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#76 You are so naughty!

"I live one day, you accompany me one day." Gong Lingye looked at Song Yiren and said, "if I am 32 years old and not dead, we will get married."

Song Yiren looks at him in shock. Gong Lingye says marriage?!

Then she remembered that she had been told before that Gu tingxue was not in good health. It seemed that every day after she was 20 years old, she was fighting with God. So, Gong Lingye chose his own because of this?

Maybe because zengche was stabbed by someone he trusted thoroughly, people in Songyi didn't know how to judge whether they were sincere or not.

It is said that people will see each other for a long time, but a person who has been together for 20 years may suddenly show a ferocious side. What else is impossible in the world?

She can't believe a person, because she's afraid of the result of the same betrayal.

She pondered for a moment and asked, "what if you can't pass the 32 year old mark?"

Gong Ling sighed in the evening, as if gnashing his teeth: "warm, other women will be moved when they hear men promise to get married, but you..."

Song Yi didn't answer his question, but said, "since it's planning for the future, all possibilities must be taken into account."

Gong Lingye teases the hair in front of Song Yi's forehead and says seriously: "if I die at the age of 32, I will let you free on the day I die. I wish you the best of who you like and who you are with. "

"Good." "I know," the songI replied

As they were talking, there was a knock at the door of the bathroom: "Miss Yu, your dress..."

Song Yiren opens the door. An assistant from Gong Lingye brings a bag and says, "Miss Yu, there are clothes and shoes in it."

"OK, thank you." Song Yi people closed the door, opened the bag and found that the dress inside was actually champagne, while the shoes were nude.

She looked up at Gong Lingye and said, "did you just mean it? Pour me wine on purpose so that I can change into this one? "

Palace Ling night lips Cape raised a smile, bent over to peck a Song Yi person, admire a way: "my home warm really clever!"

"Why do you happen to have this color?" Song Yi asked

Gong Lingye explained: "because in my car, there's a dress of every color for you, that's how it's going to be. Only three pairs of shoes, one of which is nude, were sent. "

He said, unfolding his skirt, and said: "what a woman is afraid of most is the shirt, but you are more beautiful and temperament than her. It is her who is embarrassed by the shirt. I'll go out and see if everyone's eyes are on you or her. Don't worry, I'll help you clean up even if you pass the basket! "

Song Yi people are really smiling. Her eyes are curved, and the bottom of her eyes is light. She is the first time to smile at Gong Lingye like this: "Gong Lingye, you are good or bad! Miss le and Gong Mochen grew up together. They should be very familiar with you. You actually... "

Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows: "she is not my family member, and she is not my woman. Since you come to challenge my woman, you must have the consciousness to pay the price! "

Song Yi people continued to laugh.

Palace Ling night sees to move, way: "have no point to express?"

Song Yi people know what he means. This time, she didn't wait for him to urge, so she went straight to her, stood on tiptoe, and kissed Gong Lingye's lips and petals.

When she touched her, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her deeply.

He kisses very hard, the Song Yi people still hold the gift in their hands, almost no place to climb, and they are completely clasped in their arms by Gong Lingye and bear his kiss.

His breath was a little thick, and her hot hands swam around her waist, which made her feel burning all over her body.

From time to time, there are people walking outside. Song Yi people are a little nervous. However, it is rare that they are not as hurried as they used to be.

Until Gong Lingye kisses her lips. The petals are swollen, so he releases her satisfiedly.

"Go in and change. The warm beauty of my house should not be concealed. It should be the brightest in the party." Gong Lingye kissed song Yiren's lips again, which released her: "I'm waiting for you at dinner."

Song Yi nodded and saw that Gong Lingye's tie was a little askew, so he grabbed his arm and helped him sort it out.

Gong Ling looks at the girl in front of her at night, her eyes deepened.

He could detect her change, though not particularly obvious, but it was beginning to change.

She is from rejecting him to accepting him, maybe she doesn't realize it, but one day, she will find that they are the best match!

Next to the bathroom is a dressing room. Song Yiren goes in and takes off her dirty skirt and puts on the one Gong Lingye gave her.

Champagne dress, close the waist and buttocks, the front of the skirt is only five centimeters above the knee, and the back is to the calf.

In the mirror, from the front, the girl's legs are straight and slender, white and flawless. From the side, the slim waist and buttocks perfectly outline the figure proportion, plus the long skirt at the back, which is full of Fairy Spirit.

The nude high-heeled shoes reflect a pair of jade feet as if they are condensed fat, and the diamond embellished on them is a bit more elegant and noble.

Song Yi people didn't wear jewelry, and their whole body was clean without any accessories. However, such natural purity made people focus on her face and figure.

If you say that the appearance of Le Haisheng just now is a flash in the eye, the song Yiren at the moment is really amazing.

She was also born in Ningguo. She had a lot of etiquette and family education. Step by step out of the moment, it will attract the eyes of all people in the past.

Just now, people just lamented that she had a beautiful face like a goblin. At the moment, seeing her calm and noble temperament, the whole manor seemed to be quiet for such a moment.

Song Yiren seems to be unaware of the people's eyes, and goes straight to the table where Gong Mochen and Le Haisheng are just now.

Gong Mochen is talking with Le Haisheng. He realizes that the atmosphere is not right. Only then can he find that Song Yi people have come.

There was a flash of amazement at the bottom of his eyes, and then all emotions were restrained.

However, the smile on his cheek was stiff for a few seconds when he saw the skirt of song Yiren. Then, he took the water glass and took a drink.

Song Yi people smile and sit down: "I'm sorry, I haven't tasted that wine just now, don't you know what else?"

"Of course." He picked up the bottle and poured a drink for the Songyi people.

Song Yi people took a sip, slightly swollen lips. The petals were stained with wine liquid, more crystal clear and full.

She tasted the product and said with a smile, "it's really good to drink. No wonder brother Mochen likes it."

Gong Mochen was named and raised his eyes: "if you like, I'll let Haisheng give you some."