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#438 The woman he admires most!

The host handed her a small copper hammer, and after ten o'clock, she walked to the bronze clock in front and struck the seed face, which is also one of the scenes of the game.

The time was approaching ten o'clock, and at this moment, someone suddenly came to Song Yiren in a hurry, and then said something.

Song Yi people looked at the time, it is now 9:56.

At this moment, thousands of miles away, in the Shangguan family, the wife of Shangguan He came to Shangguanao carrying a bowl of bird's nest: "Uncle, you drink some bird's nest, I made it myself!"

Shangguan proudly accepted it: "You still have the heart."

The woman smiled: "I don't have any skills. When Hugo goes to the company, I can only do what I can do at home."

She said, picking up the remote control: "I heard that there is a good health program recently, it should be broadcast at 10 o'clock, I will tune it out for you to see."

Having said that, I pressed the channel key.

She didn't press fast. Just when she tuned to a channel and was about to switch, she suddenly ‘ah’ and was startled, “Uncle, I just seemed to see the fourth brother-in-law!”

Shangguanao said: "Let me see."

So, the woman clicked on the TV station.

In the picture, the Song Yi people are in formal attire, with long hair curled up and faded. They have gone to the temperament of the graceful and dusty weekdays, and the whole person looks bright and capable.

She had just come on stage, chatting with the host beside her, and the whole person seemed to be at ease.

Shangguan narrowed his eyes arrogantly. This girl didn't seem to be that vase.

He then asked: "Did not see the fourth son?"

"Uncle, have you forgotten? The fourth brother said at the banquet that day, this company is the sole responsibility of the four younger sisters." The woman said, seemingly envious: "The four younger sisters are really capable, like a strong woman!"

Ha ha, but I’m afraid I’m about to leave soon?

She squeezed her phone and there was a text message on it, which was received more than ten minutes ago.

The above said, let her find a way to let Shangguan Ao see this Starry Night Mobile Games conference. And also said that Gong Lingye happened to go abroad to sign a contract, then, it depends on how Song Yi alone is ugly at the press conference!

Although she does not know who sent it, but since the other party knows everything well, then she has a certain victory!

Sure enough, it took less than half a minute for the Song Yi people to take the copper hammer, and someone hurried up to whisper to her.

This is an official press conference. Although it hasn't started yet, it's simply impolite to come up like this.

If the staff member came to know that it was impolite, then there was only one explanation-what must have happened!

In the next second, another message came from the woman's mobile phone: "Starry Night's server has been destroyed, mobile games can not be released, wait to watch a good show! Don't change channels!"

After reading the news, the woman rushed to the office and said proudly: "Uncle, don't you think it just happened? I'm a little nervous for my fourth sibling!"

Shangguan Ao looked at the Song Yi people's expression on the screen and saw that although she was calm, the strength of the copper hammer in her hand could not help increasing, and she seemed to be nervous.

He sneered, what can a woman do!

Gong Lingye was fascinated by the woman's face, and the hero was really sad about beauty. As long as Gong Lingye was so nonsense, he should not let Song Yi leave safely!

If Gong Lingye has no weaknesses, it seems that this woman must be removed!

Thinking of this, Shangguanao saw Song Yiren talking to the host with a smile, and then hurried to the backstage!

Shangguan proud frowned, looking at the second daughter-in-law next to him, and said, "A woman, what should be the most?"

"Of course it's Xiangfu's son, take care of things at home." The woman said obediently.

Shangguanao's brows spread open, and he was about to say that this was the case, but he suddenly thought of a woman she had seen when she was young.

That was really a shameless woman, a woman, when her husband was seriously ill and the family business struggled, the embroidery needle was put down, and he just started the semester from the plan, and finally supported a family!

That is the woman he admires most!

He is a tradition, everyone thinks, he hopes that his heir can find a good wife.

However, deep in his heart, only the woman he had seen in his youth was the most perfect in his heart.

Therefore, he no longer ignored the second wife's words, just looked at the screen with sarcasm.

He was going to watch this press conference completely today, so that Gong Lingye knew who was wrong!

The time is getting closer and closer to 10 o'clock, and countdowns are lit on the screens on both sides.

Due to the good internal testing and publicity of this game, and the large-scale advertising today, the scene is extremely lively.

Online, tens of millions of players are waiting for the 10 o'clock release, because I heard that the first 10,000 registered users will have a big gift package, and the top 100 will have a super gift package.

On the screen, there was another live broadcast outside the venue. Many players stood on the street, holding their phones and waiting for the moment of 10 o'clock.

On Weibo, as several traffickers reposted Starry Night's press conference publicity, the popularity of Starry Night Mobile Games is rapidly rising on the Weibo topic hot search list at the moment.

Everything is well prepared, except that, in 20 seconds, Song Yi has not played.

The host was a little uneasy, but she with good experience on the spot still couldn't see anything, but stood in front of the stage and invited everyone present to count down.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven..."

Thousands of miles away, the woman looked at the TV screen with a smile on her lips.

Ha ha, what is not good to learn, and want to be a strong woman?

Moreover, what is wrong with her husband, but the uncle chooses to choose Gong Lingye from China? !

Just as the countdown reached 6, Song Yi appeared on the stage, holding a brass hammer in her hand, and walked quickly to the bronze bell.

Struggle before dying?

The woman sneered and turned to look at Shangguanao, seeing that he had the same mocking expression, drinking bird's nest while looking at the screen.

"Three, two, one..."

With Dangdang's three melodious bells ringing, at the conference site, the big screen was awesome for the game's promotional video, while on the other two small screens, one was a street shot on the road and the other was Continuously refreshed downloads.

Song Yiren took the microphone and smiled, "I'm sorry just now, and I suddenly remembered how I forgot to grab myself a top one hundred? So, I hurried down and gave my mobile phone to my assistant to let her help me. You I don’t know. Although I’m the boss, I don’t have priority to download. I want to grab it with everyone... Hey, I don’t know if I got it?"

Her tone of voice was humorous, and she explained what she had just left suddenly.

In front of the TV, the woman looked at the screen in shock, her mind struck by lightning.

Isn't that the game server is hacked? How could no error be reported?

On the live screen, are those downloaded data fake? How is it possible to download so many? !

One hundred thousand... one million, even, in less than a minute now, has already marched towards ten million? !