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Bei Mingmo stood back at the sink and walked back a bit. Through the glass mirror in front of him, he saw the two people in the corridor.

    The girl was somewhat familiar, it seemed that she was the girl she had met at the door of the company three years ago.

    "Our years-" Xuanyuan Che repeated the girl's words lightly and stopped.

    The lights in the corridor were warm orange, and I wonder if the crystal lights in the bathroom were quenched again. Bei Mingmo felt that Xuanyuan Che's side face seemed to be softer than usual.

    What years? She suddenly felt a little funny.

    It seemed that she thought that his blank time did not seem to be as idle as she thought.

    Moreover, she came here this time, she did not know.

    It happened that the assistant walked into the bathroom and saw Bei Mingmo, breathing a sigh of relief: "Did you drink too much? I think you haven't been back for so long, I am a little worried."

    Bei Mingmo shook his head and smiled: "It's okay, the task is completed in advance, we can all return home for a good year!"

    The assistant nodded: "I will help you go back!"

    Bei Mingmo passed his hand: "Okay."

    When she came out, she found that there was no one in the corridor. Apparently Xuanyuan Che and the girl were gone.

    She quickly withdrew her gaze and returned to the private room with her assistant: "Sorry, I don't have enough wine." Bei Mingmo said, sitting down swayingly.

    The other party couldn't help seeing her, and couldn't help saying: "It's okay, Miss Sabrina is so dedicated. The next time I see Mr. Lie, we have to ask him to give you a dedicated award!"

    Everyone laughed and laughed for a while before the show ended.

    When the cold wind blew outside, Bei Mingmo's alcohol content was blown away by half.

    She turned and asked her assistant: "Please help me to see if there are any tickets to Ningguo tomorrow morning."

    The assistant nodded: "Okay."

    Soon, she found: "There is a flight at seven tomorrow morning."

    Bei Mingmo said: "Just buy this flight!"

    The assistant couldn't help saying: "It's too late now. International flights need to arrive at the airport two hours in advance, so that you can only rest for four hours."

    Bei Mingmo took a sip of mineral water and said: "It's okay, book the first class and get on the plane to sleep."

    The assistant saw her insist, so he responded: "Well, then I cancelled the book I ordered before."

    Along the way, the street scene continued to retreat, because the air outside the car was too cold, and a thin layer of mist rose from the windows. The neon light set off the whole city.

    Bei Mingmo suddenly felt a little tired. She gently pressed her temples for a while, reaching for water in her bag.

    After such a touch, she discovered that her packaging pouch forgot to pull the zipper when she was doing makeup in the banquet room, and something scattered.

    She picked it up with a lipstick, which Xuanyuan Che gave her.

    That day, he gave her a whole box and bought all the colors.

    She was actually a little surprised, after all, in her impression, he should not be the kind of owner who likes to buy an entire fish pond for girls.

    Bei Mingmo put the lipstick in a cosmetic bag and turned to ask the assistant: "What color do you like?"

    The assistant froze for a moment, or immediately answered: "I like to cut off the male color, I feel that it is painted with a special color."

    Bei Mingmo said: "It happens that my hotel has this color. I will send you to the hotel later."

    "Ah?" The assistant was flattered: "Thank you Sabrina!"

    "You're welcome, anyway, someone sent me, I can't run out." Bei Mingmo said casually.

    That night, Bei Mingmo returned to the hotel. She first packed her luggage and took out the things she didn't need and a few lipsticks, and knocked on the assistant's door.

    After giving things to the other party, she just came out and saw a waiter pushing the fruit platter and cake to the door next to the assistant and ringing the doorbell.

    Bei Mingmo didn't care, but when the room was opened, she heard the girl's familiar voice.

    She turned her head and saw that the girl who had previously appeared with Xuan Yuan Che wore a suspender nightdress and opened the door. With a sudden light from the room, Bei Mingmo clearly saw the kiss marks on the girl's neck and collarbone.

    Her eyes seemed to be suddenly burned to something, and she quickly withdrew.

    Behind him, the waiter said: "Have a nice meal! Happy birthday, Miss!"

    The girl took the platter and the cake and said thank you again, which closed the door.

    Suddenly, the corridor returned to the original dim light.

    When Bei Mingmo walked to the corner, he turned around and glanced back. There was only a waiter in the hallway, and who was the man in that room, and what happened, seemed to be just a charming fan.

    That night, Bei Mingmo drank a lot because of it, and soon fell asleep, and hurriedly passed for four hours. She picked up her luggage and walked out of the airport.

    Although Gong Lingye had arranged for her to protect her in secret, she would certainly pay attention to her schedule at any time, but Bei Mingmo told the other party about her temporary change of plan.

    She quickly received a message from Gong Lingye: "A Che went to country M last night to pick you up and go back to the country. You stayed in the same hotel as you. You changed the plan temporarily, would you like to call him?

    Bei Mingmo just walked out of the hotel lobby at this moment, and the cold from the spread spread all over her body. She couldn't help tightening her coat and quickly rushing into the car that was called in advance.

    Sitting in the car, she read the news sent by Gong Lingye again.

    Arrived last night, the same hotel ...

    The girl's confession, the kiss marks on her body, and the unidentified man in the room last night ...

    Everything is self-evident, some things are no longer necessary to know.

    Bei Mingmo replied to Gong Lingye: "No, I will go back to Ningguo to see my parents, it may be inconvenient to bring friends."

    Gong Lingye doesn't investigate the privacy of his friends, so he just issued a simple sentence: "Okay, then I will inform him."

    From the M country to the Ning country, Bei Mingmo has been in a half-dream half-wake plane for seven or eight hours on the road.

    Her last dream stayed in the picture where she pushed open a door and saw Xuanyuan Che and the girl entangled in a naked body.

    She opened her eyelids, squeezed her eyebrows, and asked the stewardess: "How many hours are there?"

    "We have begun to descend the altitude and will land in about 30 minutes." The stewardess said: "Miss, do you need a meal?"

    Bei Mingmo nodded: "Help me get a pasta and a glass of water!"

    Maybe because she really hurt her stomach last night, Bei Mingmo couldn't eat a few bites. She drank a glass of juice and waited quietly for time.

    It was still early in the morning when I arrived in Ningcheng. There were not many cars along the way.

    The closer he gets to his home, the more tense Beimingmo feels.

    I have n’t been home for two and a half years, and I do n’t know what my parents are doing now. The feeling of timidness in the countryside reminds Bei Mingmo's breath tightly. Until the car stopped at the gate of her house.