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#410 Life is like a play

Thinking of this, Bei Mingmo's sweat all stood up.

If Xuanyuan Che's mobile phone fell into that person's hand, then he himself probably had an accident.

She immediately remembered that Song Yiren also mentioned that day that no one answered Xuanyuan Che's phone, saying that he seemed busy abroad.

But what if it's not really busy?

Bei Mingmo's breathing was tight, so he had to dial the Song Yi people over.

However, one second before her finger touched the keyboard, she stopped.

If Xuanyuan Che really had an accident and the phone was taken to send a message to her, then it means everything about her and the other party is in your hands.

So, if she calls Song Yi, will the other person know? Will it eavesdrop. Listen?

If she doubted it, Xuanyuan Che would be easily torn.

So, all you have to do now is to follow the path of the other party, and temporarily count it, and see if they will do it!

Therefore, regardless of whether Xuanyuan Che was really out of order, or he was coerced into something, the content of her reply message should be consistent.

Thinking of this, Bei Mingmo reopened the message again, and gave Xuanyuan Che a reply: "Well, then break up, and there will be no future."

This text message fits her style very well.

She has always done things simply, especially emotionally, breaking up without dragging water, especially if you really like it, then it is impossible to be friends after breaking up.

After she replied the message, she did not wait for a while to reply, and she reacted so cold.

After sneezing, Bei Mingmo returned to the bathroom and took a shower again.

Her stomach has not been very good recently, in fact, it is not how much she drank, but she was a little trance, and she didn't know how to vomit.

Bei Mingmo thought that Li Xiaozi had stomach cancer at the time.

She rubbed her eyebrows and wiped her body after the shower to calm herself down.

Now all she has to do is find a chance to chat with Song Yi people tomorrow, and then let Gong Lingye help Cha Xuanyuan Che's whereabouts.

At the same time, wait for the anonymous call again.

If the phone no longer rings, then prove that everything is done by the person who called!

That night, Bei Mingmo thought he would not be able to sleep, but he fell asleep quickly.

Early the next morning, she went to the Song Yi people's base and asked the old ghosts to help them to see if there were any stolen devices on her body.

After confirming that there was not, she told Song Yiren her inference.

Immediately, the Song Yi people called Gong Lingye.

About ten minutes later, Gong Lingye replied with only one sentence: "A Che has an accident, and I will secretly investigate where he is now."

Thousands of miles away, Xuanyuan Che slowly opened his eyes when the light of dawn shone on the bed of the ward.

When he saw everything in front of him, he was startled, his thoughts still stuck in his memory when he was tied away and stabbed.

It seemed to be aware that he was awake. Next to him, a girl smiled gracefully and her voice sounded like a yellow warbler: "Second brother, are you awake? Are you uncomfortable?"

Xuanyuan Che heard this title, frowned, and didn't speak.

"Second brother, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Xuanyuan Yao, your fourth sister. You are now in Country J, an affiliated hospital of the Xuanyuan family." The girl's facial features are exquisite and beautiful, wearing a tall spring trench coat and a delicate figure There is.

Xuanyuan Che was shocked, J country? Xuanyuan family?

Therefore, the same-sex family that Gong Lingye mentioned before really has inextricably connected with the Xuanyuan family on the Hua Guo side?

So, who did he attack?

Just when he was silent, he heard another male voice: "Yaoer, the second brother woke up?"

Xuanyuan Che heard this voice, and suddenly he was excited.

When he was in a coma, he clearly heard the man's voice and seemed to be calling, saying what was unnecessary.

If so, then his present situation should be quite dangerous!

Thinking of this, Xuanyuan Che turned his head and looked blankly at the two.

Xuanyuan Yao smiled at him again: "Second brother, this is the third of our family, and also your cousin, named Xuanyuan Lin."

"Second Brother." Xuan Yuanlin laughed, and the two tiger teeth were rather cute: "You don't know, when you were pushed into the operating room yesterday, we were all worried about dying. Fortunately, you are fine!"

The same tone, but different tone, although he was comatose at the time, but Xuanyuan Che always felt that he had heard it correctly.

He spoke to the two: "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Second brother, you should remember who you are?" Xuanyuan Lin said with a smile.

Xuan Yuan Che seemed to realize this, and then touched his head in pain.

This is his first acting, and some are not sure whether the acting is in place.

"Second Brother, you really don't remember?" Xuanyuan Yao said doubtfully, approaching Xuanyuan Che, with an inquiry at the bottom of his eyes.

Xuanyuan Che pushed her away: "Don't be near me!"

Xuanyuan Yao was not angry because of this. After looking at Xuanyuan Che for a moment, she rushed to Xuanyuan Lin and said: "The second brother may be tired. Let's call the doctor!"

Having said that, the two left the ward, and not long after, several doctors were called over.

After carefully reviewing the data of Xuanyuan Che, they said: "In the case of the second young master, we need to do another brain CT."

Soon, Xuanyuan Che was pushed into the examination room for observation.

Several experts took the report and are discussing it.

"He has been hit on the head and may have injured the memory center, so he has amnesia."

"It may not be physiological, but psychologically instinctive forgetting."

"His condition, after treatment, should be more likely to recover."


In the office, Xuan Yuanlin listened to the analysis and smiled at the experts: "Then my second brother's situation is really amnesia?"

"The observation is indeed true," the experts said: "But it is not ruled out that it was because of the waking up just after the operation."

"Okay, thank you." Xuan Yuanlin left the office.

The news that Xuanyuan Che woke up soon reached the ear of Xuanyuan Che.

So, in the afternoon, he had rushed to the hospital, seeing his grandson was okay, and there was a smile of relief on his face, saying: "Ache, I am your grandfather, you may never have seen..."

Xuan Yuan Che still maintained the appearance of a person with amnesia and politely said to the old man: "I'm sorry, sir, I don't remember much of the past, I think, you may also be the wrong person."

Xuanyuan did not say: "A Che, you really can't remember anything? You don't remember your parents or who you are?"

"Sorry, I really don't remember." Xuanyuan Che pointed to Xuanyuanyao: "I am also very strange to them."

Xuan Yuanwei's expression suddenly became solemn.

Seeing this scene, Xuanyuan Yao lowered her eyes slightly, but the corners of her lips were extremely shallow.

Xuan Yuanlin, on the other hand, carelessly fiddled with the phone, as if everything was none of his own.