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#90 She is ready to shoot!

Song Yi people's heart is on fire, so ridiculous, Yu Chengzhi was so embarrassed to say such a grand speech!

    Song Yiren looked at the woman on the bed, and she couldn't bear to make her walk unsteadily.

    Her eyes burst into ruthlessness, picked up her phone, and hit Yu Chengzhi again.

    Yu Chengzhi seemed impatient, and he said, "I can't go ..."

    Song Yi interrupted him coldly: "If you don't come, I will immediately call Gong Mochen and break up with him!"

    She did not expect that one day this relationship with Gong Mochen could even be used to threaten Yu Chengzhi in the end!

    Yu Chengzhi's face changed: "Yu Ruonuan, don't think you threaten me, I'll just ..."

    "Do you want to try it?" Song Yiren said one by one: "I will give you half an hour, if you don't show up, I will break up with him immediately!"

    Yu Chengzhi was so eager to throw things over there, but there was still no way to hang up the phone and let the driver take him out.

    Yu Ruoxia watched the whole process and didn't know how to describe his complicated heart. He just walked to Song Yiren and reached out to hug her: "Nuan Nuan, the second son is gone. In the future, only us ..."

    Song Yi was sour and said: "Sister, the second sister just didn't want to go back and was violently domesticated, so she hid, she is safe, and she will come back later to find a chance!"

    Yu Ruoxia heard the voice outside the string: "Warm warm, you know her--"

    "Sister, I know that she took the initiative to leave, to find her new life, she will come back." She said here, asked Yu Ruoxia: "Sister, I have heard some of your things, what do you plan to do in the future? "

    Yu Ruoxia's face suddenly sank: "That man is playing outside, he can play, but I haven't been a vegetarian in these years! Many of his companies are people of mine, and I also hold certain shares. In the future, regardless of What about me and him, I am financially secure! "

    "Well, that's good." Song Yiren lowered his mind: "If there are any difficulties in the future, you must tell me the first time."

    Yu Ruoxia nodded: "Three sisters, you really grew up and are sensible!"

    Yu Chengzhi arrived twenty minutes later. He rushed into the ward, staring at the ill-described woman on the hospital bed, his eyes suddenly filled with unabashed disgust.

    Song Yiren caught her, and she said, "If you want me to talk to the Gong family well, just talk to my mother! She's almost out of order, and she won't be able to delay your time."

    Yu Chengzhi was very upset when she heard the threat of her daughter holding a gun and stick, and wanted to pack up the Song Yi people.

    However, for the time being, I have no time to go, and I can only walk to the woman's bed and sit down.

    Perhaps there was really a feeling. The woman in the bed opened her eyes and looked at the man by the bed. Her eyes glowed again and again.

    The Song Yi people were so panic-stricken that she couldn't bear it, and turned to walk outside.

    I have to say that Yu Chengzhi is really well maintained among men of his age. In addition, he was very handsome, so it seemed that he was only forty years old, just like the son of a woman on the bed.

    The woman looked at the man in front of her, and it seemed to be what she remembered. She reached out: "Cheng Zhi ..."

    Yu Chengzhi reached out anxiously, still holding the woman's dry hand.

    He had a nausea, but in order to climb to the palace, he said warmly to the woman: "A Yun, what do you want to eat, I will let the boss go buy it for you?"

    The woman seemed to be unable to believe his gentleness, her face was filled with rejoicing, but she was also unbelievable: "I don't eat, I always feel that this seems to be an illusion ..."

    "This is not an illusion, it is true. Do you feel the temperature when you look at my hand?" Yu Chengzhi said: "After a few days, when you are well, I will take you home from the hospital!"

    The woman's eyes widened quickly, and when she saw Yu Chengzhi's serious look, her body glowed with brilliance at that moment, and the whole person seemed to be a little energetic. From the woman's withered face, she saw a few looks.

    When he was young, he really liked her very much. She was beautiful and gentle, and listened to him in everything.

    However, as time crawled over the woman's cheek, he began to disdain her for being incomprehensible, dismissing her as having no son, and dismissing her not as well as other men's women on the table.

    Much of the past has already turned into dust in the middle of the years and can no longer be picked up.

    However, he did not expect that the woman in front of him had passed such a long time and was still illusory about him!

    Oh, stupid woman!

    He sneered in his heart, but his voice became softer and gentler: "Let's go back and wait for hello, I will take you around. The Imperial City has changed a lot over the years, and you may not recognize it."

    In her arms, the corner of the woman's lips raised, and the light in her eyes was as bright as a morning star: "Okay, let's go back now!"

    Yu Chengzhi picked her up, but the woman's hand fell down in her arms just after her step.

    He looked down and found that she had closed her eyes.

    Aside, Yu Ruoxia let out a repressed cry: "Mom!"

    The Song Yi people heard and rushed in quickly.

    Yu Chengzhi had put the woman on the bed. He took out the paper towel and started to wipe his hands in disgust, frowning: "Yu Ruo Nuan, I think you have n’t married the palace, your wings are hard, forget who It's your father! "

    Song Yiren just raised his eyes: "Ma's soul is still there, if you don't want to be entangled every night, you can continue to say!"

    Yu Chengzhi exhaled, turned and walked out, and went straight to the public toilet. He couldn't bear it for a moment, he just felt sick!

    In the ward, Song Yiren and Yu Ruoxia called the doctor. After the doctor's examination, he shook his head with a sigh and said nothing.

    Because it was summer, Song Yiren and Yu Ruoxia contacted the crematorium that night, plus the location of the cemetery where they bought the cemetery, they were busy all night.

    It's over six o'clock the next morning to end everything.

    From the cemetery, Yu Ruoxia drove the Song Yi people to the school gate.

    Just about to get off, the Song Yi hesitated for a moment and said, "Sister, do you want to avenge your mother?"

    Yu Ruoxia was shocked.

    Song Yiren said: "What have our three sisters and mother got in these years? If ..."

    She had actually considered dealing with Yu Chengzhi before, but the Song Yiren ’s own father was gone, and Yu Ruonuan ’s father was still there. Although the person was very snobbish, she still cared about that trace of affection for Yu Ruonuan.

    However, after yesterday, the Song Yi people felt that some people defied the truth and deserved to be punished accordingly!

    Yu Ruoxia instantly understood the meaning of Song Yiren. She pondered for a moment: "Actually, his financial aspects are estimated to be problematic. Who can guarantee absolute cleanliness this year? But I don't have actual evidence yet, but I can Find a way to find it. "

    Song Yiren nodded: "Well, I'm also trying to find a way to see if I can find it!"

    If Yu Chengzhi's finances are really problematic, even if they don't take action, there will be laws punishing him!

    Then, Song Yiren thought that the sword hanging above her head could finally be withdrawn!

    It's time for Gong Mochen to be free!