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#150 in bad mood

Song Yi brought the crowd to the factory building and began to introduce each operation station one by one.

    nc is a young white guy. He jumped onto an operating console, got the computer on it, and then inserted a USB flash drive into it.

    "Come and see, what did I bring this time?" He greeted everyone.

    Everyone gathered together and looked at an analog manipulator on the screen, all surprised.

    "Hey, I haven't been idle for the past three years." He raised his eyebrows: "So I've been thinking of a new operating system, and the code is in it. Let's take a closer look in the afternoon."

    He had just finished speaking, and J also came over: "I have too."

    He inserted the USB flash drive, and soon, the linkage simulation he was best at was also presented.

    "Lying troughs, they are all psychic!" Apan said, turning his bracelet: "Mine is inside."

    Lao Gui laughed: "It seems that I don't need to sleep tonight." He took off the skull ring on his index finger: "Laozi's here."

    Chi Jingyu patted Lao Wu's shoulder: "Lao Wu, don't say you didn't."

    Old Wu smiled and pointed to the suitcase: "There are relevant information in it."

    Everyone laughed at him: "Lao Wu will always be the one to fight steadily."

    "Actually, I always thought that we would come back again." Hua Ge helped the glasses on the bridge of the nose: "So I also sorted it out, in my son's toy car."

    Not to mention, he pulled out a blue worn-out car from his pocket.

    Chi Jingyu smiled: "Mine is on my company's computer, and I didn't bring it with me today, but I can take it anytime."

    At this time, someone noticed that Song Yiren's eyes were red and could not help saying: "Hey hey, Yiren, although we are just a girl in us, but everyone has been treating you as a brother for so many years, man What are you crying for? "

    Song Yi people sniffed their noses, crying and laughing: "I call Yu Ruo Nuan now."

    "Okay, whatever you want to say, these three years, when do you want to say it, and then tell us." Apan said, already itchy: "Our car was then-"

    Song Yi people picked up the remote control of the car: "I drive it over."

    She said nothing, walked to the door, and directly entered her destination.

    Suddenly, the red car originally parked in the center of the square was directly started remotely and drove steadily towards this side.

    "It's so cool!" J scolded a swearing: "I. Fuck, if we didn't disband that year, it should be the ninth generation!"

    "Okay, now it's too late." Hua Ge said, stroking his hand on the body as if he were stroking a former lover.

    Just touching it, J kicked his ass. "Shit, you're wearing glasses. You touched a car with such a frivolous expression. Do you know your wife?"

    The Song Yi people were laughed at, and the old feelings were back. That was how they were doing research and development in the past.

    Of course, there are also so many people in an operation room, squatting in front of the test bench together to eat instant noodles.

    "Let's disassemble this car." Song Yiren said: "Look at the extent to which Hai Sheng has done so in the past few years, or say, have been standing still."

    "Laozi just waited for this sentence!" Apan said, lifting his shirt and starting.

    Aside, Chi Jingyu immediately passed by with excitement: "The feeling of tearing down a car is like making love, the coolness at the time of disassembly is exactly the same as Gao-chao!"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he was beaten by the old Wu: "There are still girls in it!"

    "Cut--" Chi Jingyu shrugged: "She is a brother."

    Everyone began to tear down the car in full swing, and the movement here naturally could not hide Gong Lingye's eyes.

    Bae Jun knocked on the door, walked into the office, and said to Gong Ling Ye, who was processing documents: "President, I just heard from the Beijiao Base."

    Gong Lingye stopped her work and raised her eyes: "Huh?"

    Pei Jun said: "Today, six strangers came from the base, with different nationalities and ages. The youngest looks in their early twenties and the oldest looks in their forties. They all seem to be Miss Yu ’s friends. After that, Director Chi went there too, and seemed to be familiar with those people. "

    Gong Lingye heard the words and frowned slightly, but still said: "Continue."

    Bae Jun said again: "I asked the captain of the security team and said that Miss Yu had given him a list yesterday. If the people on the list came, just put it in."

    "Just now, Miss Yu drove the car you sent her to the operation room. Now, they are tearing down the car." Pei Jun said he seemed to hesitate here, but he still asked: "President, I need to check those. The origin of people? "

    Gong Lingye's fingers were lightly clasped on the table, and his hand with distinct bones was slightly stiff at the moment, and only those who had followed him for years like Pei Jun could see such details.

    His boss should not be in a good mood at the moment.

    "No need." Gong Lingye raised her eyes: "Just make sure she is safe. I said that day, she is solely responsible for all things at the base. Since it is her place, give her the greatest degree of trust."

    "Okay." Bae Jun said, and began to report on the situation in country F.

    Half an hour had passed before he left Gong Lingye's office.

    Suddenly quiet in the office, Gong Lingye got up from the desk and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window.

    The Tiangong Group's building is also a landmark in the Imperial City. The top floor where he is located has a height of nearly 300 meters, overlooking the entire commercial area. Almost all the tall buildings line up.

    It used to be natural to look at it in the past, but at this moment, there is no reason to feel the chilly feeling of being in a high place.

    He stood for two minutes, turned around, picked up his phone, and dialed a call to go out.

    The phone rang ten times, and no one answered until the ringing ended.

    Gong Lingye put down her phone and continued to work.

    However, I don't know why, I can't see the files.

    At lunch time, he had a dinner at noon today, and he had to meet with the government leaders in the afternoon, so it was already more than five in the afternoon.

    Gong Lingye took out the mute cell phone and found it was clean except for the message that Pei Jun sent him.

    Feeling down to the extreme, he called Luo Tianqi and said, "Tianqi, how many drinks do you have?"

    Luo Tianqi is in the company, just finished working, and he was surprised when he heard the words: "Brother Ye, are you in a bad mood?"

    "It's okay." Gong Ling night said: "Call A Che and Xiao Shuang also."

    "OK, see you in the old place." Luo Tianqi said.

    Gong Lingye hung up the phone and went straight to Phoenix.

    At the moment, Song Yi people are studying the car.

    She knew that the car had to be dismantled today, so she wore relatively loose cropped trousers. The T-shirt on the top had stained a few black traces at the moment, and the pants did not escape the same fate.

    The phone hadn't been known where she was thrown. She was sweaty on her forehead and was disassembling the core parts of the engine.