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#152 Keep me for one night?

Even if it was alcohol, Song Yi clearly distinguished the familiar taste from the alcohol.

    Coupled with the man's tall figure and the way to embrace her, I am familiar with it.

    Only, how could he be downstairs in her dormitory? And she did n’t say anything when she came over, what if she came back late or went to Beimingmo to sleep?

    Thinking about it, his thoughts quickly disappeared in Gong Lingye's offensive.

    Maybe because he drank too much, he was a little light and heavy. Sometimes he was so deep that he could suck all her air, but sometimes it bit her lips.

    The Song Yi people couldn't make use of it. The whole person was taken by Gong Lingye into the shadow on the side of the dormitory building, surrounded by green belts. She couldn't stand steadily and could only climb on his neck.

    While gradually immersed in his deep kiss, the Song Yi people were suddenly excited.

    She doesn't seem to change clothes!

    Dirty motor oil and dust were on her body. She didn't think about preparing clothes at the base, but just patted the dust and washed her hands and came back.

    Therefore, the Song Yi people quickly reached out to push Gong Lingye's chest, trying to break free.

    However, he sensed her behavior, raised it with one hand, and slammed her hands directly with a rough hand, raised it over the top of her head, and then kissed again, ruthless and heavy, as if she wanted to swallow her raw belly.

    Song Yi's back was against the wall, and it was a bit painful due to the unevenness of the building wall. She moved a bit, but Gong Lingye worked harder. When she couldn't wear it, she raised her foot and stepped on him .

    He seemed to be disturbed and suddenly stopped, panting, looking down at her.

    The light here is very dark, she can hardly see his expression, but she can feel that the air pressure around him seems to be a little low.

    The Song Yi people were inexplicably disturbed. When they asked, their voices were much softer: "Did you ... what happened?"

    Gong Lingye's breath was still a little unstable, staring at her for a few seconds, her lips twitched a self-deprecating arc: "What the hell am I doing, do you care?"

    Song Yi suffocated, and he seemed to rarely talk to her in such a tone.

    However, even if she couldn't figure out the situation, she could realize that Gong Lingye was not happy.

    Why is he not happy?

    Because she forgot to contact him today, or, because Lao Wu came over, did she not tell him?

    She didn't say in advance because she was not sure whether they would come. In fact, at the moment of waiting, her heart was equally restless.

    And explain Lao Wu's identity, even her own affairs ...

    When Song Yiren's mind was passing through thousands of thoughts, Gong Lingye in front of him suddenly let go of her and chuckled, "Sure enough, don't mind ..."

    He said nothing and turned to leave.

    He was so uncomfortable that he didn't want to lose his gaze in front of her, let alone an outbreak of quarrels, and he was still alone.

    Perennially restrained, even under the influence of alcohol, he still maintains indescribable self-control.

    Only, he had just taken two steps and was suddenly hugged.

    When Song Yiren saw Gong Lingye was leaving, he didn't know why, but he was anxious and his body reacted before the brain, hugging Gong Lingye's waist from behind.

    The touch on her hands was strong and strong. She never seemed to take the initiative to hug him like this.

    The man in front of him stiffened, obviously also a little surprised by her behavior.

    Then he opened her hand.

    The Song Yi people thought Gong Lingye was really angry and wanted to leave, he quickly said: "No, I don't care."

    In fact, Gong Lingye just wanted to turn around and take a closer look at her.

    So, in the shadowy light, he saw the girl's cheeks flushed in front of him, and turned his head to explain to him.

    Inexplicably, his heart softened again. His heart was filled with deep helplessness, but he was still somewhat depressed, just rubbing Song Yiren's hair: "Well, it would be nice if not."

    Song Yiren realized that Gong Lingye was still not very happy, so he thought about it, "Otherwise, let's go out and talk."

    Gong Lingye yelled.

    Song Yiren pointed to the outside of the school: "I went out of the school and went outside. I just wanted to tell you something."

    Gong Lingye watched the time and it was almost ten o'clock: "If you come back, the dormitory building is estimated to be closed."

    Song Yi people looked at the screen of the mobile phone with their eyes down, some uneasy, some hesitated, but still said: "Otherwise, you will keep me for one night?"

    Gong Lingye suddenly looked at her face: "Warm warm?"

    "I don't mean that--" Song Yi was a little annoyed at once: "I just said, if I can't come back, I'm afraid it's not safe to go to the hotel, so ..."

    Let me just add one more sentence: "Forget it, my clothes are all motor oil, so I have to change them. I will go back to the dormitory—"

    Before finishing the talk, Gong Lingye took her hand and went out: "I have a lot of new clothes for you."

    The two came out of the shadows, and the warm palms came from the touching palms. The Song Yi people looked at the two shadows falling on the ground, and their hearts were inexplicably sweet.

    Although regretting his impulsive words, he suddenly felt that, fortunately, he would have left.

    I don't know what kind of school I was thinking about, Song Yiren even forgot that he is now a celebrity. Fortunately, because it was late, I didn't meet any classmates I met along the way.

    Gong Lingye's car stopped at the gate of the school. The driver saw the two got on the bus and asked, "Where is Emperor Shao?"

    "Back to my villa." Gong Ling night said.

    It's been a long time since I went to Gonglingye and got out of the car. The Song Yi people smelled a fragrant smell, only to find out that unknown flowers are blooming in the flower garden outside the door.

    Gong Lingye walked in with her, the light was bright, and Song Yiren pointed to his clothes: "I'm so dirty, I'll take a bath and change my body first."

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Okay, I'll bring you clothes."

    He took her to the closet. Sure enough, many of the new models that hadn't taken off the hang tags were all the size of Song Yiren.

    She looked up: "When did you buy it?"

    "There are some sponsors in Tiangong. I report your size in the past. Every time they have a new model, they will send it over." Gong Lingye said, and turned to open the bedside table drawer, showing many of the jewelry in it. Box: "Nuan Nuan, these are also from the sponsor."

    "However, I bought your necklace that day, I bought it myself," he said.

    Under the light, the man's eyebrows became more delicate and dazzling. Every time I looked at her, there seemed to be something like a magnet in the bottom of my eyes, sucking her firmly, making her heartbeat inexplicably faster, and hit her throat. .

    Song Yiren bit his lip: "Then you will give me tomorrow."

    "Good." Gong Lingye hooked her lips.

    "I'm going to take a shower." Song Yiren found a set of home clothes from the closet and walked quickly to the bathroom with a hug.