Home Female Romantic Counterattack of a Reborn Daughter


The beautiful wall lamp plated the entire room with a soft light. There are two red candles and wine glasses on the central table, and the sound on the side is playing soft music.

    Song Yi was put down by Gong Lingye, put on a red dress, and sat opposite him.

    Gong Lingye brought a lighter, lit two red candles, and then turned off the wall light.

    Suddenly, apart from the beating candlelight, there was only one another in the room.

    Today is their wedding night, Dongfang Huadengmeijiu, is also indispensable.

    Gong Lingye opened the wine bottle, poured a glass for him and Song Yiren, and then picked it up, looking into the eyes of the woman opposite: "Yiren, thank you for handing me to me!"

    Song Yi's heartbeat also continued to beat with the light of the candlelight. She raised her glass and looked at him: "Ling Ye, thank you for saving me."

    Because of him, her world is no longer only a dark revenge, but also light and joy.

    His wrist passed through her and he lifted each other up and drank from the glass.

    The liquor slipped from the throat and the heat flowed into the stomach. Gong Lingye bowed his head and kissed the soft, red lips of Song Yiren.

    He kissed very softly, as if with a lot of treasure and care, for fear of breaking his baby.

    She also responded to him, also entangled.

    Gradually, the kisses of each other became deeper and deeper, until she was completely soft in his arms, and he held her face, only to feel that nothing was enough.

    The clothes became more and more messy during the kiss, and finally, they turned into snowflakes, the tent fell, the red candle swayed outside, and there was only a murky voice in the room.

    He felt her tight package, and her dark eyes locked her: "Baby, take care of yourself when I am away."

    She responded: "Okay."

    He said again: "Wife, believe me, I will persevere."

    She continued to respond, because she was breathing, so she looked a little bit like a mosquito: "Well, my husband, I'm waiting for you."

    "Okay." He leaned over and blocked her lips again ...

    Song Yiren was really tossed by Gong Lingye. At night, when she couldn't hold on to the end, he still said in her ear: "Baby, don't you say you want a new posture in the car?"

    She cried for mercy, but he didn't know enough.

    At the end, her voice was dumb, complaining with dissatisfaction: "You bully me!"

    He laughed: "Yes, I bullied you all my life!"

    She was hit in the heart by his 'lifetime', so she was exhausted, perseverance from somewhere, and stretched her arms to hook his neck, but the hoarse voice was all soft and soft. " OK! "

    Gong Lingye couldn't stand it, so he continued to struggle ...

    When the Song Yi people woke up the next day, the bed beside them was gone.

    She was shocked and got up quickly, sitting up and saw that it was already ten thirty in the morning.

    Didn't her alarm ring? She was about to look at her mobile phone, and she noticed that a note was pressed on the writing desk beside the bed.

    The Song Yi people picked it up, and it was the handwriting of Gong Lingye: "Wife, I went to the research institute. I'm afraid if you wake up, I won't want to go. Don't look at me. Time is running out. Do what you need most now. The cold medicine is at the dining table outside, remember not to take it. "

    Song Yi people saw a burst of nose, but quickly adjusted back.

    He said not to visit him, she understood what he meant. Because it was cold there, she was likely to get a cold. Second, when he was away, she still had a lot to prepare.

    Song Yi took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

    Outside, Song Ziheng was already reading for breakfast.

    The Song Yi people opened their chairs and sat down, saying, "Zi Heng, I might arrange an opportunity for you to apply the theory you learned to practice recently."

    Song Ziheng raised his eyes: "Okay!" He learned a lot from the materials given to him by Gong Lingye, but he did not have any experience in how to manage the company.

    "You have been preparing for these two days. I asked a makeup artist to come and change the facial features for you. It is estimated that you can go to the company with me tomorrow." Song Yi said with humanity.

    "Good!" Song Ziheng nodded: "Is the brother-in-law also together?"

    "Your brother-in-law is on a business trip again." Song Yi said humanely.

    "Oh." Song Ziheng was a little disappointed, but then thought again, even if the master was not present, he, an apprentice, could not be timid!

    The Song Yi people quickly ate breakfast and left the villa.

    When she walked to the car, she found an eagle hovering in the sky.

    It is also rare that a modern metropolis like Imperial City would have an eagle. But Song Yiren felt a flash of memory flash in his mind.

    Such memories are so far away that when she thinks about it, she is already vague, and some of them can't even remember the truth or her dream.

    She picked up her phone and called Bei Mingmo.

    Bei Mingmo was excited to choose a bridesmaid wedding dress. When she saw Song Yi called, she immediately answered: "Baby, I'm choosing a wedding dress. We really have a heart!"

    Song Yiren didn't even think of anything else at this moment. She was beating fast and asked anxiously: "Momo, do you remember a picture? It was when we were in elementary school. It seemed that we both saw a flying eagle tattoo on our wrist once. Man? At that time, we seemed to be in your basement? "

    Bei Mingmo froze for a moment, then said: "I think about it ..."

    She tried to recall, for a long time, suddenly a flash of light: "I remembered!"

    Song Yiren was frightened by her high voice and her heart was shut down: "Come on, what is it like?"

    Bei Mingmo said: "It seems that we secretly went to my basement to find glutinous rice wine to drink, right? Then we heard the movement and thought it was my dad, so we hid."

    Song Yi breathed tightly: "Yes! Then we hid behind the wine jar and heard someone coming in."

    "Uh huh!" Bei Mingmo said: "There was indeed a black flying eagle tattoo on that person! I still felt so cool at that time, and then secretly used a watercolor pen to draw one for myself. As a result, the drawing skills were too poor, Ugly is dead ... "

    The horror in Song Yi's heart was beyond description. She said: "Momo, do you know who that person is?"

    "I don't know!" Bei Mingmo said: "We were afraid that we might be caught doing wrong things. Where did we dare to say that we had been to the basement! It was small at that time, and after coming out, I forgot about it in two days. It ’s not that you mention it now, I ca n’t even remember it! "

    Song Yi took a deep breath: "Momo, that person with tattoos, we don't seem to have seen it again later? And, you think, he went to your basement in the first place, instead of getting wine, and never heard of your dad. Say something is lost at home. So, what is he doing? And, will he have the key to your home? "

    Bei Mingmo thought this way, and the hair on her body also stood up: "Yi Yi, you really said that! So we both escaped the disaster at that time? But why did you suddenly think of this?"

    The Song Yi people couldn't describe the complex and chaotic feeling in her heart. She said: "Momo, you know, I was chased into the underground pipeline in Ningcheng for three days, and those people have such tattoos on their wrists!"