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#59 Fulfill her wish

At the piano entrance, the little guy might be tired of playing with snow, so he ran in again, lying in front of the piano next to the Song Yi people, his big eyes looking at this beautiful and strange sister.

    After the song ended, the Song Yi people continued to play the next song.

    Many things in the past, like a glimmer of light, are constantly reappearing in my mind.

    She felt a sudden distress at the baby's eyes in front of her.

    In the past, I heard people say, "Things are right and wrong, and tears flow first", maybe there is no feeling, but at this moment, maybe it is because I saw my brother during the day, or maybe it is a "snow" at this moment, which makes her depressed A long time of emotion finally broke out and was difficult to relieve.

    "Yan Zhaoqinxing", she knows why this name is called. Only because the hostess's surname is Yan and the male surname is Zhao.

    She knows many of their stories, only because she and they were high school classmates.

    Even, three years ago, the Song Yi people had received their wedding invitations, but she failed to go to the appointment because of ‘death’.

    A wall of life and death blocked everything. Even if she stood in front of a familiar person, she could not say anything to them.

    Looking at Song Yiren, the little boy noticed something was wrong.

    He hesitated for a while, or climbed in front of the Song Yi people, blinking his big eyes: "Sister, why are you crying?"

    The Song Yiren met the boy's big black grape-like eyes, her throat was blocked, and she could not make a sound.

    At the time, she still remembered that the swallow said to her that she had to hurry up for the wedding because her belly could not keep her ...

    For three years, her children are so old!

    When the little boy saw that Song Yiren didn't answer, he thought about it, ran inside and took a tissue to hand Song Yiren over: "Sister doesn't cry anymore, baby gives you candy!"

    Having said that, really stuffed a piece of sugar to the Song Yi people.

    Song Yi people took it and smiled: "Thank you baby, what is your name?"

    "Baby called Gugu!" Said the little guy, looking away in a certain direction, and then raised his little chubby hand, pointing at one place: "Sister, just an uncle has been watching you there!"

    Song Yiren heard the words, turned his head suspiciously, and looked in the direction of the little guy.

    However, there was only fluttering snowflakes in the night, and no one was there.

    The little guy obviously also found that the person was gone, his expression could not help but confused, frowning and said: "Hey, why is the uncle gone?"

    When the Song Yi people withdrew their gazes, the little guy was already embraced by the swallows.

    "Haha, my son is a natural acquaintance!" She smiled and hugged him: "Drumming, it's almost nine o'clock, it's time for Xixiangxiang to sleep!"

    Drumming was obviously reluctant, pouting: "Drumming to play with a pretty sister!"

    "Like your dad, when you see a beautiful woman, you can't turn your eyes!" Yanzi said bitterly, and came to an eye knife at the man inside.

    The man immediately raised his hand and surrendered: "Wife, injustice, I am blind!"

    Song Yiren saw that the two were still the same as they were three years ago, and their lips and lips couldn't help but slowly overflowed with a smile.

    She wiped away the tears on her eyelashes, waved her hands vigorously, and turned away.

    On the other side of the square, there is a wishing pool beside the music fountain. The Song Yi people walked over and she turned a coin out of her pocket, the only one in her pocket.

    She walked to the wishing pond and looked at the toad's mouth in the center, and compared.

    She always had nothing to throw when throwing things. When she was in high school, her classmates pulled her to play. She never shot one.

    In the past, she didn't believe in wishes or ghosts. But when he was reborn, Song Yi people began to believe.

    She compared and compared, and finally found a good angle and threw it.

    However, as soon as the parabola came out, she knew there was no drama.

    She lost her heart for no reason, but she suddenly didn't believe her eyes.

    I saw that just after the coin she tossed, a coin came first and hit her coin.

    As a result, the coin was bounced off and fell into the pool, and her coin seemed to be accelerated, flying into the toad's mouth in a strange arc.

    Song Yi was a little surprised, but it was too late to think about it, because this was her first ‘hit’, so she quickly folded her hands and began to make a pious prayer.

    In the darkness not far behind, a child was unsure about the tall man beside him: "Uncle, did you really send me this tie clip?"

    This tie clip looks good, better than what he saw in his father's closet, and this uncle just asked him for a dollar coin.

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Well, take it, I don't want it."

    "Thank you uncle!" The child held it joyously, don't put it on his collar, only felt that he became a business elite in an instant, and walked out of the pace that six relatives did not recognize.

    After the Song Yi people had made their wish, only then did they have time to look back and see who had tossed the coin, which became her god assist.

    However, there was only a group of playful children behind him. It seemed that the scene just now was just a miracle created by God who couldn't bear to look at her disappointment.

    Perhaps because of the success of the wish, Song Yi was in a much better mood. She found a place to sit down and watched the water of the fountain flying up and down, splashing small drops of water one by one.

    I have n’t been to Ningcheng for three years. Everything is strange and familiar. Song Yi looked at a shop on the street and remembered that she and Bei Mingmo had been arranging for half an hour to buy milk tea from his house. .

    It's just that this online celebrity shop seems to have slumped, like Mencora.

    Sure enough, in three years, not only people but also things have changed.

    Song Yiren didn't know how long she sat there. She looked down the street from lively to quiet. She looked down at the time and realized that she was almost at zero.

    At zero, there will be a rattle in this music square, but it is not the new year now, so there is not even a couple in the place where the rattle is.

    Song Yi people walked over and found that the countdown was only half a minute. She came under the string of bells, turned on her phone, and tapped the self-portrait mode.

    But soon, time finally reached zero, and the series of bells automatically rang, ding dong dong, as if ringing in the empty valley.

    The camera automatically focused on the face of Song Yiren. The bell behind her meandered into a long string of notes, which surrounded her. The ringing of the bell lasted for 30 seconds before finally ending.

    Song Yi people turned off the shooting, put away their phones, and prepared to take a taxi back to the hotel.

    In fact, parking is not allowed here, so the Song Yi people can only cross the road to get a taxi at the intersection over there.

    In the city at zero, there are very few cars on the road. She did not install Ningguo's taxi software on her mobile phone. After hesitating, she opened the mobile phone application and was ready to download one while walking.

    However, what she didn't notice was that in the dark, there were three street gangsters looking at her back, her eyes showing greed and greed.

    Seeing that the Song Yi people had crossed a small intersection, the three looked at each other and rushed up.

    However, in front of them suddenly appeared a man dressed in a shirt and trousers, at first glance dressed in business.