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After several hours of flight, Song Yiren and Gong Lingye finally came to the land of R country.

    Because it was late at night, the two did not go to Song Ziheng immediately, but went to the hotel to rest for a few hours before driving to Song Ziheng's school.

    Because I heard that my sister would bring her boyfriend over, Song Ziheng hardly slept last night. My heart was inexplicably vigilant and repulsive to the coming Gong Lingye.

    After casually eating some breakfast, Song Ziheng just packed it, and the phone rang, and the voice of Song Yiren came from inside: "Zi Heng, we are at the door of your school."

    He tapped on the table to indicate that he heard it, and then squeezed the phone and walked out.

    The teenager's figure was straight, and Chaoyang pulled him out of a long shadow behind him.

    His hand was clenched tightly, and as he got closer to the school gate, his heart became deeper and deeper.

    At the age of one, his brother-in-law destroyed all his happiness, but he knew nothing about it at that time, and regarded the man as the only relative in the world.

    It was not until the truth was revealed that all the ugliness was unbearable in the sun, and he did n’t know what it means to know ‘knowing people, knowing faces and not knowing’.

    It is said that the growth of a man requires an unforgettable love, or, for an irreversible accident, he did grow up overnight and was caught off guard.

    He didn't blame his sister for easily trusting someone, because he also knew the taste of loneliness, the kind of coldness that penetrated into the bone marrow after a midnight dream.

    When Song Ziheng turned the corner, Lao Yuan saw a pair of men and women standing at the door.

    Up to now, he was still in a trance when he saw the face of Song Yi people at the moment.

    And beside her, stood a tall man, the two were talking, the man put Song Yiren's hand on the palm of his warmth, they surrounded the couple's towels, and smiled with frowns under their eyes.

    That was the smile that Song Ziheng had never seen on the Song Yi people. The girl faced the smile of the person she liked and looked at the man's eyes, revealing the light of admiration.

    He felt as if his heart had been eaten up by a small piece of it, which was a bit dull.

    At this moment, it was obvious that Song Yiren and Gong Lingye also saw him, so they quickly approached him.

    "Zi Heng, how have you been?" Song Yi looked at his brother who seemed to be taller again: "Look, is it thin or fat?"

    Song Ziheng pulled her face back and forth until Song Yiren concluded: "No fat, but a little darker than before, it should be healthier!"

    She said, and in the past compared to a man: "Ah, it seems that it really grows taller? I used to go to your eyebrows, but now I only reach my eyes!"

    Seeing that the Song Yi people were happy, the cloud over Song Ziheng's heart finally dissipated a little.

    After reading his brother back and forth several times, Song Yiren took him to introduce: "Zi Heng, this is my boyfriend Gong Lingye, Ling Ye, he is my brother Song Ziheng."

    Gong Lingye will hand over the gift he has prepared for a long time: "Zi Heng, you are the younger brother of Yiren, that is, my younger brother. If you have any difficulties here, please let me know."

    Song Ziheng took it and smiled politely.

    He is not grateful to Gong Lingye. After all, he escaped from Chu Mingyao's devil's claws. Gong Lingye helped him.

    However, who knows that the handsome man in front of him will not be the second Chu Mingyao in the future?

    The Song Yi people felt Song Ziheng's restraint, so they said: "Let's go to the school to go around together!"

    Song Ziheng nodded and took Song Yi and them together.

    The school playground on Sunday was quite deserted. The three of them walked and said, of course, mainly the Song Yi people.

    After making a circle on the campus, Song Yi went to Song Ziheng's class teacher to learn about the situation.

    Outside, Gong Lingye and Song Ziheng stood in front of the playground. Gong Ling saw two students shooting at night, so he greeted Song Ziheng: "Go play together?"

    Song Ziheng didn't know what his mentality was, and he obviously didn't like to play, but at the moment he nodded and trot with Gong Lingye.

    Gong Lingye briefly explained the intention, and the classmate was also very happy that someone had joined, so the four of them went into two or two teams and fought together.

    Gong Lingye and a short boy, Song Ziheng and a tall boy.

    Because Gong Ling was tall at night, the teammate rushed to Song Ziheng and said: "We are attacking and defending one by one. I shoot well, you get the ball and give it to me directly!"

    However, when the game started, teammates found out that Song Ziheng was almost alone.

    He seemed like a lone wolf, rushing into the battle group alone, even if he was wounded, he would not give his back and trust to his partner.

    So, when Gong Lingye made consecutive shots, Song Ziheng's teammates couldn't help but say: "Classmates, what are you doing, won't you play? We are a team, ok?"

    Song Ziheng's pupils tightened, his thin lips squeezed, and there was no sound.

    Aside, Gong Lingye went over to grab his shoulders and rushed at the other party: "I and his team, your team, and another game."

    "OK." Everyone continued to start again.

    Over there, Song Yiren is communicating with his teacher.

    The teacher said: "Your younger brother is very smart and can keep up with his studies, but he doesn't like to communicate with people, especially team activities, he is almost reluctant to participate."

    Song Yiren understands that after experiencing those pains, he has left indelible scars in the heart of the teenager.

    Her younger brother seemed to be better, but he did not speak and did not like to communicate with his classmates, proving that he was still in the shadows.

    From the office, Song Yi saw Gong Lingye and Song Ziheng also just got off the court.

    She smiled: "You guys are playing, will you go out and watch a painting exhibition together for a while?"

    Song Ziheng nodded, and Gong Lingye approached, holding Song Ziheng's shoulder in one hand and holding Song Yiren in one hand, saying, "What do you want to eat at noon? I ordered in advance."

    "I want to eat hot pot, but I don't know if there is." Song Yi said humanely.

    "It should be there in OCT. I have been there before." Gong Ling night said: "Zi Heng, can we eat hot pot?"

    Song Ziheng nodded and turned to glance at Gong Lingye's hand on his shoulder. Very natural and casual. For so many years before, it seems that Chu Mingyao has never been close to him like this.

    He felt inexplicable emotions in his heart, but there was no change in expression on the delicate and thin face, but nodded lightly.

    The three went to the exhibition area together. Halfway through, Song Yi went to the bathroom.

    In front of an oil painting, Gong Lingye looked at the boy sitting under the pane in the picture and sang to Song Ziheng beside him: "He wanted to go out, but he was afraid to go out."

    Song Ziheng stared at the boy in the picture and nodded.

    "I know you are the same." Gong Lingye turned to look at him: "I will help you find a psychologist, you can't speak, it's not a physical problem!"