough, he shot directly over there, but he didn't expect that he had bounced off quickly. Before leaving, he used the light refracted by the watch dial to shake the eyes of people on the plane.

The man suddenly missed and hit the driver's head directly.

Gong Lingye took the opportunity to open the driver's seat door, slammed the co-pilot, and then pulled the steering wheel.

Suddenly, the car got out of control and rammed into another car that had just drove out. Because it just hit the mailbox, it suddenly caused an explosion.

Gong Lingye rolled several times on the grass, but was still hit by the aftermath. Fortunately, there were trees around him, which helped him block most of the impact.

At this moment, only the threat of helicopters has become a lot easier for him.

He quickly climbed up and shot at the sky.

It's just, how can an airplane get hit so easily? He found no bullets, threw the gun directly, and touched it again.

The person on the helicopter seemed to feel a good opportunity to pull it down quickly, and it was a burst of fire at Gong Lingye.

He dodged by the car, but his heart moved.

Already had an idea, he pretended to find a black thing from the blasted car, straightened up and threw it at the plane.

Sure enough, as he expected, the plane thought it was a bomb and quickly raised its altitude.

Just then, Gong Lingye shot directly.

He hit exactly the height he had just calculated.

The shooter inside was shot and fell.

Gong Lingye thought that the other party had lost the sniper and should be leaving, but unexpectedly, the pilot seemed to care about his companion, and was about to land!

When the plane landed on the ground, the pilot had raised his hands when he came down: "Don't kill me, I just want to bring back my brother's body."

Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes and kept holding the gun: "Put down your weapon."

The man threw the gun directly to the ground.

Gong Lingye approached step by step, and then stunned the man with a pistol.

He took out the helicopter's electronic key from the man's pocket and then walked towards the plane.

Putting on the helmet, he quickly familiarized himself with the operation panel above and pulled off the engine--

Soon, with the rotation of the propeller, the helicopter began to take off, and flew to the border town bordering the territorial sea of ​​China.

At the moment, it was still in the ancient courtyard of country j.

The butler stooped and said to the old man: "Homeowner, several young masters really know it, and sent someone to stop the four young masters' car! There was just a gun battle."

"Well." The old man nodded. "He will not be ill when he is the fourth."

"You are really like the master of the house, the four young masters are fine." The housekeeper told the matter again, "He has highlighted the encirclement, and I have also greeted the border defense here, he can return to China smoothly."

"Before he leaves the country, he must continue to look at the people of Beiming's family, and he can't let them move anymore." The old man said again: "After all, the eldest is coming alone.

"Okay, I'll order it immediately." The butler said.

"Well." The old man heard the word and waved his hand, causing the housekeeper to retreat.

At the moment, Gong Lingye, who had just experienced a fierce battle, had arrived at the small fishing village.

His underwater propeller was damaged and could no longer be used, but he bought gas cylinders and some equipment in the fishing village.

In addition, a fishing boat was hired.

After going to sea, what surprised him was that someone behind him was helping him.

Gong Lingye almost guessed that the person who helped him was from the Shangguan family. But, who just wanted to kill him just now, besides the Beiming family, who else?

From the coast of this town to the border, it won't take long. When Gong Lingye arrived at the border, the genius had just darkened.

He had already greeted the other side of the border, so he had reached the territory of China almost without hindrance.

Over there, the men on the speedboat saw him, almost weeping with joy.

It's just that Gong Lingye didn't care about others for a while. The Song Yi people had a fever and didn't know how the situation was. He was worried, got on the speedboat, and soon arrived on the cruise ship.

A Mian has already awakened, and after awakening, he told Pei Jun again what happened.

Hearing Gong Lingye came back, he finally put his worries down.

At that time, he was hit by a bullet and the thruster was broken. Gong Lingye's thruster simply couldn't return to the Chinese side against the current when two people were loaded.

However, Gong Lingye gave him the thruster.

Gong Lingye rushed into an unknown place by herself.

A Mian suddenly remembered the scene of meeting Gong Lingye many years ago...

He is an orphan. He never wears snacks or wears warm clothes. Like the boys in the town, he can only rely on thieves to pass the day.

Once a partner was sick, he had no money, so he planned to steal a big ticket.

At that time, he met Gong Lingye who went to the scenic spot with his mother.

He saw that Gong Lingye was very well dressed, and at first sight he was rich. Especially, Gong Lingye still had a pure gold lock on his neck. When he ran, he accidentally slipped out.

He aimed at Gong Lingye, although Gong Lingye looked four or five years older than him, and was taller than him.

At that time, he could imagine the result. He was directly dropped by Gong Lingye over his shoulder. His arm was dislocated.

Despite the pain, he didn't say anything, and even Gong Lingye asked him why he did this, he didn't say anything.

Later, Gong Lingye looked at his tattered clothes and said to him: "Being a thief is too insulting to yourself. Follow me later!"

At that time he spoke to Gong Lingye for the first time: "My friend needs money to cure the disease."

Gong Lingye heard the words and directly connected his arm to him, saying: "I can lend you to save money in the future, remember to pay it back."

He really helped him cure his friends, and also took him to another world.

He thought, if there was no Gong Lingye, maybe he had walked several times in the prison like the previous group of friends?

Although life is often licking blood, but he likes it very much.

He felt that he might really be a wolf and was born to fight.