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#74 Do you hit your face well?

Someone helped read the code, and the girl started typing and clicked submit.

Everyone held their breath and stared at the screen.

Soon, the screen will show the query results: the package is Y & amp; m genuine, thank you for your patronage.

"Ha ha, I said that the auction must be true. Could someone take a fake?"

"Yes, Miss Yu, what else can you say now?"

"Miss Yu, if you let your father sell the company, you should be able to pay back the six million?"

When Gong Mochen came here, he saw the scene of Song Yi people being besieged.

Beside him, Le Haisheng saw him and handed over the gift he had already prepared: "brother Mochen, this is the model of master Mike's sports car that I photographed at an auction."

Gong Mochen likes cars and models of famous cars, as we all know. Mike is the most famous sports car modeler, and his works are hard to find because they are rarely circulated.

Sure enough, Gong Mo Chen saw something, lips Cape tiny Yang: "thank you miss le."

Hearing his polite address, Le Haisheng lowered his eyelashes and said, "I don't know what's wrong there. Let's go and have a look."

Gong Mo Chen nods, approaches with Le Haisheng, and listens to all the people shouting to let Song Yi people lose money.

He was the first time to see Songyi people being targeted like this. There was not too much expression change on her face, and he seemed not to care about everyone's accusations at all.

Palace Mo Chen can't help but feel funny. Seeing song Yiren like this, she knows that she has a backhand. That girl, how is it possible to let others bully her?

Sure enough, I saw song Yiren stretching out his slender fingers, pointing to the small button behind the query results, and lightly saying: "here is the brief introduction of this bag, why don't you stop by and have a look?"

Some people are quick, smell speech has been ordered, sneer way: "ha ha, let you see a dead heart -"

But before she had finished speaking, she suddenly got stuck.

It's a brief introduction of the bag, but the picture is not this one, but a white one shoulder satchel.

"What's the matter?" Some people are confused, more people are confused.

Song Yiren explained with a smile: "because everyone knows that the zipper of the genuine Y & M bag is engraved with a sales code, the imitations will naturally be printed with some codes. But how many celebrities who spent a lot of money to buy bags on the official website are willing to share their codes with you? This also forms the external high imitation even if it can achieve the basic consistency of workmanship, the code on it is just random numbers. "

"However, there are always several codes that are known in some links. Therefore, some of these imitations have spread out and even entered the auction house." Song Yiren continued: "look at this picture. It's all white. Unfortunately, it's not miss Li's style. I don't need to tell you more about whether it's true or not."

Ha ha, this white handbag, but in the window of Chu Mingyao, who can see it? How can the code be spread out?

At the song's words, Miss Li's face changed.

She stared at the bag she had spent a lot of money on, and then looked at the picture in the mobile phone. She felt that there was a slap on her cheek!

Today, all the famous and noble women in the imperial city are here. She was slapped in the face if she wanted to embarrass the people of Songyi!

And she also offended many people before, at this moment, the people who had been watching the bustle were full of ridicule when they looked at her again, as if they were looking at an unjust boss who could not be more stupid!

Miss Li couldn't stay in the eyes of all the people. She said to Yue Wenqing that she was not very well, so she left in a hurry.

After watching the farce, Gong Mo Chen felt a sense of certainty.

Just as it happens, Song Yi people raised their eyes at the moment, and then looked at him.

People around also found out that Gong Mochen had come. All of a sudden, they thought today's drama was very interesting.

Just a Song Yi people against a group of white lotus, now, she has to face her boyfriend and boyfriend 's childhood sweetheart.

Besides, my boyfriend's mother is still on the side of childhood, so the play is more interesting!

On the opposite side, Le Haisheng looks at it with Gong Mochen's eyes, and says with a smile, "brother Mochen, don't you introduce me, this is it?"

Gong Mo Chen turns to look at Song Yi's eyes, light tunnel: "she is Yu Ruonan miss, still go to university."

He didn't hold the hand of the Songyi people in the past, or even explain half of their relationship.

"It was Miss Yu." Le Haisheng reached out with a smile. The smile on his cheek was elegant and calm: "Hello, Miss Yu, I'm le Haisheng. I just came back from country m today. Nice to meet you."

"The spring tide is even with the sea, and the moon and the moon are in full bloom." Song Yiren and her smile were sincere: "Yue Haisheng, Le Haisheng. What's Miss Le's name! "

"Miss Yu is flattered. My name is a little like a boy." Le Haisheng smiles and turns to look at Gong Mochen beside him: "when I was a child, brother Mochen used to laugh at me..."

Why don't Songyi people know that she means to declare war with her?

"She smiled:" I think such a name is very artistic conception, today's first listening, I like it very much

Song Yiren's words fell and people around him became more interested.

When she said "listen for the first time", she didn't mean that Le Haisheng, Gong Mochen didn't take her as anything at all, otherwise, how could she never mention her name?

For the first time, it seems that there is no difference between them.

However, it seems that the battle between women is not for men? So, in fact, from this point of view, when Le Haisheng and Gong Mochen stand together, they are doomed to the result.

Some people generally look at the people in Song Dynasty and Yi Dynasty, while others have some sympathy. After all, the good birth, good looks and high education of Le Haisheng also attract envy.

Listen to le Haisheng: "Miss Yu, do you want to go to have fruit wine with us?" She blinked: "your school should have no rules not to drink bars? That kind of wine is very good to drink. Brother Mochen never likes to drink fruit wine, and he also likes it. "

However, before Songyi people could speak, they saw a commotion in front of them.

When she raised her eyes, she saw Gong Lingye coming over with a black shirt and trousers. His tie was also cold. The whole person looked cold and ascetic, and with a strong air of defiance, all of a sudden attracted everyone's eyes.

Instead of looking at her, he looked down on Le Haisheng's face and said lightly, "Miss Le is here, too?"

"Hello, uncle." At the moment, Le Haisheng lives in the rank of Gong Mochen, so he calls his uncle after Gong Mochen: "I just came back today, and I will be here when I get off the plane."

"Um." Gong Ling nodded at night, and asked casually, "what were you just talking about?"