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Gong Lingye frowned, almost for a moment when Lie Xiaoran rushed up, and immediately fled and evaded.

Lie Xiao flicked an empty space, and looked at Gong Lingye with great grievances: "Brother."

Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows tighter, her voice was cold and murderous: "Miss Lie, please take care of yourself!"

Lieyuan Shen's mind was so complicated at the moment, but he still explained: "Mr. Gong, she is right to call you, she is indeed your sister!"

Gong Lingye thought it was funny: "Mr. Lie, do you think the company is going to run out, you are going to get out of the Chinese market, so you are chasing relatives and selling girls for prosperity?"

Looking at the contempt of Gong Ling's eyes, Lieyuan Shen only felt choked for a while.

However, there are indeed many problems with his Huaguo branch, and it can even be said to be precarious.

"My Limou is not going to do such a thing yet." He pulled Lie Xiaoruo back from Gong Lingye and pressed it on the seat beside him: "I brought Xiaorou this time, it was purely a private matter. "

Gong Lingye played the taste with a smile: "Oh, just want to send me a sister?"

Lie Yuan shook his head and said in a straight voice: "It is not a gift, because Xiao Ruan is indeed your sister, half-sister."

Although Gong Lingye felt ridiculous, he was still holding the mentality to see what kind of story Lie Yuan Shen could compose. He sat opposite them, his legs crossed, his tone lazy: "Mr. Lie continued to talk."

Lieyuan Shen knew that he didn't believe it, and knew that if he didn't make it clear, Gong Lingye wouldn't even have the mind to accompany Lie Xiaorou to identify. So, he carefully talked about what his mother said in the past.

Gong Lingye began to listen as a joke, but after hearing it, there was some faith.

After all, these things involve the privacy of the martyrs, and Lieyuan Shen, as heir, is not ignorant.

So, Lie Xiaoruo is really his sister?

He carefully looked at the other party, but after all, the other party was a mixed race of two races, so it was really difficult to see from the facial features.

He stood up: "Since that is the case, does Miss Lie have time to do a genetic test with me?"

When Lie Xiaosoft heard Gong Lingye's tone of official affairs, she felt a little lost and aggrieved, but nodded.

In the past few days, she has done all the psychological construction.

From liking him, to knowing he can't like it, to digesting the news that she is his sister. Now, all emotions have become expectations.

But then again, after all, Miai said everything, although they believed Miai, but if Miai was wrong at that time, she was not pregnant at that time?

Everything is still based on scientific identification.

"I have time, let's go now!" she said.

"Okay, wait a moment, I'll arrange it." Gong Lingye said, it should be explained to Pei Jun when he went out, and then he came back and rushed to the two of them, saying: "We are going now."

Song Yiren returned to the company for a meeting today. After the meeting, he thought of coming up to give Gong Lingye a box of jasmine grapes from his colleagues.

Now everyone knows her identity, so she took the exclusive elevator of Gong Lingye who was also on the president's floor.

As soon as she came out, she was taken aback by the scene in front of her.

I saw Gong Lingye standing with Lieyuan Shen and Lie Xiaorou, waiting for the elevator.

Gong Lingye was in the middle, Lie Xiaoruo on the left was staring at him, seeing the elevator arrived, so he said: "Brother, the elevator is coming."

However, no one expected that someone in the elevator was still Song Yi.

Therefore, the atmosphere is temporarily frozen.

The fire of the Song Yi people came up at once.

Lie Xiaoruo was called Gong Lingye ‘Brother’? She's such a nasty word, hasn't she called this wife a few times? !

Moreover, Gong Lingye didn't seem to have any objection at all. He let Lie Xiaoruo be on his left, keeping the distance that he might stick to him at any time.

Song Yiren's pupils immediately tightened. Unexpectedly, this fierce Xiaoying's soft soul was not scattered, and Gong Lingye let her come!

Unconsciously, she increased her strength, and she pinched the plastic box with grapes in her hand to deform.

Gong Lingye took the lead in responding, reaching for La Songyi's hand: "Nuan Nuan, how come?"

"I'll go to Mochen." she said, holding the box and leaving.

Where can Gong Lingye not see that Song Yi is angry? He quickly took her arm and took her into his arms, whispering: "Baby, don't get me wrong, I will explain this to you later."

Song Yi struggled a bit, but did not struggle, she said bitterly: "I just went to Mo Chen."

"Good boy, let's go downstairs together." Gong Lingye said, and she took Song Yi to the elevator.

Song Yi is angry, but here is a company after all, and there are brothers and sisters Shen Lie around her. She is not easy to attack. When she can only get on the elevator, she lifted her feet and stepped on Gong Lingye.

Gong Lingye was crying and laughing. He always knew that his little woman was a small vinegar tank. Before Song Ziheng had secrets with him, she was jealous.

Lie Xiaoruo is still a woman this time. If he doesn’t take her out immediately to explain clearly, if she is left alone, she will not die of herself?

On the other side, Lie Xiaoruan saw Gong Lingye since the Song Yi people appeared, his eyes never left the Song Yi people, and suddenly, he just felt a bit sour.

She all said that she was his sister, all relatives, and it was impossible for her to have any illusions about him in the future, but he still treated her so coldly.

I don't know. The testimonials are out. If they are really brothers and sisters, can he treat her one-tenth as good as He Wanshuang?

The elevator quickly reached the second floor underground, Gong Ling night said: "Mr. Lie, did you drive the car?"

Lie Yuan nodded.

Gong Lingye said immediately: "We each drive one, you and my car are just fine."

He said, pulling the Song Yi people into the car, and in the back row, when the driver was instructed, he directly pulled down the baffle.

The Song Yi people ignored Gong Lingye and came out of his arms when the car started.

He pulled the box from her hand, opened it with one hand, touched a grape, and sent it directly to his mouth.

Suddenly, full of flowers, fragrance of roses and jasmine bloom in the taste buds, sweet taste.

Gong Lingye clasped the back of Song Yi's head and blocked her lips directly.

So, the taste in his mouth also drifted into her mouth and escaped.

He forced her to entangle with him. She was angry and wanted to bite, but she still couldn't be cruel. She could only hide from the tip of his tongue and wrinkle his shirt.

Gong Lingye was comfortable, so she left Song Yiren’s lips a little, looking at her lips. The petals were kissed more brightly and full by him, he smiled, and his nose touched her: “Wife, jealous?”

She ignored him and closed her eyes to continue to be angry.

Gong Lingye picked another grape and fed it to Song Yi's lips.

Seeing her not eating, he said in her ear: "Wife, if you don't eat, I don't mind feeding you just the way."

Song Yiren had to eat. She opened her eyes and reached out to thrash Gong Lingye's chest: "Why did you let her by your side? She still called you brother!"