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#104 The police are here

Su Yunfei was on the first floor today waiting for Chu Mingyao to be soft, but she saw Song Yiren and Chu Mingyao going upstairs. Then, she waited for half an hour below and did not see Song Yiren leave.

    She couldn't help but called Chu Mingyao.

    After the phone rang several times, it was hung up.

    She caught fire and fought again, but this time, she was picked up at the second sound.

    She was about to speak, but heard the voices of men and women.

    Su Yunfei has been with Chu Mingyao for several years. Why didn't he know the voice that man made when he was in love?

    So, at such a moment, she seemed crazy, holding the phone and going to the elevator!

    Chu Mingyao, you forced me! Su Yunfei growled in his heart and rubbed Chu Mingyao's floor.

    Out of the elevator, she strode to the door of Chu Mingyao's room and rang the doorbell.

    In the room, naked men and women are doing the most primitive exercise.

    Chu Mingyao did n’t know what was wrong with him, and he would n’t bump into women with unclear backgrounds on weekdays. As a result, someone knocked on the door today and said something was wrong. Put into the room.

    The woman under him is very hot and spicy, especially the time is very good, so he has not felt so comfortable for a long time.

    In particular, the light in the room was very dark. As he was doing it, he began to fantasize about others.

    He asked the woman to turn his back to him. When he ran into him, he thought of Song Yiren's face. So, while moving, he kept shouting: "Classmate Yu, Classmate Yu ..."

    The woman didn't care who he was calling at all, and only served hard, so the two tried various poses.

    In the midst of pleasure, Chu Mingyao's cell phone rang, and the ringtones that didn't follow him were particularly annoying, so he hung up directly.

    However, the phone rang again, and he was supposed to shut down, but the woman's foot touched the screen and answered.

    However, neither of them noticed this, only thinking that the phone was hung up by the other party, so they continued to fight.

    Chu Mingyao continued to call "Yu Xiaoyu", his voice was low and hoarse, and the woman's voice was also sulking, and came across the earpiece, making Su Yunfei outside the door almost crazy!

    She began to press the doorbell hard, and heard the doorbell ringing inside, but nobody ignored it, and she started to pat on the door directly.

    In the room, Chu Mingyao heard the movement, and was interrupted by good things.

    He continued to go crazy with the woman, using the sound of the door outside as a background sound.

    The sound in the earpiece made Su Yunfei almost burn all her senses. She sent her angrily and called the police directly: "Hello, are you a comrade in the police? I report that someone has carried out illegal pornography in the hotel ..."

    At the moment, Song Yi people have left the hotel with luggage.

    She lived on the floor of Chu Mingyao. She knew all the movements just outside. She came out cautiously and took a taxi directly to the train station.

    Tonight, Chu Mingyao should have enough to drink a pot, the police are coming, is there less reporters?

    Ha ha, she is also guessing, Chu Mingyao must have illusions in that respect for her, but, to maintain the appearance of a gentleman, so, there must be desire.

    In addition, Su Yunfei quarreled with him, his anger nowhere to spread, if a woman really came, maybe Chu Mingyao would really fall asleep.

    She will not leave any evidence, because the phone was made by her anonymously, and the person posing as a hotel said that special services are provided to guests on the executive floor today, and they must be of good quality.

    And generally hotels will have such services, even if Chu Mingyao investigates, he will only find that men in the entire hotel have been questioned, not just against him.

    Coupled with how Su Yunfei is willing to eat such a loss? Therefore, she will definitely make trouble. In such a trouble, Chu Mingyao is too late to deal with reporters. Where else will she remember a Song Yi?

    Moreover, Chu Mingyao was surrounded by reporters, and naturally no longer noticed Bei Mingmo.

    Therefore, the Song Yi people have gone to Ningcheng, she is going to see Song Ziheng!

    The train ticket bought by the Song Yi people took two hours to open. She bought a fairly neutral sportswear and a trimming pen in the 24-hour shop at the airport and went to the bathroom.

    Not long after, when she came out again, her skin color had changed to wheat, with a baseball cap and loose sportswear, for a time, she was inexplicable.

    After getting on the train, the Song Yi people closed their eyes and recuperate and try their best to recuperate and recuperate, but they still didn't consciously fantasize many scenes where they saw Song Ziheng.

    Waking up again, it was already misty outside, and the Song Yi people got off the train and went straight to the Song family.

    In order to show his nostalgia for the Song family, Chu Mingyao has always lived in the Song family's old house.

    The villa in the morning light was plated with a hazy halo, which made people feel unreal.

    I haven't returned in three years, but the flowers and trees around the villa are still so familiar, as if I have seen them in my dream last night.

    Song Yi people dared not get too close, or even stayed there for too long, because she knew that there must be Chu Mingyao ’s camera around.

    She looked at it from a distance, and who knew that the person who really should be in this villa was chased and killed, and there was no bones left, and now that she had returned to her soul, she could only look at it from a distance without even the qualification to be close? !

    Song Yi's hands were clenched into fists, and his eyes were red.

    At this time, a nanny car drove out of the Song family, and the Song Yi people saw that the driver was no longer the one in the past, but knew that even if Song family was replaced by Chu Mingyao inside and outside, but still In the past, the driver used to go out to buy fresh ingredients for a day.

    At this time, another person came out of the villa. She had a kettle in her hand and seemed to go to the flower garden to water the flowers.

    This is probably the only servant the Song Yi people are familiar with? Keep grandma, because grandma has always been deaf and mute?

    She finally glanced at the villa and planned to go to Song Ziheng's school while waiting for someone. A young man ran out of the unclosed door of the villa.

    Song Yi's breath was frozen at once.

    Because, as if there was a psychological reaction, the young man's eyes looked straight towards her!

    The moment he saw her, he recognized her, and then, what did the servant who rushed behind him gestured, and began to run in the morning.

    But it seems that the morning running in the garden is not comfortable enough, Song Ziheng began to run along the quiet oil road of the villa, closer and closer to the Song Yi people ...

    Gong Lingye saw the scandal about herself after getting up in the morning.

    Over the years, it was not that no one filmed him, but a few years ago, he dealt with the boring reporters who caught the wind and frightened all the people who wanted to live.

    Therefore, when he saw that he had gonessip and went on a hot search, he had a moment of consternation.

    Someone is dying and dare to write about his private life? !

    Moreover, do they know who he called the ‘girlfriend’ in the photo?