Home Female Romantic Counterattack of a Reborn Daughter


"Fortunately, it didn't break." Lieyuan Shen had returned, he directly lifted everything with one hand, and then held He Wanshuang with his empty hand.

    Her fingers shrunk slightly, but he tightened, with a tone of coercion: "I will not give you a chance to drop the child on purpose."

    He Wanshuang didn't understand why Lieyuan Shen wanted a child so much. In her thinking, the man in front of him didn't lack money and looked good. She won't let go?

    If she wants to say that she likes it, she doesn't even believe it. How could he be interested in her?

    Confused, they have returned home.

    Lie Xiaoruan quite likes to eat hot pot. After coming to China, she has been cooking with Lieyuan Shen at home several times.

    At the moment, when He Wanshuang arrived at home, she had prepared the induction cooker and the mandarin duck pot as well as the base material, just waiting for the ingredients.

    "You are back!" Lie Xiao took the bag, glanced at it, and said with joy: "There are shrimp slips that I like!"

    Lie Yuan nodded: "You go to wash vegetables."

    Lie Xiaoyuan nodded and went, but He Wanshuang was going, but was held by Lie Yuanshen: "You don't have to go, you just have to wait for food."

    He Wanshuang didn't move, and looked at the busy brothers and sisters in the kitchen. There was something in her heart, and she opened it a little.

    In my memory, my brother prepared the New Year's Eve with her in this way. Although many of the pictures were blurred, the experience was similar at this moment, but it gradually brought back some long-term memories.

    He Wanshuang thought, the person who spoiled her sister shouldn't be too bad?

    If there is really no escape route, then maybe she can also try to go forward?

    The ingredients were quickly prepared. The three of them ate in front of the hot pot, and the heat was curling. For a time, they really had a taste of family.

    It's just that He Wanshuang's appetite is still not very good. Although he doesn't say that he will vomit in two bites, he obviously eats slowly.

    After eating, it was more than nine o'clock in the evening, Li Yanyuan seemed to think of something, and he rushed to evening frost and said: "Tomorrow we will get the account book!"

    He Wanshuang nodded: "Okay."

    Seeing that she did not seem to be particularly wronged, he gave her a fixed look before returning to the room.

    The previous time, when He Wanshuang took Lieyuan Shen home, he had to get his hukou book, but because his hukou book was taken out by his father for work, he didn't get it.

    This time, when he thought of taking a book to get a certificate, He Wanshuang Yi. Everyone was a little uneasy at night.

    I just didn't expect that maybe the mother had investigated the L Group afterwards. I heard that the two wanted to obtain a license and saw Lieyuan Shen seeming to take care of her daughter, but they readily agreed.

    That afternoon, the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

    When he was called to the window, He Wanshuang was a little dazed.

    By her side, Lieyuan Shen had begun to fill out the form. She was holding a pen and her brain was blank.

    Li Yuan Shen saw her in a daze, he narrowed his eyes slightly: "What's wrong?"

    He Wanshuang reacted and shook his head: "It's okay."

    She began to write, stroke by stroke, the moment she wrote her signature, only felt a sudden pain in her heart, that was the hesitation and daze that completely cut off the past.

    Lieyuan Shen took her form away from her hand and handed it together.

    He took her to take pictures again, and the two sat together. The photographer said: "Come closer! Yes, come closer!"

    "My husband is so handsome, should my wife laugh?"

    "Hey, yes, the little beauty goes a little further to the shoulder of the handsome guy!"


    The photographer was very happy and very satisfied: "I haven't met two such high-value married couple in a long time. You are my enjoyment as a photographer!"

    Now the marriage process is very fast. I used to charge 9 yuan and 9 yuan for the cost, but now I do n’t even charge for the cost. Soon, the staff handed over the two red books to the two.

    He Wanshuang took it and opened it to see.

    In the bright red book, she and Shen Yuan together side by side, their lips slightly raised, and there is an unspeakable harmony.

    The hand on his side was suddenly pulled up by the man, and Li Yuanyuan pulled He Wanshuang forward. When he saw her dull look, he could not help turning his head and ticked the corner of his lips: "Wife, happy wedding!"

    He Wanshuang raised her eyes and missed a beat.

    From the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau to the parking lot, every step seemed to step on cotton. Is she married like this? Have a baby and become a mother?

    He Wanshuang couldn't tell how he felt. When he got into the car, he was in a trance.

    "Evening cream, come back with me tomorrow to see my mother." Lie Yuan Shen seemed to think of something, and frowned.

    He Wanshuang nodded and slowly fastened his seat belt.

    That night, she called Gong Lingye and said she was married.

    After getting married, the love and reluctance in the past will really be completely broken.

    Regardless of whether her child will be divorced from Lieyuan Shen after two years of weaning, in short, she is no longer the little girl who is only obsessed with Gong Lingye.

    Goodbye, youth.

    The next day, He Wanshuang, Lieyuan Shen and Lie Xiaoruo set foot on the plane.

    After several hours of flying, she followed the two to the strange land of Country G.

    "Brother, shall we go to my father's side or my mother's side first?" Lie Xiao asked softly.

    "Go to Mom's place for two days, then return home the day after tomorrow, and go to Dad's place before returning home." Li Yuanyuan said.

    He Wanshuang listened to the conversation between the two. Although he was in doubt, he asked nothing.

    Lieyuan Shen ’s mother Mi Ai lives in a beautiful little manor. Country G is quite close to the equator, and it ’s almost above 20 degrees all year round.

    At the moment, in the flower garden of the manor, a brown-haired woman was sitting on a recliner, watching the servants pruning the flower branches.

    Her complexion is a healthy wheat color, although she is not young, but her figure is still good, and her facial features are also three-dimensional and delicate.

    At the door, the maid came in a hurry and said, "Ma'am, the young master and the second lady are here!"

    Mi Ai heard that she quickly sat up and was about to pass, and Lieyuan Shen had already come over first: "Mi Ai, you are not well, just sit!"

    Behind him, Lie Xiaoruo ran quickly and rushed into Mi Ai ’s arms: "Baby Mi Ai, I miss you so much!"

    Miai rubbed her daughter's hair and laughed: "It's so big to be cute!"

    Lie Yuan smiled and turned to bring He Wanshuang behind: "Mi Ai, this is my wife, He Wanshuang, you can call her shuang! Wanshuang, your name is Mi Ai!"

    He Wanshuang was a little embarrassed, she raised her eyes and asked Lieyuan Shen: "What's your name?"

    Lie Yuan nodded: "It's okay, we are all like this. My mother likes us to call her by name, so she looks young!"

    He Wanshuang had no choice but to call: "Hello, Miai."

    Miai is very happy. She stands up and looks up and down at He Wanshuang: "Shuang, you are so beautiful!"

    He Wanshuang embarrassed smile.

    Beside him, Li Yuan said in a deep voice: "Night Frost is pregnant and Mia is not in good health. Let's go to the room and talk."