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#85 Divorced, free

The next day, Li Xiaozi came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau and already had a divorce certificate in his hand.

    It was also the second uncle of Zhang Aihui who was in the Civil Affairs Bureau, so it was so smooth that her husband did not show up.

    Holding a divorce certificate in his hand, Li Xiaozi walked to the street, and the whole person was in a trance.

    She is leaving the Imperial City, and hopes that Zhang Aihui's operation will be successful and she will be free in the future. And she will not come back in the future.

    The sky above her head was dazzling. Li Xiaozi felt a stomachache. She stopped and planned to take a rest on the roadside.

    But, I wonder if it was too hot, and her brain began to be dull, and the stomach pain was mixed with nausea and nausea. She couldn't help but turned and rushed to the side of the trash can, vomiting for a while.

    Leaving the whole body empty, she didn't eat much in the morning and vomited all out, but the uncomfortable feeling did not weaken in the slightest.

    She squeezed aside, preparing to take a taxi, and find a hotel to rest.

    She also wondered if she was pregnant, but it was less than a month before the first time with Luo Tianqi, and if it did, she should not have a morning sickness reaction so quickly?

    While she was thinking, a sound of tires rubbing against the ground suddenly came from her ear. Li Xiaozi raised her eyes and saw an SUV parked in front of her. .

    Li Xiaozi was stunned. The whole person did not know whether to leave or what, but Luo Tianqi had already seen the divorce certificate in her hand.

    Because the divorce certificate is quite large, the handbag she brought when she came out could not be put in, so she could only hold it in her hand.

    Both the marriage certificate and the divorce certificate are red. Luo Tianqi did not know that he did not see the words on the document, thinking that Li Xiaozi was going to get married again, and suddenly his pupils tightened!

    The action had preceded the brain. Luo Tianqi pulled the door of the car and walked down. He grabbed Li Xiaozi's wrist and grabbed the divorce certificate in her hand.

    When he saw the content above, he was a little trance, and then his eyes narrowed: "He doesn't want you anymore?"

    Li Xiaozi didn't say anything. Actually, at this moment, she was already uncomfortable and fainted.

    Luo Tianqi dragged her to the co-pilot seat and stuffed it in.

    He couldn't tell what was in his heart. He just felt happy but not happy, and he couldn't be happy because he was happy. All kinds of emotions lingered in his heart, almost drowning him.

    Luo Tianqi's car drove quickly, and he didn't look at the road at all. In fact, the Imperial City has changed a lot in the past few years, and he hasn't come back for a long time. Many roads have not been known.

    Until he reached a dead road, in front of a river, he slammed on the brakes.

    Perhaps because this dead road suddenly ignited the almost explosive emotion in his chest, he unfastened his seat belt and turned over to press Li Xiaozi in the passenger seat under him.

    The window film is very deep, but because it is daytime, it does not hinder the sight. Luo Tianqi clearly sees that Li Xiaozi's cheeks are pale, and it seems that he is sad because of the "divorce" just now.

    If his heart was suddenly gnawed by thousands of insects and ants, it was crazy, almost three or two torn off her skirt, and then untied his belt and slammed into her body!

    Li Xiaozi shuddered, the pain in her stomach and the burning friction deep inside her body made her cry out, and she curled up uncomfortably, but Luo Tianqi had already put down the co-pilot's seat, and then he whole The man was completely pressed against her and blocked her lips.

    He was rolling and biting hard in her mouth, sucking so that she was burning from the tip of the tongue to the base of the tongue, and the pain in the body was crazy and tormenting her nerves.

    For a moment, Li Xiaozi thought that he would die in the next second, but the feeling of the man's collision and the twisting of his stomach suddenly changed from blurry to clear.

    She had been half-halo and half-awake until Luo Tianqi slid elsewhere along her lips before she finally got a breath of fresh air.

    For the first time, she begged for mercy under him: "No, no pain, no ..."

    "I beg you, let me go ..."

    "Tianqi, I'm so painful ..."

    However, her words of begging for mercy fell in his ears, but she seemed to be telling him that because she was divorced today, everything she did was painful!

    As a result, Luo Tianqi became even more crazy, and the entire SUV was shaking.

    Under him, Li Xiaozi's voice for begging became weaker and weaker. Until the end, she seemed to give up her struggle and stopped moving.

    Because of the temporary physical satisfaction, Luo Tianqi's fire gradually dissipated, he felt her gentleness, and even a thought rose in his heart:

    She is divorced, so can he and her ...

    As soon as this thought rose, although he spurned his lack of dignity, the joy deep in his heart could not be hidden.

    He couldn't help but slowed down his body and bowed his head to kiss her gently.

    And just when his eyes fell on Li Xiaozi's cheek, the whole person seemed to be hit by something, and his movements were frozen in time.

    I saw Li Xiaozi's face pale as a piece of paper, her eyes closed tightly, and her lips overflowed with a bright red bloodline!

    Luo Tianqi's heart was suddenly shrouded in huge panic. He quickly came out of Li Xiaozi's body and reached out to hug her: "Azi, what's wrong with you?"

    He called a few times before she opened her eyes, her pupils were not focused, but because of a mouth, she spit out another blood.

    The blood was dazzling, and it fell on her torn white skirt, shocking.

    Luo Tianqi realized that Li Xiaozi was as if he had been drowned from the water. His hair was dripping. When he was so picked up by her, she curled up instinctively.

    "Azi, what's wrong with you? Where does it hurt?" Luo Tianqi flatly flattened Li Xiaozi and took a tissue to wipe off the blood on her chin. Her hands were shaking. Fear, we will see the doctor immediately! "

    Having said that, he quickly returned to the driver's seat, and even before the seat belt was fastened, he turned the head of the car and drove forward quickly.

    He has a good memory. Although he was on fire, he remembered passing a very large top three hospital on the road. It took only ten minutes to reach that way.

    Luo Tianqi had spare clothes in the trunk of the car. He pulled a piece casually, wrapped it in Li Xiaozi's body, and hurried into the hospital quickly.

    Running all the way into the emergency room, Luo Tianqi squeezed directly in front of the doctor: "Doctor, she just vomited blood! It seems to be stomachache and vomiting blood!"

    Many emergency departments are cold and not too serious, so the doctor saw Li Xiaozi's lips and lips with dry blood stains and quickly got up. "Okay, you put her here first, I will arrange for her to check."