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The man walked step by step, Bei Mingmo's heart mentioned his voice.

    "Slap!" The sound of the metal button unbuttoning.

    Over there, Wei Qianran has screamed, crying and begging for mercy.

    Bei Mingmo locked the knife in the man's pocket in front of him, waiting for him to untie the rope from her foot.

    Just as he pressed down, she leaned into his ear and said lowly: "Handsome, have you heard my sister Kelly's name? My massage is a must!"

    The man was stunned for a moment, but Bei Mingmo was not afraid.

    "I usually charge, ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 at a time. Do you want to try it?" Her eyes, enchanted in the darkness, with strange charms, made the man's throat tight.

    "I don't accept your money--" Bei Mingmo's ending was frivolous.

    The man was immediately driven by desire and desire, plus she felt that even if the shackles of Bei Mingmo's hands were untied, she would not be able to run away, so she smiled evilly: "Wait for your brother to die!"

    With that, he untied the rope in Bei Mingmo's hand.

    "Hate!" Bei Mingmo smirked, reaching for the man's chest.

    He laughed and couldn't wait to press it up.

    But at this moment, Bei Mingmo hurled from the man to the side pocket, took out the dagger.

    When the scabbard was withdrawn with one hand, the finger was turned into a bloodstain by the sharp blade.

    She endured the pain, and the empty hand was still circled on the man: "Don't worry, handsome, you look like this, I feel like an old virgin who has never played with a woman!"

    The man was about to argue, but suddenly felt something stab into his chest and pierce his heart. While he groaned, Bei Mingmo also shouted, "Pain!"

    So his mumbling was drowned in her voice.

    Before falling down completely, he glanced at his chest inconceivably, where a knife was inserted, the blood gurgled down, only because the flashlight had limited light, and the dazzling was hidden in the darkness.

    Bei Mingmo trembled all over, feeling that the man had fallen heavily on her. She tried to suppress her fear and looked at Wei Qianran beside her.

    She had been torn to the last piece of shame. The girl apparently had never experienced these. Her big, bright eyes were full of horror. Her voice was hoarse and she was struggling desperately.

    Bei Mingmo knew that there was not much time left for her, and she pretended to yell, "No, don't change other positions! Pain--"

    With that, she quickly turned off the flashlight on her side, pushed away the man who was almost breathless, and ran to the trolley according to the previous memory.

    Sure enough, the trolley case was heavy, and as soon as she opened it, she felt the stone inside.

    These people are obviously not ordinary kidnapping, but to kill them Shen Hai!

    Over there, Wei Qianran was desperate. She was wounded. She watched the man tear off the last layer of cover on her body, and then pushed her body over!

    She yelled and closed her eyes in pain.

    At this moment, she felt a breeze, and then the man in front of him seemed to be hit hard by something, and then the pressure disappeared from her.

    Opening her eyes in amazement, she saw Bei Mingmo squeezing the stone in one hand and quickly pulling her up in one hand: "Run, they want to kill us!"

    Bei Mingmo said nothing, picked up a broken coat from the ground, wrapped it in Wei Qianran, and even before she could loose the rope in her hand, she dragged her and flew out.

    It seems to be the sea outside, and they can all hear the sound of the waves.

    Bei Mingmo is familiar with this kind of voice, but that was how Chu Mingyao's people forced her to jump right down!

    This is an abandoned port, the wind is very cold, the knife is usually scraped on the body of the person, the two girls didn't even wear shoes, so they flew barefoot in the snow.

    Until, suddenly a hand was stretched out behind him and slammed them down!

    It was the man who was stoned by Bei Mingmo just now, and he woke up so soon!

    The man stretched out his hand and grabbed Bei Mingmo's neck. His eyes were murderous. His face was full of blood. He was just left by Bei Mingmo's stone.

    I just felt that the air disappeared instantly, the pain from the neck was almost broken, Beiming Mo could not breathe, the lungs swelled due to lack of oxygen, the blood in the brain surged, and the thinking began to blur.

    Aside, the falling Wei Qianran got up and saw this scene, and quickly lifted his foot to kick the man, but the man apparently had to die, he ignored the attack by Wei Qianran, his hands became harder, and Bei Mingmo's struggle gradually changed It's a bit weak.

    Wei Qianran was so panic-stricken that her hands were tied and she couldn't attack the man with tools at all. Seeing that Bei Mingmo was almost gone, she jumped with a sudden heart movement.

    She is not really short, but the man is quite tall, so she jumped hard to barely cross the height of the man.

    She calculated the angle and slammed her head against the wound that the man had just been attacked by Bei Mingmo!

    Almost instantaneously, the man only felt a sharp pain, accompanied by the overwhelming darkness, and quickly swept his senses.

    When his hand was released, Bei Mingmo was finally free, the air poured in, and there was a tingling in her lungs. She fell down softly for a long time before finally regaining her breath.

    Beside, Wei Qianran was trembling and his voice was crying: "Sabrina, did I kill someone?"

    "No, we are just defending, don't be afraid." Bei Mingmo said, leaning over to check the man's breath, it was gone.

    She took out her phone from the man's pocket and found that there was a fingerprint to unlock it, so she put the man's finger up.

    After unlocking, she handed her mobile phone to Wei Qianran: "Do you remember your fiance's phone? Notify him and come to pick us up immediately."

    "I remember." Although Wei Qianran was so terrified that her fingers were shaking, she still cried and dialed Xuanyuan Che's number.

    The other party was in the office building and saw an unfamiliar number that they didn't want to answer, but thought the ringtone was noisy and slipped to answer.

    Over there, the girl cried in horror: "Brother Che, me, Sabrina and I have been kidnapped! They are dead!"

    Xuanyuan Che straightened up: "Who is dead?"

    "The kidnappers!" Wei Qianran cried: "We killed them, what should we do? Brother Che, I'm so scared ..."

    "Where are you? Send me the location immediately!" Xuanyuan Che said, and had already picked up the car key and went out.

    "Okay, I will use his mobile phone to log in to WeChat and send it to you!" Wei Qianran said, and she would hang up.

    At this moment, the man interrupted aloud: "Did she ... Sabrina get hurt?"

    "She had just been strangled!" Wei Qianran thought of the trolley case and the stone, crying: "They said they would kill us in Shen Hai!"

    "I'm coming right away." Xuanyuan Che was breathing tightly, looking at the numbers jumping on the elevator, hoping for faster time: "You find a place to hide, don't hang up the phone, I've been there."