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Le Haisheng's face stiffened, but he quickly recovered his usual dignified lady's appearance and said, "Oh, it should be that the jet lag has not reversed. Brother Chen, do you still need to go to country F?"

    Gong Mochen nodded: "Leave the day after tomorrow."

    "So fast?" Le Haisheng was anxious.

    She heard that Gong Mochen and Song Yi broke up. Now, it should be the best opportunity.

    "Well, the project over there is urgent." Gong Mochen was cold.

    Although Le Haisheng is uncomfortable, because the people present are all the emperors of the imperial city, who she is standing next to, presumably everyone will know her status and status after today.

    Although Gong Mochen pulled his arm away, he did not let Le Haisheng be beside him. Therefore, Le Haisheng maintained a good and decent smile throughout the journey, as if he were a half hostess.

    In addition, Yue Wenqing's enthusiastic attitude towards her is almost equivalent to admitting Le Haisheng, the daughter-in-law.

    In the rest area over there, Lieyuan Shen turned his head and said softly to Liexiao: "Aruan, if you say you like Gong Mochen, I will not object, but will help you."

    "Brother, I'm not interested in him." Lie Xiao raised his lips softly: "Do you think Gong Gongchen can hold me?"

    "A soft, looking for a man, you should find someone who hurts you. Gong Lingye is indeed excellent, but such a man is too difficult to control." Lieyuan Shen seemed to think of something, and his expression became a bit far-reaching: "Our parents like that Marriage, do you still want to experience it once? Mr. Forte loves you very much. Although his personal ability is indeed not enough, he is sincere to you ... "

    "Brother, don't say it." Lie Xiao said softly: "If you know me enough, you should know, the more you say, the more I must be Gong Lingye!"

    Here the two are talking, over there, on the stage, Gong Mochen and Le Haisheng danced an opening dance.

    At the end of the song, Gong Mochen barely had any thoughts to deal with it. He walked aside and poured a glass of spirits.

    Liquor slipped into the throat, and a burning sensation went from the throat to the stomach. He picked up the phone and called Special Assistant Zhang Mingyu: "I will go to the company tomorrow. You can help me sort out all the things that need to be signed. We should not come back in the last six months. Now. "

    "Okay, President Gong Shao." Zhang Mingyu responded.

    Over there, on the dance floor, Qi Lihuo, who was dancing with Gong Lingye, said: "Uncle, why didn't you take the auntie?"

    "Our affairs, for the time being can not be made public." Gong Ling night said: "Yes, my mother's side, you do not mention it."

    "Wow, play underground love?" Li Huo laughed: "This is more exciting!"

    "A child knows what excitement?" Gong Lingye finished dancing with her and was about to leave the dance floor. There was a tall figure in front of her.

    I have to say that Lie Xiaoruo is really a model, with a height of 1.72 meters, a three-dimensional facial features silhouette, and long light brown hair. She only lightened her makeup, but she only had a strong lip color, and she was bright, but also showed a sense of coldness that could only be seen from afar.

    "Mr. Gong, can you be honored to dance a dance with you?" She said.

    Gong Lingye nodded: "Please."

    The two stepped onto the dance floor, because Gong Lingye's identity, plus Lie Xiaoruo was a raw face, suddenly attracted the attention of most people present.

    "Miss Lie just came to China?" Gong Lingye asked.

    "Yeah, I just came here last weekend." Lie Xiaoruo looked at Gong Lingye: "After I came here, I found out that this place is really a good place. I was right and I was very happy."

    "Hua Guo is indeed a good place, otherwise Lingxiong won't come over to open up the market specifically." Gong Lingye seemed to inadvertently say: "Today Mo Chen invited you to come over?"

    "No, it's Mrs. Gong, she knows my mother." Lie Xiao said softly: "I only saw you for the first time after I came ... and Gong Shao."

    Gong Lingye didn't seem to notice the intentional pause in her tone, and asked, "I don't know how long Miss Lie will be here this time?"

    "I'm here this time, I shouldn't be leaving! I think Huaguo is very good, very suitable for finding a favorite man, getting married and having children." Lie Xiaoruo said, raising his head, his cold eyes locked Gong Ling night.

    "It seems that Miss Lie already has a goal." Gong Lingye said meaningfully: "However, it is still good to have a happy relationship for marriage."

    "We will meet sooner or later." Lie Xiaoruo was confident.

    After that, they didn't say anything until the end of the song.

    Gong Lingye happened to have his phone ringing, and he went outside the dance floor to answer.

    Behind him, Lie Xiaoruo kept staring at his direction.

    She knew that he had just let her back because of difficulties, but it was a pity that she was never a person who would shrink back!

    The banquet that night lasted until 11 o'clock in the night. Gong Lingye was tired because of her mother, so she sent her mother to go to rest in advance, and Gong Mochen stayed until the banquet ended.

    He drank a lot of wine today, and when he finished delivering his guests, the whole person seemed to have lost all his strength.

    It is said that drinking can forget some things, but he found that drinking only makes some memories deeper.

    The banquet was in the front yard of Gong's old house. Gong Mochen was going to rest in the backyard. He heard someone calling him: "Mo Chen brother."

    "You haven't left yet?" He looked at Le Haisheng who was surging.

    "My mother was a little dizzy after drinking, so Auntie let her rest here." Le Haisheng said with a smile: "Let's go to the backyard together!"

    Gong Mochen was undecided and took the lead.

    Le Haisheng walked behind him, watching his already staggered steps, glancing at the glimmer of his eyes.

    Back to the bedroom, Gong Mochen took the door and walked to the bathroom.

    This was the first time he had vomited, and his stomach was rolling uncomfortably, and waves rushed into his throat. He hugged the toilet painfully until there was nothing to vomit.

    As he straightened up, he shook, walked to the sink, rinsed his mouth, washed his face, then stumbled back to the bedroom and fell to the bed.

    The night was already strong, until midnight, the shadow of the trees outside the window was stained by the night more blurred.

    Gong Mochen's room suddenly sounded a soft buckle, the voice was small.

    However, Gong Mochen had long been asleep and could not hear anything at all.

    Soon, the room door was unscrewed and a figure came in.

    Le Haisheng walked over to Gong Mochen's bed step by step, and summoned him softly, making sure that he was asleep, and then he was relieved, and then climbed into the bed.

    Her heart was beating fast and hesitated for a while while sitting on the bed.

    However, before leaving today, my mother ’s words rang in your ears: "Hai Sheng, Mo Chen is very rare to come back, you must seize the opportunity today! Your dad is now smitten by the fox, and I heard that he even made his will Give the property to that coquette son! Your brother has been missing for a month, and he ca n’t find it. I do n’t know if something happened. We dare not speak to the outside world. We can only block the news. If you do n’t agree, Mo Chen has settled down, and the future of our mother and daughter will be tough! "

    Le Haisheng thought of this, his heart was horizontal, and he bent to take off the clothes of Gong Mochen.