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#116 My little aunt!

Since the breakup with Gong Mochen that day, Song Yiren has never seen him again.

    Although she often goes to the CEO floor, to be honest, it is not easy to meet someone.

    However, the news that Song Yiren and Gong Mochen broke up was indeed spread in the company. At least Song Yiren went to the bathroom several times and heard gossip about their breakup.

    She didn't care about this at all. Until this day, she received an invitation from Mrs. Gong.

    Mrs. Gong is old and likes to be lively, so she usually holds a banquet every one or two months.

    Song Yiren didn't want to go, but she saw Gong Gongchen as Gong Mochen's girlfriend. The latter gave her a big red envelope. Now that her relationship with Gong Mochen is over, she should say something to the old lady. And, return the red envelope that has not been moved back.

    The party happened to be the weekend. Gong Lingye called the driver to pick up Song Yi in advance.

    She wore a sapphire blue dress today, and her skin was more white and delicate. When she got off the car, everyone's eyes were attracted.

    She had just got off the bus and saw Gong Lingye, who was greeting the guests, saw her, and came over.

    Song Yiren didn't know why it had been a long time since Gong Mochen hadn't officially announced that she had broken up with her, or, for him, he had never admitted the relationship with each other, so there was no need to declare anything.

    However, for whatever reason, the Song Yi people cannot immediately show closeness to Gong Lingye after breaking up with Gong Mochen.

    In this way, whether it is to her reputation or to Gong Mochen's face.

    Seeing Gong Lingye coming over, she greeted with a smile: "Mr. Gong."

    He also smiled: "Miss Yu, my mother is inside, you go in."

    Greeting, there was another car parked there. Immediately afterwards, Gu Tingxue took his father's hand and walked towards this side.

    "Brother Ling Ye!" Gu Tingxue's voice was sweet, and Ling Ye Chong Gong greeted him, and said to Song Yi: "Miss Yu, hello."

    Song Yiren nodded and smiled at her: "Miss Gu."

    Gong Lingye nodded to Gu Xuexue and went to talk with her father.

    Song Yiren walked in alone, gave the prepared gift to Mrs. Gong, and smiled, "Grandma, how are you doing recently?"

    "It's good, if the girl is warm!" Gong Lao said: "In the future, I often come to sit with Mo Chen at home. I am an old lady who is also quite deserted!"

    Song Yiren's lips moved. "Grandma Gong, actually ..."

    She was about to say something, and there was a female voice: "Grandma!"

    As soon as the Song Yi people turned their heads, they saw Le Haisheng walked over with a smile, and in a black dress, they looked mysterious and noble.

    Seeing her, Le Haisheng greeted with a smile and politely, and immediately greeted the old lady Gong with all familiarity.

    Song Yi people are helpless, this is a rhythm that is completely regarded as a rival by others.

    Her topic cannot be continued for a while, and she can only find a chance to return the card to Mrs. Gong.

    The old lady from the palace greeted him, and the Song Yi people walked to the rest area.

    Today, she didn't plan to spend too much time, just waiting to find a chance to speak alone to explain things and leave. Therefore, I chose a secluded place to sit down.

    There was a big green plant beside her. She was sitting on the sofa, her body stuck in it, and she couldn't see anyone here for a while.

    After sitting for a while, I heard two girls talking.

    The more naive voice was Gong Moyan: "Listen to Sister Xue, will I call you auntie a little later? I saw that the uncle has been chatting with Uncle Gu, and definitely talking about your marriage!"

    Gu Tingxue heard that his entire face was red: "Mo Yan, don't talk nonsense, my brother Ling Ye and I have nothing."

    "Listen to Sister Xue, you admit it! I know that you have always liked my uncle, every time he birthday, you prepared everything for him! I still remember that last time Uncle Gu said, your I was sick and I met Uncle ’s birthday again. Before you could prepare a gift, you secretly went to the kitchen to cook for him and fainted in the kitchen! "

    Gu Tingxue was anxious: "Mo Yan, don't talk nonsense! Don't tell him!"

    "Why don't you say it? You don't say, how does he know you paid so much for him?" Lord Gong Moyan said authentically: "And there is no other woman beside Uncle, I think he likes you too! Last time you Fainted, he was more nervous than anyone else! "

    Gu Tingxue seemed to struggle for a few seconds, and then said lowly: "Mo Yan, I don't deserve him! I'm not in good health, the doctor said, I haven't been in a few years, so ..."

    "I listened to my uncle and they said that when you were born, the doctor said that you cannot live until you are 20 years old, and now you are all 23, isn't it also good? The medical conditions will be better in the future, pay attention, and you can live longer! Mo Yan patted his chest: "In short, I think you must be my little aunt!"

    "Brother Ling Ye doesn't like me, he may have someone he likes." Gu Tingxue said here, tears suddenly circled in his eyes: "Mo Yan, I'm actually very sad, why did I not be born when I was born?" Well, if, if I can be as healthy as her ... "

    "Listen to Sister Xue, don't cry!" Gong Moyan saw Gu Tingxue crying and suddenly shook his god: "How can Uncle like others? I'll call Xiao Shu to come and ask him in person!"

    "Don't call him!" Gu Tingxue took Gong Moyan's hand: "Mo Yan, I'm begging you! I don't want to embarrass him!"

    She has been growing up since her childhood, and for so many years, her deep thoughts because of illness, let it become a secret forever with her future death!

    "You're really dying me!" Gong Moyan took a tissue and handed it to Gu Tingxue with a sigh: "I also like a boy recently, but no one knows me ... Listen to Sister Xue, you tell me, you When did you like Uncle? We exchanged secrets! I started to like that brother three months ago. I fell in love at first sight! "

    Gu Tingxue looked at the ten-year-old girl in front of her, as if she saw her past. For the first time, she told the girls what they thought about others: "Maybe it was in elementary school, he has always been kind to me, once I was in school Being bullied, he was in the junior high school, and when he heard of it, he went to beat him and knocked off the boy ’s teeth. I never saw Brother Ling Ye fight, but that time, he thought he was so handsome. "

    "I have known for the first time what it feels like to be to him, and it has been more than ten years now. If I am in good health, I want and want to marry him. This is my dream for so many years, but ... … ”Gu Tingxue said here, and tears began to fall again:“ But I ’m afraid I wo n’t be able to accompany him. I ca n’t give him anything, it will only drag him down, so I told him that I always regarded him as my brother , He thought, I never liked him ... "

    On the other side of the green plant, Song Yiren curled his fingers slightly when he heard Gu Tingxue's words.