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#79 It's comfortable to serve me!

Listening to Luo Tianqi's cold sarcasm, Li Xiaozi felt that her breath was painful. She gasped and her voice was broken: "Mr. naluo, do you feel a sense of achievement when you like other men's wives?"

Luo Tianqi listens to the pupil to tighten instantly, he turns Li Xiaozi, and bumps into her from behind.

She was choked by his pain for a long time, then picked up the fragmentary words: "I haven't seen him for several years, Mr. Luo is really more 'noble' than before!"

She said in his pain, his eyes immediately scarlet, like the angry lion.

Almost pinching her neck, the devil whispered in her ear: "since you know it, you should understand more. If you annoy me so much, I may have pinched all his hopes!"

"You, what do you mean?" Asked Li Xiaozi, pale.

"Isn't he waiting for an operation to wake up?" Luo Tianqi smiled: "now the only one who can do this operation is Professor Zhang. Don't you know that our Luo family and Zhangjia are close friends. That man of yours, I'm afraid he won't be able to hold off for a few days? If I ask Professor Zhang to go abroad for a holiday, do you think... "

Li Xiaozi's face suddenly turned white: "Luo Tianqi, don't -"

"Ha ha, so affectionate? It's really true love. You love money so much. At the beginning, you thought I was poor and left. Now that man's family is in debt, you still keep on selling for him! " At the bottom of Luo Tianqi's eyes were strong Madness: "let me let him go. Unfortunately, I won't let him go!"

"Then how can you agree?" Li Xiaozi turns her head hard to see the man behind her.

"Then kneel down and beg me." His voice was cold and thin, and he jerked it out of her.

On the bed, Li Xiaozi turned around. She was just kneeling to bear him, so she still maintained her original posture and said, "I beg you."

"Who said he knelt here?" Lotenki pointed to the ground: "there!"

Li Xiaozi shivered and almost fainted when she got out of bed, but she still knelt on the cold floor: "please."

Seeing her at the moment, Luo Tianqi only felt that a knife had been stabbed into his heart and stirred in his softest place. His flesh and blood were blurred!

She was his first love and the one who hurt him the most.

She denied his three-year devotion, devalued him to nothing, and then she did not hesitate to turn around and marry him.

Now, for the sake of other men, regardless of dignity, she knelt down to beg him!

Gong Lingye said, "if you care, go after you. If you don't care, be a stranger.".

However, he knows the truth. How can he do it?!

Four years after the break-up, the women around him seem to keep changing, no matter how he gets "scum", or there are many beautiful young girls going on and on.

However, only he himself knows that he is the most self abased one.

Just because, when he loved most, someone told him that he was worthless except for that face!

Now, those successive women, are either for his face, or for his money, no one is sincere because they like him, and take the initiative to approach him.

Even at this moment, the woman kneeling in front of him, also because to beg him, beg him to save another man, will be humble to him!

The hatred and pain in his heart turned into poison, which stabbed his soul. Luo Tianqi thought he was crazy, but he never came back on this dark road!

He looked at Li Xiaozi in front of him and pointed to himself: "give me a good lick and serve me well. I can think of making him operate smoothly!"

When Li Xiaozi heard this, the light in her eyes disappeared.

Once he, that even fingers are not willing to move her once he, after all, was destroyed by her own hands!

However, if God gave her another chance to come back, she still had to choose.

What's more, they are doomed after all.

Li Xiaozi kneels in front of Luo Tianqi, and a tear falls. Her voice is as soft as the wind: "OK."

She had lived with him. At that moment, he felt cool and rushed to the scalp from the bottom of his feet. He was overwhelmed by the powerlessness and frustration in his soul.

"Enough!" He pushed her away with a jerk, and he was so dispirited that he said, "roll, don't show up in front of me again!"

After that, the Songyi people were more busy and spent almost every day in the laboratory.

The robot contest was held in the summer vacation. Song Yiren didn't want to go home, so Chong Yucheng said that she was in school recently and was preparing for the contest.

Yu Chengzhi doesn't care at all. In his opinion, it doesn't matter whether the process of seduction or ability of Song Yi people as long as they can marry to the palace.

This day is the day before the competition. Song Yiren received a phone call from Gong Lingye early in the morning. He seemed to be outside because there was a car in the receiver.

Palace Ling night way: "warm, get up?"

Song Yiren: "well, just washed."

He said, "I'm at the gate of your school. You come downstairs, put on your sportswear, and we'll run together in the morning."

Song Yi answered and remembered that he meant to run in school, so if you meet someone

But he didn't know what she said, so he hung up.

Song Yi had no choice but to change her sportswear. She took a bottle of water with her. As soon as she went downstairs, she saw Gong Lingye running far away.

He was dressed in a sportswear, light colored clothes seemed to be a lot softer in the sun. When he came here, he looked like a graduate student.

Gong Ling comes to Songyi at night and pulls her hand.

Song Yi people shrink: "this is the outside."

Palace Ling night helpless, trot, sign Song Yi people to follow: "that take me to a place where you can be intimate."

Song Yi's man is not very angry: "didn't he come to me to run in the morning?"

She ignored him and went to the bright spot.

He hooked his lips and made do with her speed, so he ran and talked without even breathing: "warm, aren't you afraid of others seeing us now?"

Song Yi's face was stiff, and he was a little upset. So he took Gong Lingye to the lakeside side of the school.

Summer lakeside, around the lush vegetation, because it is summer vacation, the school students have been less, plus it is morning, here is quiet only the sound of birds and insects.

Gong Lingye looks at the girl with a ponytail around her. She feels moved, reaches out and holds the hand of Song Yi.

He held her tightly, led her to move forward at her speed, and held the kettle in her hand.

Song Yi's hand is wrapped in a man's broad palm. She is very tired, but every time she wants to stop, he tightens his hand and pulls her forward.

When Gong Ling night pulled Song Yi for the third time, Song Yi gasped: "I can't run."

He frowned. "It's not a full lap."

She shook her head. "I can't run."

"You still have strength," he insisted

She continued to shake her head: "no more."

He stopped and crouched down in front of her: "as stipulated before, at least one lap a day. If you can't run, I'll run with you on my back."

Song Yiren breaks down: "Gong Lingye, you are a devil instructor!"