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#398 Definitely love you the most

For an hour, Gong Lingye was almost processing the mail in the mobile phone mailbox.

Lieyuan Shen started to browse the web to determine his goal for the future.

Several times, he opened WeChat, saw He Wanshuang's name, and finally chose to quit.

Since the day of his mother's death, he has not contacted her again.

He knew that once he contacted her, she would probably ask him to go to court.

He didn't even plan to divorce, how could he go to court with her?

Just wishing she could calm down for a while and calm down, he asked her to forgive again.

At this moment, Gong Lingye answered the phone, and after hanging up, the corners of his lips raised, and then he called again: "Tian Qi, have time recently? Call Shang Xiaoshuang and A Che, Let's get together... well, go out on weekends..."

When I heard the word'Xiaoshuang', Lieyuan's ears suddenly stood up, the surface was looking at the mobile phone, but he actually listened.

Afterwards, Gong Lingye hung up the phone and came to Lie Xiaoruo, saying, "Xiao Ruo, is there time on Saturday? I will show you my hair boys."

If you say that before, Lie Xiaoruo must have been 10,000 unwilling, but she just saw Gong Lingye's attitude towards her, and she also wanted to try to bring her heart closer to Gong Lingye.

So, she nodded and said: "Okay, I'm fine, I can go."

Lieyuan Shen felt that he was in a very complicated situation.

He wanted to see He Wanshuang, but he was worried about her divorce.

Moreover, Gong Lingye did not invite him at all! Why is he so embarrassed to go?

Gong Lingye asked Pei Jun to arrange there, and the time passed unconsciously and soon an hour passed.

Then, Dr. Tan came over.

"Dr. Tan, how is it?" Gong Lingye got up with a serious expression.

Dr. Tan lowered his eyes: "Ms. Gong's blood is the same as that of Mr. Gong, but Ms. Gong is younger, so according to the normal metabolism rate, I can be sure that there will be no suddenness within a year."

"That is one year later, is it possible?" Gong Lingye stared.

"The specific time, I also need the corresponding experimental analysis, can not draw a conclusion in the short term." Dr. Tan apologized.

"Okay, Dr. Tan, Gu Zhiyun is dead, and Xue Xue is no longer there. Gu's medicine is broken." Gong Ling Ye Road said: "But we already know the direction, then your team will work hard! Don't worry about the research For funding issues, if you need any help, please contact me at any time."

"Okay, Mr. Gong, we must go all out!" Dr. Tan said.

After listening to the two, Lie Xiaoruo was worried about his body and moved by Gong Lingye's words.

When she walked out of the institute, she turned her head and said to the man beside her: "Brother, thank you."

Gong Ling turned his eyes at night and saw the girl's eyes bright in the sunlight.

Is this what it feels like to be a younger sister... His lips tickled slightly: "Thank you? You are my sister."

Lie Xiaosoft’s heart quivered slightly, and she looked at Gong Ling Yeying’s silhouette, as if her heart had knocked over the seasoning bottle.

I have to admit that they are all brothers, but he is special to her.

After all, he is the man she likes.

It's just that when she learned that there was only affection between them, the original feeling of love seemed to have subtly changed again.

Especially at this moment, Gong Lingye's eyes were on the front. She looked away from him, and suddenly felt that the complex and tangled emotions were all turned into a trace of warmth deep in her heart, and they were homologous to them. Blood is flowing and resonating.

"Don't worry, I can find someone to cure you," Gong Lingye suddenly said.

Lie Xiaoren looked up and smiled at him: "Well, brother, I believe you."

At this moment, the slightly oblique sunlight fell from the top of his head, and a shadow of him fell on her. Lie Xiaoruo felt that the warmth in his heart seemed more obvious.

Her heartbeat was still a little fast, but she knew that it should be her affection for him.

"Brother, the previous thing--" Lie Xiaoruo hesitated: "I was impulsive."

Gong Lingye suddenly looked down, seeing the embarrassment on Lie Xiaoruo's face, he only felt that his heart was a little softer, so he looked up and touched her head like a brother.

Lie Xiaosoft's eyes widened suddenly, and then she couldn't help raising her eyebrows: "Did you find that my sister is not annoying?"

Gong Lingye smiled for a while without speaking.

She asked again: "Why didn't you go with us yesterday to get the result?"

"Yesterday--" Gong Lingye approached her and lowered her voice: "I'm on that exploding cruise ship."

"What?" Lie Xiaoruo was shocked, but also a little worried, although, looking at Gong Lingye's appearance was obviously all right. But looking closely, his appearance does not seem to be very good.

"This matter needs to be kept secret. I will give you a chance to talk back carefully." He finished talking to her in a serious tone, straightened up, and Chong Lieyuan raised his eyebrows.

Lie Yuan Shen: "..."

Why is he upset from now on?

Gong Lingye still had company affairs to deal with today, and Lieyuan Shen and his sister had to go to Tianhe Square, so they parted ways at the entrance of the institute.

Getting in the car, Gong Lingye called Song Yiren: "Baby, I got the result, Xiao Ruo... she is indeed my sister."

Song Yi was still a little sick, and a family doctor took care of her at home. At the moment, she took the medicine and her voice was soft: "Will you not have a sister and don't hurt your wife?"

Gong Lingye listened to her rare coquettishness and couldn't help laughing: "Surely it hurts you the most."

Song Yi sneered: "Hum."

Although saying so, she also knows that Gong Lingye has always dealt with things properly.

She will take care of her sister and will go to the chase, but she has only brother and sister's affection and responsibility.

At first, even for Gu Tingxue and He Wanshuang, even if there was no blood relationship, he had a good grasp of that degree. Now Lie Xiaoruo is his sister, so he will not handle it badly.

She thought about it and said, "She is actually very pitiful, and her parents are gone, so don't be aggressive to her, take good care of her!"

"My small vinegar jar is so generous today?" Gong Lingye teased her: "I'm really jealous?"

"Humph, can I hold the boat in my belly?" Song Yi said humanely.

"Whenever we can have our baby in the belly." Gong Lingye said here, "Wife, take good care of your body. After half a year, we will have a baby!"

"Good." Song Yi thought of the future, could not help but look forward to.

"Have a good rest, we go out to gather on the weekend, breathing may be better for your body." Gong Ling night said.

Hanging up the phone, he went directly to the company.

Judging from the current situation, he must develop Tiangong Group as soon as possible and increase the market value again, so that he can contend with the family in country j.

Moreover, Lie Xiaoruo also has blood problems. If Dr. Tan cannot study the medicine within the time limit, he must go to country j and confront the people over there.

Because, in country j, there must be a corresponding medicine. Whether it can be obtained depends on the ability!