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#404 A pendant worthless

"Momo, you are here." Bei Ming nodded deeply at her.

"Shen Brother, I haven't seen you in a few years." Bei Mingmo looked him up and down: "It seems to be the same as before, but...more handsome!"

Bei Mingshen just smiled lightly and said nothing.

It was at this time that the'operation' light was off, and soon, the operating room opened.

Bei Mingmo felt his heart tighten and looked towards the door.

Bei Mingxiao was pushed out by the doctors and nurses, hanging bottles on his body.

"Doctor, how is he?" Bei Ming deep stepped forward and asked.

"He has been temporarily out of danger of life, but a blood clot in the skull oppresses the optic nerve, causing temporary blindness." The doctor said: "The operation needs to be performed again, but the operation is very risky. There are many nerves there, and a little carelessness will lead to brain death."

Bei Mingmo heard his heart sinking, and almost immediately thought of Song Yi's father.

If he is still there, maybe...

However, the last time Gong Mochen had an accident, Song Yiren seemed to have hired an equally powerful expert.

It seems that she may be able to ask Song Yiren after dawn and let her contact me.

Over there, Bei Mingshen listened to the doctor's words and tightened his eyebrows: "If you ask the best experts in the hospital for surgery, what is the success rate?"

"Should be less than 10%." The doctor said: "However, the blood clot may dissolve on its own, so we unanimously recommend conservative treatment."

"How long will it take?" Bei Mingshen asked again.

"This is difficult to predict. The fastest is two weeks, but some people will not be able to solve it for life." The doctor apologized.

Hearing the words, Bei Mingmo's heart sank all at once.

She knew the pain of blindness. In that year, she didn't know how many times she wanted to give up, but when she thought of a person like Chu Mingyao, she was at ease, and she insisted on holding her breath.

The atmosphere in the corridor became more dignified, and Bei Mingshen asked no more, but accompanied the doctor to send Bei Mingxiao into the intensive care unit.

Teddy has already looked more sad than he died: "A Xiao, his acting career is over!"

Bei Ming glanced at him faintly: "In this case, you don't have to stay here anymore."

"You--" Teddy still wanted to say something, but realized that the other brother must be in a bad mood, so he gritted his teeth and said: "Things happened in the crew, we will definitely follow up on the follow-up. I will go first tonight. Yes, I will send the staff tomorrow."

As soon as Teddy left, the doctor left the room after explaining the precautions. Therefore, only Beimingmo and Beimingshen were in the ward.

Not seen for a few years, Bei Mingmo did not know what to say to Bei Mingshen.

After a brief silence, Bei Ming deeply opened: "Momo, do you think this operation should be done?"

Bei Mingmo pondered for a moment: "Don't do it for the time being, just watch it for a few months."

"I intend to do the same, but I don't know if A Xiao can accept it." Bei Ming looked at Bei Ming Mo deeply: "I'm usually busy. In the future, you can comfort me with A Xiao."

"Of course no problem, he is my second brother!" Bei Mingmo said: "Shen Brother, are you still doing geological exploration?"

"Well." Bei Ming nodded deeply, and suddenly thought of something, so he took out a bag from his pocket.

He opened the velvet bag and suddenly revealed a pendant worn with black leather rope.

The pendant is composed of three crystal stones, and the middle one is a clear blue, let people see it, as if to see a deep sea.

The crystals on both sides are smaller, light pink, and they are both crystal clear, refracting thousands of fine pieces of light under the light.

Bei Mingmo is accustomed to all kinds of gemstones, and it is really the first time he has seen such a crystal without impurities. He can't help saying: "It's beautiful! Brother Shen, what is this?"

"When I did geological exploration in recent years, I unearthed." Bei Mingshen still looked indifferent, but opened the button on the leather rope and walked behind Bei Mingmo, said: "You didn't say that before , I really want a natural spar necklace? So I accidentally found these stones and let people process them."

He said nothing but put it directly on her neck.

Bei Mingmo bowed his head, and felt the coolness of the spar on the skin, which was extremely comfortable to touch.

This kind of material, she doesn't need to go to the jewelry market to know the value...

She turned her head: "Shen Brother, this is too expensive. Do you usually have a high salary? Is this still after you stay..."

"No." Bei Mingshen has approached her and said, "I have enough wages."

Bei Mingmo didn't know what to say, but she really liked the pendant, so she nodded: "Thank you, brother Shen!"

She had already begun to plan her mind. Looking back, if Bei Mingshen married, she must give him a big red envelope.

It's just that when she thought of this, she suddenly realized something, so she looked up: "Shen Brother, are you... married? Or do you have a girlfriend?"

"None." Bei Ming's eyes darkened: "Why do you ask?"

"No, just thinking about the news that you haven't been there for a few years, so ask." Bei Mingmo smiled.

"What about you?" He asked her, "Is there a boyfriend?"

Bei Mingmo raised his smile and shook his head: "No!"

It seems that because the topic is quite sensitive, neither of them said anything.

The room was a little dull until Bei Mingmo's cell phone rang.

She took it out and saw it from Xuanyuan Che.

She smiled deeply at Beiming and got up to go out to answer the phone: "Why haven't you slept yet?"

"I was suddenly a little hungry and went to eat supper." Xuanyuan Che said: "Momo, how is your second brother?"

"The situation is not very good." Bei Mingmo explained the Beimingxiao incident, and then said: "I have recently estimated that I have to be on the side of the hospital. You go to bed first and talk tomorrow."

"Good." Xuanyuan Che's voice slowed down: "Momo, good night."

"Good night." Bei Mingmo smiled unconsciously.

Over there, Xuan Yuan Che hung up the phone and walked towards the parking place.

At this moment, four men suddenly rushed out on both sides of the alley and rushed towards Xuanyuan Che.

His heart tightened, and he had to touch his phone to hold it tightly, but the four men were so good that they took away his phone almost instantly.

One of them buckled his shoulders, and he swept his legs and swept past, but after all, his fists were invincible, and he was quickly restrained, and then pulled into a car.

The whole process is so fast that no one notices the movement here.

The car drove all the way to the beach, half an hour later, arrived at the pier.

The pier was also extremely quiet tonight, even the lights that had been on in the past were not on.

Xuanyuan Che was stunned by a stick when he was pulled out of the car.

"Hurry up." The driver rushed towards those people.

Those people nodded and dragged Xuanyuan Che to the speedboat, driving for about fifteen minutes. Then, someone took out a knife and poked it into Xuanyuan Che's abdomen!