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In the end, Lieyuan Shen still didn't stay in the ward.

    Because, he did not know how to face He Wanshuang.

    He came out of the ward and was going to Lie Xiaoruo's side, and he received a call from Ling Shaofeng: "Third Brother, we did injustice to the sister-in-law. Just found out that the person behind the design is Le Haisheng."

    "Le Haisheng?" Lieyuan Shen obviously didn't know the woman at all, so he said: "Who is she? What purpose does it have?"

    "It is estimated to be Gong Lingye." Ling Shaofeng said: "I just found out that Gong Lingye's people have controlled her."

    "Where are they?" Lie Yuan asked.

    "An underground factory, Gong Lingye's site, surrounded by people, we can't get through it." Ling Shaofeng said.

    "Send me the location." Lie Yuan sank.

    Hanging up the phone, he drove past according to the address sent by Ling Shaofeng.

    At this moment, Gong Lingye had arrived there.

    In the dimly lit basement, the woman was tied to a rusty iron chair, surrounded by mice and cockroaches.

    She was scared and fainted, and was awakened by the man's pot of ice water, and suddenly screamed.

    At this time, the door of the room opened and Gong Lingye pulled a wild dog in.

    The eyes of the wild dogs are all fierce, obviously hungry, and after coming in, they went straight to the mice.

    The room has a staircase, Gong Ling went up at night, and together with Amian, on the steps, his eyes looked cold and indifferent at everything below.

    The wild dog has caught two mice, tearing, the ground is messy, blood dripping on the concrete floor, attracting cockroaches, making a rustling sound.

    Where has Le Haisheng seen such a scene?

    She was so scared that she burst into tears and wanted to scream, but she was afraid to disturb the wild dog and made him give up catching mice instead of biting her.

    She wanted to escape, but her hands and feet were firmly tied, and she couldn't move at all!

    In despair and fright, she looked up at Gong Lingye, her eyes all begging: "Mr. Gong, please let me go! I don't know what I did wrong..."

    Gong Lingye's slender fingers tapped on the railing in front of him, and he looked down at the woman below. When the tone was quiet, "I don't know it doesn't matter, think slowly, I have patience!"

    Le Haisheng shook his head, only to feel that the bloody smell around her almost made her spit out. She looked pale and kept shaking her head: "I don't know!"

    Gong Lingye no longer ignored her, but began to talk to Amian.

    At this time, the wild dog had already eaten several mice, and the remaining few mice obviously learned to master, and ran so fast that it could not catch it at all.

    Obviously, it was angry after several failures.

    It was not full, so the eyes were still green, and then moved from those mice to Le Haisheng.

    She was terrified by a shock, and she wanted to retreat, but she could only cling to the back of the iron chair.

    She knew that it would be miserable to admit that He Wanshuang had been harmed, and that Lie Xiaoruo had fallen into the water, and she did not know if she died.

    Whether she fell into Gong Lingye's hand or Lieyuan Shen's hand, I'm afraid it would be better than death.

    She couldn't figure it out at all. The phone was processed by software, and there was no information about her. How could Gong Lingye find out that it was her.

    There is also an account for making money, and it is not from her.

    At this moment, she regretted that her intestines were all green. I finally realized why people in China didn't dare to provoke Gong Lingye. It turned out that he really had his eyes open!

    As the wild dog approached step by step, Le Haisheng finally couldn't help it: "Mr. Gong, I said!"

    Gong Lingye looked at it casually.

    Le Haisheng said: "I just recorded He Wanshuang's video, and it happened to let me see her and you..."

    Gong Ling Ye Chong next to the road said: "A Mian, we go out to play."

    Not to mention, it really stood up.

    Le Haisheng was shocked. Seeing that Gong Lingye was really leaving, she hurriedly shouted at the two of them: "I was wrong, everything was planned by me!"

    Gong Lingye had reached the door.

    Le Haisheng shouted again: "Mr. Gong, I'm wrong! I shouldn't deliberately provoke the conflict between you and L Group! I didn't expect that they would fall into the water!"

    Gong Lingye turned her head and looked at her lightly with deep eyes: "Why are you doing this? I don't think Xiaoshuang or Lieyuan Shen have anything to do with you."

    "Oh, why? It's not because of you!" She saw the wild dog drooling in front of her, and her voice was no longer vibrating: "Why am I the way it is now? I used to be Miss Lejia, everyone saw I’m holding it all! It’s you that made me lose the opportunity to marry Mo Chen! I had to marry and marry an old man...I hate life now!"

    "So, all this has nothing to do with Xiaoshuang?" Gong Lingye asked a lot of tone when she asked this.

    "What does it have to do with her? It's all because of you! Because you treat her as a sister, I can't deal with you, I will find her!" Le Haisheng saw that the wild dog was about to bite her and screamed quickly: "Quick release I! Please, let me go! It will kill me! I have said everything, you will let me go!"

    Gong Lingye's lips: "Don't you say that it's painful now? You can rest assured that it has the wolf gene and directly bites off your throat, so you don't have to suffer."

    He explained to her so much in a good mood that he opened the door without looking at the room again.

    Le Haisheng was shocked, but she did not expect that she said everything, but she still couldn't escape the fate of being bitten by the wild dog!

    "Gong Ling Ye! I have recruited, why don't you let me go?"

    "Gong Ling Ye, please! Hurry!"


    Gong Lingye has gone far.

    He felt funny. When did he promise to her and let her confess to him?

    He rubbed his eyebrows, thinking that he should be with the Song Yi people, and the whole person was peaceful, so this small shrimp soldier, dare to come out and shout.

    It seems that it is time to do something!

    Gong Lingye had just walked to the ground and heard a report from Renhui: "Emperor Shao, Lieyuan Shen came and said he wanted to see Le Haisheng."

    Gong Lingye raised an eyebrow: "Tell him, wait half an hour to go in." Le Haisheng's news was released by him deliberately, and he also wanted to see what Liyuan Shen would do.

    Lieyuan Shen came in half an hour later, and the room was a mess.

    He looked at the almost breathless woman, only feeling a chill in his back.

    Gong Lingye would even...

    So, what he said to him in the hospital, is it serious to fight the L Group?

    He suddenly understood why He Wanshuang liked Gong Lingye.

    For the brother's sister, Gong Lingye could do this step, even if there was no love for her in his heart, but which woman wouldn't be motivated by such a wild and unscrupulous pet?

    Lieyuan Shen looked at Le Haisheng on the ground again. He bent xiashen and took out his dagger...

    The moment the woman died, he thought, he was also revenge for his wife.