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There were too many people in the ward. Although they silently didn't speak, Yue Wenqing drove everyone out, leaving only an old lady who took care of the bed.

    After all, Mrs. Gong was older, and the doctor came over to check on her, saying that she was only in a hurry, and she would not be okay. She would wake up after a rest, and everyone was relieved.

    At this moment, Song Yiren and Yue Wenqing were sitting by the bed, and Song Yiren said, "Brother Mochen, can you hear us?"

    On the hospital bed, Gong Mochen remained motionless, his breath still slightly frightening.

    The Song Yi took Ruwa out, turned on the power, and said, "Look, Ruwa came to see you."

    In the palm of my hand, the broken little guy turned on the power and heard the voice of the Song Yi people, and immediately said: "Master, come and see others!"

    Song Yi people felt a little sad for no reason: "Well, I'm late."

    "It's not too late!" Ruwa began to complain: "The new owner is too cold. I will say 100 sentences to him, and he will only return a" huh! "

    "How do you like a girl like him?"

    "His mother is single!"

    However, the next second, Ruwa's lights flashed, and the style of the painting was suddenly changed: "The Lord Jin is big! I'm wrong! I shouldn't talk nonsense! You are the most handsome and stylish, much more handsome than that Gong Ling Ye! "

    Song Yi was stunned, this sentence, she taught it?

    Just when the Song Yi people were puzzled, footsteps suddenly came from outside, and then Gong Lingye pushed the door and walked in.

    wa continues: "Jin Lord is big, I said you are handsomer than Gong Ling Ye, why don't you praise me?"

    Song Yi raised his eyes and pinched Ruwa and Gong Lingye to stare at each other, inexplicably embarrassed.

    However, before he had time to think about how to face Gong Lingye, Yue Wenqing stood up suddenly.

    Song Yi people stunned, a bit of speculation in mind.

    Sure enough, waiting for Gong Lingye to speak, Yue Wenqing already sneered; "Now Mochen, are you satisfied?"

    When Gong Lingye came over, he had already heard the doctor talk about Gong Mochen's situation. At this moment, when he saw Gong Mochen lying there in such a motionless state, he felt uncomfortable.

    Seeing Yue Wenqing walking towards him, he didn't want to have a dispute in the ward, so he said, "Sister-in-law, let's go out and talk!"

    When the two came outside, the flames of Yue Wenqing's eyes had already poured out: "Gong Ling Ye, you sent Mo Chen here, did you also think of today ?! When you were young, how did your brother treat you well? , Do you always remember? Are you worthy of him by doing this ?! "

    Gong Lingye's tone was also a little dull: "Sorry, I didn't think about it."

    "Oh, what's the use of sorry, can you make Mo Chen wake up?" Yue Wenqing's chest undulated, and the whole person was already on the verge of collapse.

    "I believe Mo Chen will wake up and have used all methods ..." Gong Lingye was interrupted by Yue Wenqing before she finished.

    She rushed up and grabbed his arm. Because of the force, her nails almost cut through his skin: "I wanted to come here to see it before, Mo Chen wouldn't let me come! I came here to know that it is so hard ! Not even a decent hospital! "

    She screamed: "You didn't think about it, Mo Chen may get sick. What if he is sick and can't get treatment ?! What if he is injured, without medicine ?!"

    "You just want him to die! He is dead, and the Gong family is yours!"

    Facing Yue Wenqing's hysterics, Gong Lingye just explained: "Sister-in-law, I never thought about it that way. This time, I admit that I was negligent, but I really hope Mo Chen is fine."

    "Oh, now he is like this, of course you can say anything!" Yue Wenqing tears down: "My elder brother and you are the only one. Your elder brother left early, and I raised him carefully! Now, but Encountered such a thing! Gong Lingye, are you a vampire of the Gong family ?! "

    At this time, the door of the ward opened, and the assistant helped the old lady go out.

    Mrs. Gong went to pat the back of Yue Wenqing's hand: "Wen Qing, don't be sad, Mochen Taji is in good condition, it won't be a problem! It may wake up soon!"

    "Mom!" Yue Wenqing red eyes: "Even if Gong Lingye is your son, I have to say! You see, where is this place! He was so cruel to let Mo Chen come!"

    "At that time, Mo Chen and his uncle left, saying that the company handed over to the sixth brother, I didn't say anything!" Yue Wenqing looked at Gong Ling Ye Road: "Now, we have given you everything, are you still not satisfied? You have to force your nephew to be happy ?! Gong Lingye, why are you so cruel ?! "

    Old lady Gong sighed, and looked at Gong Lingye's eyes a little more disappointed: "Ling Ye, this is so hard, how can you let Mo Chen come? In case there is a headache and brain fever, it is not good to be sick. Environment ... Hey! "

    Gong Lingye looked at the disappointment of her mother's eyes, and then thought of just seeing Gong Mochen's dying look, only to feel that her heart was weighed down by a heavy weight, and she felt a pain.

    He didn't say that after his analysis, the other party actually wanted the effect today.

    When all his energy and precautions were used to prevent his so-called 32-year-old hurdle, the other party was caught off guard and paid a salary to the Gong family!

    Once Gong Mochen died, if Gong Lingye really found out that his body had lesions after two years, then the Gong family was really in the forefront!

    What a vicious tactics, even if he was very careful, he was caught off guard!

    He didn't say that in fact, these years, he has been arranging for the hurdle two years later.

    He developed this aircraft production base and asked Gong Mochen to come over, but just wanted to wait for the base project to get on track, and then transferred Gong Mochen back to China.

    Well, with Meng Mochen who has been operating alone for more than half a year abroad, he will naturally not be suspected by shareholders after returning to China, and Mong Mochen can also have considerable exercise on his own. Kan, then the palace will not have much impact.

    And now ...

    Gong Lingye was silent for a moment, and said, "Mom, sister-in-law, I will explain this to you later. But please believe that I never thought of killing Mo Chen, he is my loved one. My elder brothers passed away one after another, and I felt very uncomfortable, and it was impossible to design such a thing for Mo Chen. "

    Yue Wenqing had to say something, but the old lady Gong Gong held her back: "Wen Qing, what are we going to talk about, now we have to work hard to make Mo Chen wake up!"

    Yue Wenqing's eyes were red and Ning Lingye's eyes were hatred. Her chest undulated, and it was easy to control her emotions: "Okay, I'll go to see Mo Chen."

    Gong Lingye also walked to the door of the ward at this moment. He pushed the door a little and saw Song Yiren by the bed. She was talking to Gong Mochen.