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"You are engaged tomorrow? Congratulations!" Bei Mingmo said with a smile: "These two bags should be your engagement gifts!"

    "Why is this so funny?" Wei Qianran was somewhat flattered, but then thought again, Sabrina seemed to be sure that she would not receive her money, then she must think of other ways to return this important gift.

    Seeing that Xuanyuan Che did not take the invitation yet, Wei Qianran went by himself: "Brother Che, is the invitation in the bag?"

    She said, took Xuanyuan Che's handbag, turned to the invitation, and enthusiastically handed them to Bei Mingmo: "Sabrina, Miss Yu!"

    Bei Mingmo reached out and took over: "Okay, I will go tomorrow."

    "Well, Mom Che's mother knows you are going, and she must be very happy!" Wei Qianran touched Xuanyuan Che's arm: "Isn't it, Che Che? Yesterday, I heard my aunt mentioned the Sabrina bag before you ! "

    Xuan Yuan Che was named, unconsciously raised his eyes, and his eyes collided with Bei Mingmo for a moment.

    His aside hand flexed unconsciously, and his bones became pale with tension.

    He whispered softly.

    "He is of this character, he doesn't like talking, Sabrina, don't mind!" Wei Qianran said.

    Bei Mingmo smiled and saw Awu coming, and behind him, he touched his head.

    Gong Lingye said: "A Che and Miss Wei, it's a warm birthday today, you stay and eat the cake before you go!"

    Xuanyuan Che was about to refuse, and Wei Qianran replied: "Well! I don't even know, and I didn't prepare a gift!"

    "It's okay, I'm not used to birthdays before, not so much about it." Song Yiren said, and went to the refrigerator to lift the cake out.

    The candle was lit, looking at the beating candlelight, and the man in front of the candlelight, Song Yi people's heart raised a strange feeling.

    Rebirth is also a new life. She is from Song Yi and Yu Ruonuan.

    Bei Mingmo and Wei Qianran began to sing birthday songs, Gong Lingye also sang along, Song Yiren smiled at him, then closed his eyes and began to make a wish.

    The difference between her birthday wishes and the past is that she planned their future ...

    Everyone ate the cake, and Bei Mingmo's face was covered with cream. She just came out of the bathroom, and as soon as she pushed the door, she almost ran into Xuanyuan Che who was coming.

    When she saw him, she took two quick steps backwards and turned away.

    He stunned, then met her cold and alienated eyes.

    He looked down at the distance of two meters between them, and then realized that she had just jumped so fast just because she said to him that morning that she would not be close to him two meters away?

    When Bei Mingmo walked away quickly, Xuanyuan Che said behind her: "Miss Beiming."

    She turned sideways slightly and didn't speak, her eyes were politely asking.

    He was inexplicably displeased, and his voice was cold and indifferent: "How much will those two packages cost, I will let the secretary call your account."

    "No, it's the wedding engagement I sent to Miss Wei. It has nothing to do with you." When Bei Mingmo walked forward, he dropped a sentence: "I like her very much and I think I can make friends."

    He looked at her back, and his eyes became colder.

    Outside the living room, there was a lot of excitement, and Wei Qianran also liked Awen Awu very much. He also said that he could come back to a party between girls and let Song Yi bring Awen Awu all.

    It's just that it's getting late, and Xuanyuan Che wants to get engaged the next day, so naturally he is going to leave.

    He stood up: "Aye, I still have some things to prepare, so I have to say goodbye first."

    But, at this moment, his cell phone rang, he picked it up, and after listening to the words over there, he said, "Okay, I'll go right away."

    Gong Lingye raised his eyes: "Is something wrong?"

    Xuan Yuan Che nodded: "Well, there is an urgent matter over the company, I must deal with it immediately. Qian Ran, I will arrange for the car to be delivered to you later."

    "I just drove the car. I have to follow up tomorrow morning and I have to go home to prepare." Bei Mingmo said, took out the car key and rushed to Wei Qianran: "I will take you by the way!"

    "Ah, that's great!" Wei Qianran looked happy and quickly got up to hold Bei Mingmo's arm.

    Song Yiren and Gong Lingye sent the two to leave, but did not pay attention. Shortly after Beimingmo's car drove out, an off-road vehicle that had been parked at the door of the villa area also quickly followed.

    Bei Mingmo drove, and Wei Qianran took a selfie in the co-pilot with a happy face.

    The night is dim, and the visibility of the snowy night is always worse than usual. When passing a viaduct, Beiming Mo was about to accelerate and was rear-ended by the car behind.

    The collision was not terrible. She and Wei Qianran were just taken aback and were not injured.

    Soon, a young man came down from the back of the car, wearing gold-rimmed glasses, knocking on the window of Beimingmo: "I'm sorry, miss, I hit your car, I am fully responsible."

    Bei Mingmo untied his seat belt and got off with Wei Qianran to see how badly the rear of the car was damaged.

    She habitually picked up her phone and bent to take a picture. Only when she straightened up, she heard a mumble from Wei Qianran behind her.

    The next second, Bei Mingmo felt a shadow suddenly cover the top of her head, almost instantly, she was isolated from all eyes.

    His body was trapped in a sack, and he quickly ran away ...

    When he woke up again, Bei Mingmo found that she and Wei Qianran were tied up in a dark and shabby room.

    The surroundings were very quiet, and a faint light penetrated through the door slit, and the room was empty. Obviously, the guards were not there.

    She gently touched Wei Qianran beside her: "Qian Ran, how are you?"

    Wei Qianran also opened her eyes. When she realized that she had been kidnapped, the whole person was shocked. Then she reacted to what happened and quickly turned around to look around and said, "I'm fine."

    It's just that my head hurts, it should be caused by someone being attacked before fainting.

    Bei Mingmo tried it, her hands and feet were tied up by a very tough rope, and there were no sharp objects in the room.

    At this moment, the wooden door was suddenly opened by someone, and there was light from the torch.

    Through the light, Bei Mingmo saw clearly two young men, each of them pulling a big trolley case.

    One of them was the one who rear-ended her car deliberately. He smoked in his mouth, looked at the two of them, and sneered: "It looks good! Brothers and we are one each? Otherwise, it would be a pity!"

    The man beside him also smiled and squinted his eyes: "Wei Qianran gave it to you, and the other girl belongs to me! But the action must be fast, quick battle!"

    He said this, Bei Mingmo understood that the other party's goal must be Wei Qianran, and she was just a casual victim.

    But who offended this little girl who knows nothing about the world?

    Bei Mingmo was a little puzzled, but his eyes saw what was in the man's pocket walking towards her.

    Looking at the shape, it seems to be a knife?