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#151 Active interpretation

"Lying trough, why am I having a stomachache?" Apan muttered, and then there was a noise from his stomach.

    Aside, old Wu wiped the sweat on his forehead: "We seem to have forgotten to eat even lunch."

    Song Yiren just reacted, no wonder she felt a little weak?

    "I'll order takeout." She said, handing the tool in her hand to Chi Jingyu, first washed her hands, then went to find a mobile phone.

    A few hours ago, Gong Lingye called her, and Bei Mingmo also sent her a message.

    The Song Yi people first picked up the phone and replied to Gong Lingye.

    There were a few sounds, and there was an answer.

    "Are you looking for me just now?" Song Yiren heard soft music from Gong Lingye over there.

    "Uh." He rubbed his tired eyebrows and took another sip of wine.

    Because he was closer to Phoenix, he arrived first, and Luo Tianqi and several of them were still on the road.

    Song Yiren noticed that his tone was wrong and thought whether he was in a meeting or had a client nearby, so he thought about it: "Is something wrong?"

    "It's okay. At that time, I asked what you were doing." Gong Lingye's tone was calm, and it really seemed to be fine.

    "Oh, I'm on the base. I--" Song Yiren felt that it was unclear on the phone, and it was estimated that he could only meet and explain, so he said: "I know some people who do AI, so we are in the operation room ...

    "Got it." Gong Lingye interrupted her.

    "I may have to work overtime today." Song Yi said humanly: "You eat--"

    "I asked Tianqi them." Gong Ling night said.

    "Oh, okay, then you get together." Song Yi said humanely.

    "Well." Gong Lingye finished talking and hung up the phone.

    The spirit in his hand had bottomed out, and he poured another glass. The burning sensation went from the mouth to the throat and then slipped into the stomach.

    He always felt that she was special.

    Although there is also a little girl, but at work, there is a kind of maturity beyond the age and experience, which is definitely not owned by a girl who simply studies in the ivory tower.

    She knows a lot about robots, driverless knowledge, and rich operating experience. Now, she has met people of different nationalities.

    Of those people, he didn't investigate, but the level of brothers and brothers who can be called Chi Jingyu naturally cannot be under Chi Jingyu.

    She is an ordinary girl at the Imperial City University of China, how can she have such a network?

    Moreover, although he had almost no intersection with her before, but because she always went to Gong Mochen, he had paid attention to it twice.

    The gaudy make-up, seeing him as if he had seen a cat, the cowardly look is very different from her now.

    If it was said that it was acting, then the acting could not be more realistic.

    if not……

    Gong Lingye couldn't think of any other reasonable explanation.

    He didn't check it, not because he didn't want to know, but he had been waiting for her to explain it to him.

    Like many mysteries in her identity, he didn't ask, it doesn't mean he can't see it.

    However, he never waited.

    He remembered the first time, she and Chi Jingyu met at his house. He also did not see that the two had any intersection.

    Gong Lingye was pouring wine, and the private room door opened.

    "Brother Ye." Luo Tianqi walked in, and after seeing He Wanshuang behind him, she couldn't help but dragged her: "What do you want?"

    He Wanshuang's heartbeat was inexplicable, and his throat was dry, but came in pretending to be casual.

    "Brother Ye." She glanced at the man on the sofa.

    Gong Lingye nodded: "What about A Che?"

    "Oh, A Che has a dinner today and can't come." Luo Tianqi sat down and found that Gong Lingye was drinking hard liquor, and quickly passed: "Brother Ye, do you still treasure this? I have to try it. "

    He Wanshuang passed by, sat down beside them, and gazed quietly towards Gongling Ye.

    He was calm, as usual, and seemed to think of something, and said to her: "Xiao Shuang, I have hired a Thai chef here today. The craft is good, you can try it."

    "Oh, okay!" He Wanshuang observed Gong Lingye's expression and determined that he really had nothing but a dangling heart.

    It seems that she didn't say anything that day that she shouldn't say, they are still the same feelings of brothers and sisters in the past.

    She likes him. From the first glance of that year, until now, more than ten years ago, she has been hiding well, and will continue to hide it in the future.

    She doesn't dare to touch such things as wine.

    The meal was delivered quickly, and the three of them finished. Somehow, the table looked a bit deserted.

    Gong Lingye and other waiters took the things away and said, "Tianqi, Xiaoshuang, we have a project recently. See if you can develop together ..."

    He took out the document and briefly introduced the project, saying: "I may not be able to take care of my energy recently, but this is not within the scope of the Tiangong Group, so he plans to do it in his own name. Pei Jun is also busy there, so I want to see See if you can withdraw and invest here, I have no problem in three to six Chengdu. "

    Luo Tianqi looked at the document, raised his eyes, and his expression became serious: "Brother Ye, have you been planning for your future separation from Gongjia?"

    Gong Lingye was silent for a moment and said, "You know what happened to my sister-in-law, but at the time, my eldest brother took care of me a lot. My father left early. For me, my eldest brother is also my father. There are several other elders ... … "

    Luo Tianqi understood what he meant, and he patted Gong Lingye's shoulder: "Oh, it's a pity that the woman can't understand your pain, and still thinks that you have robbed his son of what he deserves."

    "I do things, I don't need to force anyone to understand." Gong Ling paused at night, and said: "And I am not alone now, and I always have to think more about things in the future."

    "Are you specifically looking for single dogs like me to spread dog food?" Luo Tianqi raised his glass and touched Gong Lingye: "However, no matter how you choose in the future, we will support you."

    He Wanshuang also raised: "Brother Ye, me too."

    Gong Lingye drank out the wine at night, and she was a little suffocated.

    Luo Tianqi didn't know what he was thinking, but laughed: "Besides, Brother Ye, your current net worth, even if you don't count on Tiangong Group's shares, on the side of the Imperial City, still ranks second Ranked first. What's more, your business has not yet been fully launched ... "

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Be prepared."

    When Song Yi left from the base of Beijiao, it was almost nine o'clock. Old Wu urged her to leave before she left.

    Bei Mingmo wanted to live in the Imperial City for a long time, so he temporarily rented a suite close to Tianhe Square. Because there is east, Song Yi people go to the base far away, so Song Yi people have recently returned to school dormitory.

    It was just that she had just walked under a tree in front of the dormitory building, and suddenly she was pulled into the shadow.

    Immediately afterwards, the man's burning kiss pressed down, and his lips were full of alcohol.