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#143 Pull black

Song Yi was shocked, and his hand was still on Gong Lingye's chest. The whole person seemed to be pressed the stop button.

    At the entrance of the elevator, the employee who had watched the great event almost cried.

    She just passed a special elevator, and as a result, she saw that the legendary president of the palace, who was never close to the woman, even pressed a woman on the elevator to play the wall!

    As the saying goes, the more you know, the faster you die!

    But, oh, she was so scared that she didn't see anything at all?

    In the elevator, Song Yi people were equally nervous.

    Before she broke up with Gong Mochen, they only mentioned it in Gong Mochen's office, and the whole company knew it. And now ...

    I only felt that the waist was tight, and the Song Yi people had been completely embraced by Gong Lingye.

    With his hand on the back of her head, he pressed her face completely to his chest. He wrapped her hands around her, slightly sideways, and an eye knife fell on the staff of the door. The voice was cold and horrified: "What do you see? "

    The staff burst into tears: "President Gong, I didn't see anything! I was short-sighted, and you blocked it. I don't know anything ... No, I didn't even see you!"

    "I hope you can do it." Gong Ling night said a word, and the elevator door closed.

    The employee saw the closed door, and then sat on the ground.

    A colleague passing by saw it quickly came over: "Xiao Chen, what's wrong with you?"

    "I, I fell ..." Xiao Chen was helped back to the seat by a colleague, and then slowly recovered.

    This secret must be rotten in the stomach.

    In the elevator, Song Yiren asked, "Stop paying wages?"

    Gong Ling night said: "Scrap, I will let Bae Jun notify the personnel department."

    Song Yiren felt even more upset when she heard it, and it happened that she went to the president floor again. She came out of Gong Lingye's arms and followed him to the office with her lips tightly closed.

    Just after entering the door, Gong Lingye closed the door. He picked up the landline on the table and called Pei Jun. After hanging up, he got up and went to the lounge to get a box out.

    "Nuan Nuan, I saw a necklace in the magazine yesterday, which is very suitable for you." Then, Gong Lingye took it out and would put it on the Song Yi people.

    Song Yi people don't say: "No more." The voice was cold, and there was a sense of distance throughout the body.

    "Good boy, I bought it for you." Gong Lingye lured.

    Song Yiren pushed him away: "No, Mr. Gong is so powerful. I'm a small intern. I'm also worried that I will deduct the salary of the next month!

    "Nuan Nuan, a necklace is more expensive than a month's salary." Gong Lingye leaned over to kiss Song Yiren: "Otherwise, I will send you a red envelope?"

    Song Yiren broke away from him again: "We don't matter, we are not affected by powerlessness, I can't stand necklaces and red envelopes!"

    Having said that, she walked directly to the door and pulled away and walked out.

    The wild cat is really angry?

    He was obviously jealous, and he should be angry. Why did he coax her into him in the end?

    Gong Lingye was about to go after someone, and he heard a familiar voice from outside.

    "If it's warm?" Gong Mochen had just come up and saw an angry and forbearing Song Yi. Subconsciously, he felt that the Song Yi people had been bullied by Gong Lingye.

    "Gong Shao is always good!" Song Yiren said nothing, and passed directly with Gong Mochen.

    A few seconds later, Gong Mochen came to Gong Lingye's office and said, "Uncle, I think the penalty for deducting one month's salary is too heavy. If you warm her ..."

    Gong Lingye just sat back at her desk, heard the words, and slowly lifted her eyes from the document. She said meaningfully: "Mo Chen, Miss Yu just said that she dumped you. You have been speaking for her today Are you not willing to be broken up? You just like her? "

    When Gong Mochen heard it, Song Yiren even said that she dumped him, and there was a burst of anger in her heart. But Gong Lingye's second sentence instantly silenced him.

    He is not reconciled? Does he like her?

    Breathing a little chaotic, Gong Mochen subconsciously denied this possibility, but the unwillingness of his heart was clearly clamoring.

    Moreover, he thought of his heart just in the car, thought of a thought that wanted to hold her in his arms, and even before that, he had many thoughts and wanted to make their contractual relationship fake. Really.

    So, did he really like her?

    This recognition made Gong Mochen feel a little panicked, but there was another kind of sweet surge that had never been experienced. For a time, it seemed that he had overturned the five-flavored bottle.

    Therefore, he did not notice the topic that Gong Lingye changed instantly.

    "Mo Chen, I haven't had the right person in charge for the country F project set by the general meeting of shareholders on Monday. This must be your own. I can only trust you."

    Gong Mochen heard, almost nodded mechanically: "Well."

    Gong Lingye said again: "It was a bit difficult in the early stage of the project over there. I'm afraid you will be able to come back at least half a year after you pass. However, if you are not so busy, you can still buy tickets at any time. After all, our two countries have also established diplomatic relations. Easy travel. "

    After all, he took out the document and handed it to Gong Mochen: "You are familiar with the project first, and recently you have completed the team formation, just give me a budget figure. All things over there are under your sole responsibility. "

    Gong Mochen looked at the result file and looked down. Afterwards, he felt generally: "Uncle, are you talking about the project of country F?"

    Gong Lingye smiled: "Mo Chen, if you have any questions, please let me know, I will let everyone cooperate with you."

    Gong Mochen responded: "Well."

    When he went out with the documents, the whole person was a little ignorant. Why do you always think something is wrong?

    However, the project of country F is indeed the most important strategic layout of Tiangong Group in the next ten years, but the country F is really a bit overwhelming.

    I heard that even the Internet has not been able to cover 4G, and 3G Internet access is intermittent ...

    That night, Gong Lingye called the Song Yi people, and no one answered them after several calls. I sent a message and didn't reply. Transfer money is also rejected.

    The next day happened to be off duty. The Song Yi people went to the address from Beimingmo early in the morning.

    This is a studio rented by Unique, and today's stylists and photographers are also famous ‘magic hands’ in the industry.

    In the dressing room, Song Yi changed her moon-white evening dress and wore a diamond necklace sponsored by the famous jewelry brand Joii on her neck.

    Suddenly remembered that Gong Lingye wanted to send her yesterday, it seems that this brand.

    Would you deduct her salary before sending a necklace and give a slap to a sweet date? Song Yi talents do not eat this set, she blocked Gong Lingye and Bae Jun in the circle of friends.

    The makeup artist was finishing the last makeup for Song Yiren, and when she sorted out the skirt and walked out, everyone couldn't help looking away.

    His figure is graceful, and her white skirt drags the ground. The beautiful features are like the most elaborate works of art by God. They are 360-degree flawless.

    Bei Mingmo turned his head and stared at the abyss of the Song Yi people, saying: "Third Brother, I arbitrarily announced that let Ruo Nuan be the global endorsement of Unique, aren't you angry?"

    "How could it be?" Lie Yuanshen's eyes didn't leave Song Yiren, and there was a smile of appreciation on his lips: "Not to mention, although Unique is under the group, it is still yours to take care of, so you are fully responsible I never had an opinion. "

    He paused deliberately before saying: "Besides, you have a good vision, I am very satisfied with this spokesperson."